Our Week in Tenerife

So after catching up on some much-needed sleep, and a Coronation Street marathon, I’m finally getting a chance to get back to my little blogging corner of the internet, and tell you all about my week in Tenerife.


Our photo holding parrots that ended up costing us 10 Euro..

I’ll start with the best bit… Excursions!

I’ve always been a ‘Water Baby’ and so a boat trip and Siam Waterpark, which is rated the best in the world on Tripadvisor, we’re the best choices. We would have done a lot more if we could have afforded to take a bit more money but we had a great time regardless.

The boat trip took a little more convincing to get my boyfriend to agree too, but it was all worth it in the end. It was called the Peter Pan and it was a little pirate ship that claimed to fit 60 people on, personally, I can’t imagine this considering there were about 40 on board and it seemed pretty full.

peter pan

A bigger version of the boat we were on, although they were pretty much identical.

The trip lasted for around 3 hours. We got a coach to Las Cristianos port but the boat ended up going back to Costa Adeje. This meant that we had no coach back to our hotel and had to walk for around 20 minutes in the blistering heat. Not Fun.

cliff top wedding

The only thing that made the walk enjoyable was seeing this beautiful cliff top wedding being set up, if only we actually got to see the full wedding. Congrats to the happy couple!!

The trip was amazing, we were sailing for about 50 minutes when we saw Pilot Whales and dolphins. Although we couldn’t get too close, we were close enough to see them and it was truly magical. I’ve always loved sea creatures so seeing them really made the trip special to me. I’m not sure my boyfriend agreed but he said he enjoyed it.

After around another half hour, we stopped near some cliffs where we had the option to go for a swim in the sea. I would usually be first to jump in but swimming in the sea always irritates my eyes and so I decided against it. Instead, I lay down on the bench and tried to catch a little sun, they say a few hours in the sea is equal to 3 days on the shore. We had the most random lunch I’ve ever eaten, (a chicken drumstick, half cooked rice, and vegetarian meat balls) and also were given a glass of Sangria each!! I’ve never tried Sangria before but I now know I love it!! We then headed back and began the disgustingly sticky walk to our hotel. It’s safe to say we were both ready for a nap after.

We decided to go to Siam Park in the evening, there were significantly fewer people going at this time, meaning we wouldn’t have to queue up for as long in the heat. We didn’t have as long at the park and although it was the same price, we still managed to go on everything we wanted to. We had a free bus there and back and it was most definitely worth the money… 35 Euro each!

It took a lot of convincing to get me to do the Tower of Power, but I managed it, despite feeling like my heart was falling out of my arse on the way down…

tower of terror

I think we can all agree, it doesn’t look too safe…

I am so glad I managed to do it and I think I would be open to doing it again if we were to go back one day. It was an amazing experience, the whole day but we definitely needed a couple of chilled days after!

Meeting Friends, Making Memories…

We met so many amazing people on a trip, people who we will surely be keeping in touch with. On around our third day, we met Jonny and Ashleigh from Glasgow. Although I needed subtitles to understand a word Jonny said for the first day or two, they were a good laugh to be with. They even bought me 25 Chicken Nuggets for my birthday after I spent the whole week saying how much I could do with some. Can you get better friends though for real?!?

We met Kev and Gina, their son Jake and his friend Chris on our fifth day, from the Wirral, so only about half an hour from where we live. Then on our Sixth day, we met Becky and Mark, who, funnily enough, was also from the Wirral and only lived about 10 minutes away from Kev and Gina!! Becky, who teaches languages and so is fluent in Spanish, spoke to the hotel reception and arranged a table of 10 in the hotel for the night before my birthday, and our last full night there. It was so good spending this evening with such a great bunch and I can’t wait for them to all come home so we can plan to meet up.

I think meeting this lot definitely made the holiday even better. Although I love spending time with my boyfriend, it’s nice to meet people you have so much in common with, and who could be friends we have for life.

Not the best quality but I just love these photos!!

Now the only negative part… the hotel!!

I really didn’t want anything in this blog post to be negative, but, in all honesty, there isn’t much positivity I can say about the hotel. It was okay, I think if you’re a group of young people looking to party then yeah, it’s great. The food was alright, as good as any 3-star hotel food is. The pool was big and there was plenty of space to chill on a sun-lounger (if you could get one, I’ll get onto that later).

I’ll start with the room…

We managed to get an upgrade. After reading on Tripadvisor that only rooms on the fourth floor had air con, I emailed asking if we could be upgraded. I sleep with a fan on every night at home so there was no chance I would be able to sleep in 25-degree heat with no air con. When we got to our room, it turned out the air con was only in the living room and so we still had to hire a fan, which, they charged us 30 Euro for and we only got 10 back when we checked out. The cleaning service was rather unpredictable, some days it would be cleaned, some days we would just get some clean towels, it was rare we were ever given more toilet roll and then on one day they gave us loads. Most people we spoke to said that they had to go to reception each day to ask for some more.

When booking this hotel, it stated that they had wifi and air con. Even though we were all inclusive, we still had to pay for both of these. Wifi was 5 Euro for one day, 10 Euro for 3 days or 20 Euro for 7 days. It was a rip off if you ask me but we were both lucky enough to be on EE, meaning we can use all of our data in Europe for no extra cost.

I actually didn’t mind the hotel until the night we came back from the Waterpark, I slipped on a large puddle of water in reception, the wet floor sign was nowhere near the actual puddle, and the two men at the reception desk did nothing about it, they didn’t even ask if I was okay!! I filed a complaint but heard nothing. My back has been killing me ever since but it will be okay eventually.

It only got worse from then…

One night, we were sat by the pool having a couple of drinks with some friends, when one of the girls saw a couple of men who looked rather suspicious. We then watched them for most of the night, sending their 8-year-old boy to distract people whilst they took their belongings. After a bit, they ran out with three bin bags and drove off in their car. My boyfriend and two other men we were with ran after them, while one of the girls went to get the bar staff, they all chased after them but they managed to get away. When I told the men at the reception desk, they were incredibly rude to me. They told me that I should have informed the security guard by the pool, to which I replied that I would of if they actually had any security….

The next day, one of the men were back with the little boy, we told the staff that it was him, to which they claimed to know nothing about it. I called my holiday rep to explain and they said they would try to get as much info as possible. After a little probing and the lifeguard telling me that he didn’t need to tell me anything, he eventually told us that the man who was stealing things actually worked for the hotel.

You can read all about it in more detail on my Twitter thread

Before all of this happened, I would have considered going back to this hotel but I most certainly won’t be now.

The staff were rude, we were miss informed about the wifi and air con, and the staff were not willing to help in anyway when we needed them.

Little details I mentioned in my Pre holiday Post…

My Hair…

Was incredibly uncooperative. I did end up spending the week looking like Monica in Barbados but I gave up caring. It was easier to leave it natural and frizzy than it was to spend time drying and straightening it, all for it to just frizz up all over again!!

I wore all of my bikini’s

Well, except one that didn’t fit. But everybody told me that I wouldn’t wear half of them. I made the most of the 22kg luggage allowance and I was so glad I did!!


Back to Reality..

Now we’re home, all caught up on sleep and had a lovely day yesterday celebrating my 20th Birthday with my family, it’s time to get back to looking for a job, de cluttering my room and getting ready for my third and final year of university!

Bye for now xo

14 thoughts on “Our Week in Tenerife

  1. Love this! Glad you still managed to have a good holiday and birthday besides from the hotel issues! Have you tried getting in touch with the company you booked your holiday through to complain about the staff and robbing issue. Plus I would definitely complain about your back as that’s a matter of health and safety… you’ve nothing to lose. So I’d get on to it…

    Love this post though ☺️❤️ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks doll!! Yeah I’m definitely going to complain!! I’ll be writing an email to then soon just to say how awful it all was, I don’t want people having the same experience as me!!

      Thank you so much girl💘xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. After seeing your snapchats through the week, I’ve been so excited to read this post! You didn’t disappoint. Your photos are amazing and it really sounds like you had a great time, apart from your hotel!

    I love sangria too! I drank so much of it in Spain haha.

    Good luck with your job hunting and uni.

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Faye I was worried about that 🙈🙈😂 it was such a good holiday!!

      I made a fish bowl of sangria the other night because I was having holiday blues hahahaha

      Thanks girl 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad you had a lovely holiday, we had some similar pictures with some parrots when we went to Hawaii except the owners made them stand on our heads! A bit worrying!
    So sorry you had so many awful issues with the hotel, I hope it didn’t spoil the holiday for you! Pleased you’ve got some great memories too though! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad you had such a fab time despite the issues with the hotel. I’m always so picky when it comes to hotels lol! Love your picture with the parrots I’d love to do something like that.

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

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