So if you’re reading this then thank you. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog… read all of the crazy thoughts I have whizzing around in my mind.

This is actually my third blog.
The first is my poetry blog, you can view this at hannahswrittenword.wordpress.com
This is all of the poems I have written (bar from some personal ones that I was asked not to share to keep them one of a kind).
The second blog is lifeincheadlehulme.wordpress.com which I write for work.

My reasons for creating a third one is because writing is my passion. I have always been incredibly creative and love to write, as you can probably tell by the fact I have a blog just for poetry I write! haha
I wanted a blog where I could write everything I think, my views and opinions on things, things I love, things I hate, reviews… the list goes on, to find out you’ll just have to keep coming back 😉
The difference between this blog and my work one is that with this, I have freedom, I don’t have any restrictions on what I write and I can be completely myself.

To introduce you to my blog, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. As you can probably tell my the name of the blog, yes I’m very small.  5″1 to be exact. I’m a marketing student at uni and I work part time in an estate agent. This is something I thought I would love to do if I couldn’t fulfil my dream of being a writer.
I’ve been a dancer for 10 years and have done drama through high school and college. If I was to go anywhere with acting (which I would totally love by the way) then I would love to be on Coronation Street. I know it’s not really a massively popular thing like a Hollywood movie but I absolutely love it!!!

I have always been one to have realistic dreams, I do like to dream big but I never really think about doing anything about those dreams. This blog is an opportunity for me to maybe get myself noticed with my writing and help to get my name out there.

I am in the process of writing a book at the moment and who knows, I may put sneak previews on here to get a little feedback, if that’s something you’d be interested then leave a comment below.

I will try and post at least every other day and if there is a while between posts, I’ll explain what I’ve been up too and why I’ve been slacking… more than likely it will be that I’ve drowned in assignments in my final year (not looking forward to that at all).

So yeah, I hope you enjoy my posts, I love feedback so comment on posts, if you have different views and opinions on one of the topics I discuss I’d love to hear them. Friendly debates are fun and a great way to see things from different angles.

Bye for now xo

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