Pray For Me

Football season is about to begin… All you non football following girls out there will know exactly how I feel if your partner is an avid football fan like mine. As my mum says, I’m a football widow at this time of year. 

This blog post is coming from the pub, I’m sat here, no wifi, oasis in hand (neither of us really have the money to buy drinks but we felt like we had to get one considering we will be sat here for the next couple of hours) and my iPad. Luckily, I can write this post now and add the photos I plan on putting when I’m back in the comfort of my own home with working internet access before publishing. 

For any football fans out there who may be reading this, I’m going to give you s little insight right now into what it’s like for us non-fans, and what you put us through during football season. Please note, this may not be what all fans are like, but it’s certainly my experience… 

1. Why did I not bring earplugs?!  Or headphones, something to cancel out the loud cheers and screams when somebody scores. I’m in a room full of burly men with very loud, and very deep voices and I know I’ll be going home with a banging headache. Momma P best have paracetamol ready and waiting.

2. I should have saved up for this… At least save enough money to be able to afford a glass of wine or 10. I think alcohol is the key to survival in this situation, anything just to get me by… 

3. Why do these men get paid so much?! This is bound to offend hard core fans so if this if you and football is your livelihood then turn away now. It’s literally a bunch of sweaty men, running around chasing a bit of rubber or whatever the hell a football is made out of, and they get paid more than doctors and nurses!! Uncalled for. 
Side note: I saw an old friend from school so a little catch up with her saved me for a little bit of boredom. She seems to be in the same boat as me, difference is, she actually understands what’s going on.

Which brings me to my next point…

4. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask questions!!!!! It’s for your own good. You’ll either get told off for talking or get a dirty look for not knowing what the offside rule is. ITS COMMON KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE *eye roll* 

Ok so I do actually know what the offside rule is… Brownie points to me. It’s the only thing I do know but I doubt I could tell you when it was broken or whatever.

5. Wear appropriate clothing.  It’s been miserable weather all day so I’ve got a jumper on and I’m absolutely SWEATING.

It’s finally half time, maybe I can get s little conversation out of my boyfriend..wish me luck🍀

He didn’t seem too happy with me taking photos😂

Side note: what do you all think of his facial hair? I’m not a fan but I guess who can do what he wants with his own face!! Comment below your opinions. 

Oh wait… There’s overtime on the half time, my little head can’t take this confusion.

Last but not least… And this one goes for partners of football fans whether you go to the pub with them or watch it with them or not…

6. Don’t ask them questions if they come home unhappy. I’ve learnt to google the final score if my boyfriend goes to the pub to watch it and I’m at home, this way, I know what to expect when he comes home, what mood he will be in. I find myself praying United win just so he’s happy!

So if you’re going to be a supportive girlfriend or boyfriend and sit through the most boring two hours of your life, remember to bring something to entertain you, try and refrain form talking and drink copious amounts of alcohol to get out through.

Enjoy x
Update: I ordered a millionaires cheesecake to get me through the second half..I deserve it don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Pray For Me

  1. This sounds so familiar. For me it’s musical theatre season. Husband is a semi-pro musician and usually plays in a couple of musicals (in the pit band) every year. Mix that with orchestra, intensive, gigging and everything else… Musician’s widow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like a nightmare haahha I love the theatre though!!! My boyfriend will never go with me but I get dragged to the pub to watch the football…doesn’t seem fair if you ask me hahaha


  2. Yes this is all sounding very familiar to me too! I never understand it when they say the football season is starting again! It feels like it never ends in the first place!
    Still it give me time to catch up on my bogs whilst I am upstairs on the laptop to avoid the shouting and screaming at the TV for 90 minutes! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly what I thought hahaha there seems to be a match every week!! Oh yes I’m good idea, get away from the madness xx


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