A Small Girl With Big Dreams

Having to make a decision about your future at such a young age has always been hard for me. I have two sisters, both of them have known what career they wanted for as long as anyone can remember and are both sticking with it and achieving their dreams, me on the other hand… I’m the indecisive one.

In 2015 my Grandad sadly passed away and that evening, my dad told me that Granddad once said I was the one to watch and he thinks I’m going to be successful and amount to big things. This is something that has always stuck with me as I want nothing more than to make him proud!


My Granddad helping me with my Sunflower project in Primary School. ❤ 

My mum is forever telling me (and continues to tell every man and his dog) how, when I was younger, I told every body that when I grow up I wanted to be a lollypop lady/dinner lady. I’m sure this isn’t normal for a 4 year old. Most people want to be an actor or an astronaut… my cousin used to say when asked this question ’13’, that’s it. Just thirteen.
But yeah, apparently that is all I wanted to be for a long time (not that I remember). Well then began my ever changing dreams.

Teacher was a thought at one point.
I’ve always wanted to go into acting, I still do but I like to keep my dreams realistic.
I wanted to be an Events Planner, I almost applied for this at university but I was told it was too difficult to get into (a lecturer on a visit day basically told me I would never get a job, part of me wishes I stuck with it to prove her wrong!).
I wanted to be a media make up artist which, now that I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t pursue, I’m not even good at normal make up!!!
I Considered Marketing, this is what I’m working towards a degree in, I like it but I’m not sure it’s something I would enjoy doing all my life.
I thought about being a university lecturer not long ago but the thought of doing any longer than I need to in education is turning me away from the idea. The reason I wanted to do this was because I’ve had some awful lecturers and I wanted to change that for future students.
I’m toying with being an Estate Agent at the moment, I have a job in one but it’s mainly lettings which isn’t really what I wanted my focus to be on.
I’ve always wanted to be a writer since I was about 9 years old. I never thought it was possible but this is one that I’m dreaming big and trying to achieve. Writing a book, my blog, my poetry blog, I’m also considering making a poem book and selling it on Amazon as a kindle book but I would need to do a lot more research on this first.

For majority of my high school years when someone asked me what career I wanted, I simply had no idea. All I know, even now, is that eventually, I want to work for myself, be my own boss.

I hate micro-management and have had some really bad managers throughout my life, mainly in retail or restaurants, so I want my own company where my employees are happy about coming to work. Everyone should be in a job they love, it makes waking up in the morning so much easier. Having a job you dislike will only make you miserable.

I am so lucky to have such a supportive family, I don’t feel pressure off anybody to make up my mind and get a job that I will be in forever, they stick by me and believe in me with whatever I decide to do. They encourage me to just do my best in anything I try. But I want to do something I love, something where I have the freedom to make my own choices.

I would LOVE to work on Coronation Street, whether this be as an actor or a writer. I am slowly working towards this, filming myself doing some monologues which I will eventually send to the writers along with a character I have created for myself. I’ve also written some scenes for the show which, strangely, have already happened after I wrote them, so now I’m going to write some new ones that are less likely going to happen. My hope is that this can be a way for me to get myself noticed and get a foot in the door.

My other dream is to write novels. My role model, forever and always, is Cecelia Ahern. If you don’t know who that is, she’s an amazing writer with so many books including P.S. I Love You, Where Rainbows End (Love Rosie) and she also wrote the TV show Samantha Who?. I have loved every single book I have read of hers, but what inspires me the most about her, she started writing P.S. I Love You when she was 19 years old.

I have big dreams, hopefully one day I will be able to reach these and show my Granddad that he was right for believing in me. All I want is to make everyone around me proud.

A little message I would give to my younger self would be not to worry. I spend so much time in year 11 stressing about what I was going to study at College, I thought that I needed to make a big decision that I wasn’t ready to make, even in my last year of college I felt this same stress and worry. The decisions I made we’re going to shape my future and plan my life, or so I thought. Since starting university I’ve learnt that so many other people are in the exact same boat as me, just do a subject you enjoy and keep your options open, you can always change your mind later on in life.

As for now, I’m going to keep working towards my goals, setting myself aims for each year and hopefully I can find a job I love.

Dream big and aim high.

Rest In Peace Granddad, I’ll continue working for my dreams and I hope I’m making you proud up there x

8 thoughts on “A Small Girl With Big Dreams

  1. I feel the same although I was always told I wasn’t good enough and beloved them. I’m now stuck working in a betting shop. I wish I hadn’t listened to the people telling me no and just followed my heart.

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    1. It’s not fair people telling you you aren’t good enough when you haven’t been given a chance!! You should still do what you can to get to where you need to be!! Have faith in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind too


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