One of them days…

Morning… Notice I’m leaving off the good because so far… this one isn’t.

So it starts off with me waking up late, not too sure how when I set three alarms every morning but it was only 15 minutes which isn’t too bad. I give myself loads of time to get ready because I like to chill with my breakfast and watch a good old Melissa & Joey!
Well then my hair didn’t cooperate, I ALWAYS know it’s going to be a bad day if my hair doesn’t do what I want it too but my hair is so temperamental!!!! I’ll more than likely write an entire post just on my hair just to prove to you what a bloody nightmare it actually is.

The next issue was that I couldn’t find anything to wear!! I know… first world problems or what but let me defend myself, this is my second office job, the first one, I could turn up in jeans and a comfy top and nobody would bat an eyelid but this one (I’ve only been here a week) I have to dress smartly and, considering I started mid way through the month and payed off my holiday with my last wages, I couldn’t afford to buy any office clothes.
So when I say I couldn’t find anything to wear, it’s not that I just didn’t fancy wearing any of my clean clothes, it’s that I literally had nothing I could wear for work that was clean (Payday cannot come quick enough *eye roll).

After I’d pulled together a just about appropriate outfit for work, I went downstairs, like I always do, to make my chocolate spread on toast (I know… healthy right!!!). Well when i was spreading it, I must have been holding the edges of the toast too firmly and it completely flipped and I had chocolate spread all up my arm and covering my hands. For someone who HATES sticky hands it was a nightmare!

I left the house at my normal time but this morning seemed to be that every man and his dog was on the roads today. I live on a main road and I’m far too lazy to turn my car at night to face the right way, meaning that when I pull out in the morning, I have to do a turn in the road.
Now this isn’t usually too bad, my car is that small that I can just whip it round in one and it’s super quick to do, my dad says it’s like driving a go kart. but this morning i was sat there for 5 minutes waiting to actually pull out. Most of the time there will be a gap when both sides are clear but nope. Not today. I had to pull out half way then wait for the other side to be either clear, or for someone to see me and take pity on my and just let me go (never gonna happen). So by the time the other side became clear, I had a woman waiting on this side swearing and calling me every name under the sun.

Well then I pop into subway to grab myself a salad for my lunch and they have no caesar dressing!!!! What’s all that about?? Not happy, but I went with BBQ instead and when I got to work, I noticed that the woman has literally put like a tea spoon of sauce on… clearly not enough for my salad!

Today was also the first time I had to open up the shop (yes I was given keys in my first week… I was shocked too). It took me about 10 minutes to lift one barrier and even then I couldn’t get it up to the top because I’m way too small so my boss is going to have to do the rest when he gets here, I’ll have to tell people to watch their heads if anyone comes. Then, because I was stood outside for so long in the rain trying to work out how to get the stupid barriers up, my hair has turned into a frizz ball… again, my hair is the problem, more on that later.

Well to top it all off (and yes I’ve saved the WORST till last) I get to my desk, put down my bag and grab my phone to notice it is soaking, like I don’t mean a few rain drops on the screen, I mean soaking wet to the point where I could see the water swishing about inside the case. I sorted it out and looked in my bag to notice there’s two inches of water just chilling at the bottom! My beautiful Michael Kors bag my boyfriend got me for my birthday last year and is still in perfect condition! I could have cried (more for the fact that I had to now clean it all out. So I get to work on that and notice stuff I was wise enough to leave in my bag;
– My contract for work (forgot to put it in my document box last night… absolutely ruined)
– My passport!! Smart move!
– The fluffy pompom on my keys that I threw into my bag was soaking (don’t ask why I randomly have a photo of my keys on my phone)


– so much rubbish that was all wet and sticking to the bottom

the list goes on but it wasn’t nice. There was that much water I had to go outside to tip it out!!

All this and it’s not even 9am. Pray for me that it will all turn around.

*This is all an account from last Thursday, but considering I only started my blog last night, I wanted to add it. On the plus side, I can tell you that the day went up from there, mainly because my boyfriend told me he was coming home from work in Essex a day early for the weekend!!!

Next time my hair doesn’t cooperate and I can’t find anything to wear, I’m getting back in bed and trying again the next day.


6 thoughts on “One of them days…

  1. This sounds like most of my mornings! I’m literally the person falling out of the door with hair half done and toast in my hand, trying to lock my car with the wrong car keys! On the Subway issue – how did they run out of sauce ?!?!? X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That used to be me!!! That’s why I wake up earlier now 😂 god knows… I was so gutted! It’s the best part of my week the occasionally subway salad and they ruined it x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s something I would do😂 I go to a pub all the time and get the same thing but complain every time ahhaha


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