My Summer Reads

I’ve always loved reading. Usually, it’s romancing novels, specifically anything written by Cecelia Ahern, Katie Forde or Jo Jo Moyes. Until my best friend, and fellow book lover, Beth, told me to read The Girl on The Train last year. Since then, I’ve been hooked on Psychological/Suspense thrillers.

I loved The Girl On The Train. I read the book in three days! It wasn’t something I thought I would be interested in but I feel like since then, I’ve changed a lot in what I’m into. I love any kind of crime programs that make you think, conspiracy theories (shout out to Kendall Rae) and now, I’m constantly picking up this kind of book whenever I’m shopping.

For anyone who has read the girl on the train, you’ll probably have watched the film as well. Without spoiling it too much for those of you who are wanting to read/watch, I just wanted to talk a little about my opinion on the film. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and it was incredibly close to the book, but it annoyed me way more than it probably should have that it was set in America rather than the UK like the book. Also, I feel like they missed out a HUGE detail about Tom telling Anne his parents were dead, which to me, was quite an important bit of information for the story. Let me know in the comments if you agree.

Now onto my top 3 Summer reads…

1. The Time of My Life – Cecelia Ahern.

time of my life

This Pretty in Pink book was just too picturesque not to get in my Candid pool shot!! I’ve only just noticed it actually matches my bikini haha

Although it’s not a psychological thriller, it’s not a holiday if I don’t read a Cecelia Ahern book!! Cecelia has always been my role model and I find myself falling deeper under her spell with every one of her books I read.

About –

Lucy Silchester thinks her life is perfect, she’s happy in her tiny apartment, telling everyone she loves her job, but she gets a letter to have a meeting with Life. Her life followers her around, pushing her to make changes, tell the truth to everyone she loves. She has lived in a lie for three years, and one little lie has led her to bigger lies, meaning nobody truly knows her anymore.

So I won’t lie, this isn’t the best Cecelia Ahern book I’ve read and it took me a little time to get into it, but purely because I was so confused. It’s definitely a thinker but I took it with me on holiday and ended up reading the entire thing in two and a half days!!

It reminded me a little of Nanny McPhee in the way that when Lucy made positive changes in her life, her life got better looking, I loved this about it but what I loved, even more, was how the book ends…

It made me think so much about my life, how I need to put myself first, which is something I’ve always struggled with as I’m too much of a people pleaser, constantly worrying about what others think of me. It’s incredibly rare for me to finish a book that makes me stop and think, but this one did and it has had such a positive impact on me ever since.

Cecelia Ahern will forever wow me with her words. A true inspiration to me and the driving force to me writing my own book. Considering she began writing P.S I Love You, at aged 19 shows how amazing she truly is!! I would read anything she wrote no matter what and I think to have people that hooked on your writing is a true credit.

I would recommend this book, but I will say it can be a little confusing… but I highly recommend Where Rainbows End and The Year I Met You!! Definitely my two favourite of hers.

2. The Escape – C.L Taylor.

My sister bought this for Momma P for her birthday and she told me to read it. Only Momma P and I are big readers in my family so we tend to share a lot of books and then pass them onto friends and family who we know would love them. I tend to finish books a lot quicker than Momma, purely because she has a lot more to do in the day than I do, so usually it’s me recommending books to her (this happened with The Girl on The Train) but it was the other way around with this one.

About –

A woman feels someone following her when walking to her car after work. When she reaches her car, the woman following her threatens her and her child. The book follows the woman trying to prove to people that someone is after her child and that she needs to keep her safe but when her own husband doesn’t believe her, she doubts everything.

There are huge twists and turns you do not see coming what so ever in this book. Much like in TGOTT, you’re constantly questioning your thoughts and theories. It’s Jaw-droppingly good and I would be the first in line to the Cinema if it was made into a film.

I read this before I went away and pretty much read the last half of the book in an hour. I just couldn’t put it down!!! Definitely, one I recommend.

Last but certainly not least…

3. The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena.

the coupl next door


This book left me speechless.

Actually, if you ask my Boyfriend he will completely disagree with this. I began reading it just before I went away and by the third day, I’d finished. Every twist and turn I had to put it down and tell him exactly what was going on. He pretended at first that he wasn’t really interested, but, by the end of it, he was just as shocked as me. I’m praying for this to be a film!! It’s most definitely this year’s TGOTT!!!

About –

A couple leaves their 6-month-old baby at home, whilst they go next door for a dinner party, they take a baby monitor and take it in turns checking on her every half hour. When they go home at 1 am, their baby has gone. Who took the baby? Is she still alive? Read it to find out!!!

This book has more twists and turns than a labyrinth! I couldn’t put it down. What was even better was it was on a Two for £7 deal at Asda and Tesco. If you enjoy reading, any kind of reading, you’ll love this book. In my eyes, it’s 100% the book of the year.


So if you’re stuck for something to read, I couldn’t recommend these books more!!

I’m currently reading a book called Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, I’ve only read the first chapter so far but I’m already hooked.

After, I’ll be reading Babydoll which Beth has recommended to me, I’m just waiting for her to come back from Singapore (SO JEALOUS!!) so I can borrow her copy!!

If you’ve read any of these books, or something similar you enjoyed, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Bye for now xo

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