Addictions & Obsessions

They say it takes 21 days to make something become a habit. Sometimes addiction doesn’t even take this long.
Some people have addictive personalities and they’re hooked just after doing it once. Me? I’m the complete opposite.

Let me give you an example. I would love to be a health fanatic and gym junkie but no matter how much I try, it’s just not for me. I saw this 21 days theory and thought why not give it a go. So every day for 21 days I did set exercises. I counted the days and was fully ready to make this a habit. Then on day 22 I thought to myself ‘hey, I don’t need to do it anymore the 21 days are up and I’ve not got into a habit’.

Ok so maybe this theory may not be true, but maybe, just maybe it only works for people who have an addictive personality, or maybe a small one. I think I have the complete opposite, whatever that may be.

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I get obsessed with things (not in a creepy way), but usually not for that long. Majority of these things are like games or something, for a while I was obsessed with this jigsaw app on my IPad then one day I didn’t do it, probably because I was too busy and I don’t think I’ve done it since. Sometimes, it happens, then I stop for a bit and then the next time I do it, I’m obsessed again, but it never lasts.

Maybe I’m just so weird, maybe this is normal? I Don’t know and probably never will but it’s not like it has a negative affect on my life so I don’t really mind. It’s not like my obsessions are ever harmful to myself or anyone else, I think my last obsession was colouring books!! I’m not even ashamed.

Well my current obsession and one that I really hope lasts is Kendall Rae videos on YouTube. SHE’S AMAZING.

kendall rae.jpg
So let me just clarify, I’m not a creep and I’m not obsessed with her, just her video’s and what she talks about.

Let me tell you a little bit about her video’s.

Kendall is a little like me in the way that we are both fascinated with crime stories, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories etc
If there’s a documentary on a Serial Killer or a drama on ghost’s or missing children, I’m more than likely watching it. I don’t even know what it is I love about them or when this began but I’ve always just been really interested in it. I’ll probably do posts on different unsolved mysteries or missing children cases etc that I have some opinions and theories on, but more on that later. Back to Kendall Rae…

It was actually my flatmate at uni who introduced me to her videos. When we were both off uni or had nothing on of an evening, we would sit there watching videos on YouTube about murderers or mysteries, we even binged watch Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction!! (who remembers this??)
Anyway, she sent me a link to one of her video’s because it was something we had talked about once, the video was quite long, all her video’s are around 15-30 minutes long but they’re INSANE!

Everything in the video is fact’s, she must do so much research before each video, honestly I don’t know how she has time but I’m glad she does. The only time her opinion ever comes into the videos in when she talks about how fascinated she is with the particular case or when she gives her opinion at the end of the video about an unsolved mystery, like the Bermuda Triangle. I love this because it’s not just one of those video’s you watched of someone trying to brainwash you into believing their theory over everyone else’s and Kendall always advises her viewers to do their own research if it’s something they’re interested in.

I think I started watching her video’s on Sunday so 4 days ago and I’ve watched god knows how many now. It amazes me, half of the mysteries she talks about I’ve never even heard about before which amazes me, majority of them are missing children and I’m so shocked to have never heard about it!

I feel like this obsession may last a little longer than any of my other ones because she just has so many videos and I have a lot of free time now I don’t have any assignments to do so after work I’m just watching her videos.

I even watch them whilst I cook tea now. I used to just stick the radio on but now I set my IPad up and watch like 3 videos whilst chopping veg.

Her videos have made me want to talk about my opinions on some of the mysteries or cases, mine are probably going to be a little more opinionated, I find myself shouting at the screen of documenteries if the police are being useless or whatever so my posts may get a little intense but the benefits of it being a blog is that I can dial it back a little and nobody will know how annoyed it makes me haha.

So if you are into serial killers, mysteries or anything along those lines, I truly recommend you give Kendall Rae a watch, you won’t be sorry.


3 thoughts on “Addictions & Obsessions

    1. At least I’m a little normal then! For me it’s how to get away with murder!!! Even though season 3 still hasn’t come on


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