The People’s Princess.. Diana.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of the peoples Princess, the truly beautiful, Princess Diana, also known as Lady Di.


This post is based on my opinions and research I have done, nothing is hard facts. I strongly encourage all of my readers to not believe everything they read and see on the internet, if it’s something you’re interested in, I suggest doing your own research to make up your own mind and choose what you want to believe. 

I have always been incredibly patriotic, for as long as anyone can remember. For Kate and Wills wedding back in 2011, I had my dad driving around the night before, for a good two hours, I might add, looking for royal bunting to put up in the living room. I was off school (It was made a national bank holiday for the actual day in the UK), my auntie came round with cakes and we had a day, sat in front of the TV, to watch the entire thing. I have a box of different newspaper articles, magazines, and other memorabilia including the official Royal Wedding Coin, still in the original pocket casing. Call me sad but I love it!!!

Both Diana and Kate I am in absolute awe of, they are both strong and beautiful women, both inside and out.

This blog comes from my recent understanding of what exactly happened on the night Diana died, and my opinions on what I think happened, including some other conspiracy theories of what other people think could have happened.

The death of Princess Diana, on August 31st, 1997, was one that shocked the nation. Almost anyone you ask who was over the age of 15 at the time, can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. If you can remember, I’d love to hear in the comments section below. Over 32 million people watched the funeral on TV and a sea of flowers, balloons, letters, teddies etc was left by the palace in London, just look here…

flowers for diana

The main point of this post is to explain why many people believe that her death was not an accident. If this is something you don’t agree with, then stop reading now. I do not aim to upset or offend any of my readers, I love every single one of you taking the time to read my blog and I want nothing but happy viewers. 

I was 10 days old the day Diana died, therefore, I didn’t have a clue what was going on at the time, and it wasn’t until I found the amazing Kendall Rae (Click here for her YouTube channel or here to my blog post about her) that I began to think that maybe her death wasn’t just a standard car crash after all.

Let’s start with the facts…

Diana died on Sunday 31st August at 12:20 am in a car crash in Paris. The black Mercedes S-280 was driven by Henri Paul, in the vehicle, other than Diana and the driver was her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, the son of an Egyptian Billionaire who owns Harrods, and bodyguard, Trevor Rees, who was the only one of the four victims to survive the accident. He was badly injured and had no recollection of what happened, until 10 years later when he said that all he remembers was Diana crying and calling for Dodi.

The vehicle crashed into the 13th pillar of the Alma tunnel. At the point of contact, the vehicle was traveling at 65mph in a 30mph area. Experts say that if this had not been the case, the people in the car would more than likely have survived, but this is not certain.

It was understood that none of the occupants in the car were wearing seat belts, which was very unusual for Diana, as she was often pictured in the back of cars, each time, wearing or putting on a seat belt.

Both Dodi and Henri were killed on impact, Diana died within two hours of being at the hospital.

Both British and French police investigations found that the driver of the vehicle, Mr. Henri Paul, was the cause of the crash, being heavily drunk and on anti depressants, going well above the speed limit, and lost control of the vehicle, trying to get away from paparazzi.

Many of the paparazzi around the scene that night were arrested on the spot, and the Royal Courts of Justice in London stated that the unlawful killing of Diana and Dodi was equivalent to manslaughter and was both Mr. Paul’s and the paparazzi’s fault.

Eye witness accounts

It was said that the Mercedes, carrying the victims, was the only car in the tunnel at the time of the accident, but a white Fiat 500 was seen speeding out of the tunnel, moments after the collision, the paint from this car was also found on the bodywork of the Mercedes.

At the moment of impact, a very bright flash was seen coming from the tunnel, it is still unknown as to whether this is true and if so, what it was.

Although there were many CCTV camera’s in and around the tunnel, as well as countless Paparazzi with their camera’s, not a single piece of footage can be found from the moment the accident occurred.

Although there were over 250 eye witnesses, none of these things were taken very seriously or lead to an increased investigation.

The tunnel in which the accident happened, better known for the purpose of this as the crime scene, was hosed down, cleared and was opened back up to the public within a matter of hours, making it impossible to find hard evidence of the actual cause of the collision.

Now onto the theories…

There are many different theories of what could have happened, some I believe and some I do not, it’s down to you to research ones you think you may believe a little more and see what you think. If I was to write about them all in great depth, I’d be here all day.

It was merely just an accident!

I, personally, do not believe this in the slightest and I will go into why, but accidents do happen. According to the ASIRT, nearly 1.3 million people die in car crashes globally each year, meaning that there is a chance that it was just a motor vehicle crash. Eyewitnesses at the scene said that a motorcycle was seen emerging from the smokey tunnel, directly after the crash. It could have been that the motor cyclist swerved, causing the driver of the Mercedes to swerve and crash. Accidents happen all of the time, whether or not this was one, we will never know.

The Motor cyclist was an SAS Agent, sent to Kill Diana

So this is a bit of a long one, and the one I believe the most. Many people feel that the Duke of Edinburgh ordered MI5 to kill Diana. Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, claimed that the couple was hours from announcing their engagement when they died. This would have been a scandal for the royal family as Diana is the mother of our future King, and Dodi was a non-Christian, so if she was to marry Dodi, it would have been a huge catastrophe. Although it is not confirmed, it is likely that Dodi would have told his father if he was planning on proposing so the chances of this being true are high.

This theory was strengthened when a story started circulating that MI5 agents had confessed to having an involvement in the death of Diana on his own deathbed, although this was later confirmed to be false stories. Could this have been a cover up from the SAS or MI5 or even the Royal Family itself? Possibly, but we will never know the truth. The point of the secrecy act that all agents must follow, shows that we will never truly know if this was the case.

Charles had been having an affair with Camilla whom he wanted to marry when he was younger but this was unacceptable, considering Camilla had married and divorced previously. It would have been a lot harder for him to marry Camilla if Diana was still alive as it may have been frowned upon, so some people believe that Charles wanted Diana to die in order for him to be with Camilla. In my opinion, if this was the case, he would have married Camilla a lot sooner after Diana’s death. Diana loved Charles with all her heart, she was very young and naive when she married him, for her it was love, many suggest that these feelings were not reciprocated, especially after an interview at their engagement where he said ‘what is love’ after being asked if they loved each other, in the video, you can see the disappointment on her face at this moment.

Even before Charles and Diana’s divorce in 1992, it was obvious she was unhappy, especially after this iconic photo of her was taken outside the Taj Mahal, in which she looks very unhappy, many believe that this was due to Charles’ love for Camilla.


Although she is trying to remain her elegant and professional self, you can tell that she hasn’t got her usual beaming smile and her head is slightly bowed, this photo caused a lot of upset when it was taken and was when people started to truly believe that their marriage was an unhappy one. 

Diana was causing scandals for the Royal Family

Diana was known for her big influence in charity. She was the first person to ever shake hands with a person with AIDS without wearing gloves or a face mask, she even sat on his bed during her visit. This was a huge thing back then as nobody actually knew what AIDS was, how it was passed on etc and so no doctors or anybody would even go into a room with an AIDS patient without being completely covered.

Diana was also planning to stop landmines being legal, this would have been something she went on to do if she were to survive. Thankfully, her youngest son Harry wanted to continue with this in her memory and recently met with some landmine victims whom Diana met with only months before her death. Her bold choices when it came to charity were frowned upon by many people, the Royal Family especially. So some people choose to believe that this was the reason behind planning death.

People also believe that Diana was pregnant at the time she died. We will never know whether or not this was true as her body was embalmed within hours of her death, something that is actually illegal in France. This meant that no autopsy was able to be carried out, therefore, if she was pregnant, or if her injuries were made worse (I’ll explain later) then there was no way of knowing.

The engagement and pregnancy would have been seen Diana making a mockery of the royal family and so this is where speculations come from that it was SAS agents who were ordered to kill Diana.

The accident was supposed to kill only Dodi

Dodi Feyad’s father was known for doing some dodgy dealings, this has led to some people believing that he was in trouble with somebody and so they wanted to kill his son as a way to send him a message. It is possible, like I said earlier, any of these theories are possible, some more than others, we will just never know what truly happened.

Henri Paul was not actually intoxicated

During the investigation, blood tests found that the driver, Henri Paul was incredibly drunk, and traces of an anti depressant were found in his blood also. This test was run twice due to Henri Paul’s family protesting this, especially when his doctor stated that he was never prescribed the type of anti-depressant found, and he was prescribed another drug which wasn’t found in his blood. There were also dangerously high levels of Carbon Monoxide found in his blood tests, this would have been impossible as the autopsy showed that his neck was broke on impact, meaning he died instantly and would not have been able to inhale that much Carbon Monoxide. Many people believe this is evidence that the blood sample of the driver was in fact swapped with the blood of a suicide victim, in an attempt to frame Henri Paul.

Drink driving is the cause of many road accidents, therefore it would have made a lot of sense for Henri Paul to have been too intoxicated to drive safely, causing the crash, but CCTV footage of the group leaving the Ritz hotel showed Henri Paul walking perfectly fine and even stopping to tie his shoe at one point, something he wouldn’t have been able to do if he had consumed the amount of alcohol his blood tests stated. He wouldn’t have been able to walk properly, let alone drive from the hotel to the tunnel safely.

The car was tampered with

Mercedes refused to look over the car after the accident. Many people state that if the car had been tampered with then they would have been able to spot it instantly, therefore they didn’t want any involvement. If it was found that the car was faulty, it would have tarnished the brand and many people would have boycotted it.

Some people also believe that the seat belts in the car may have been removed or tampered with. It is incredibly strange that Diana wouldn’t have been wearing her seat belt unless they weren’t working so this is a possibility.

Here are photographs showing how Diana always wore her seat belt in cars. Diana was known for being a role model for so many young and impressionable people, it would be highly unlikely that on this one journey she decided not to bother putting a belt on.

diana seatbelt


Her injuries were made worse

The doctor ordered for the ambulance to stop just 30 seconds away from the entrance of the hospital, had they carried on, a bigger team of specialists could have done everything they could to save her. Some theories suggest that the doctors in the ambulance were ordered to do what they could to ensure Diana didn’t survive the crash and so they were making her injuries worse in the back of the ambulance.

I personally don’t feel like this is true, from what I know, most doctors wouldn’t jeopardise the chance of survival for a patient, no matter who the order came from, if they did, they would have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives, especially considering how high profile Diana and her death was.

Now, what does all this mean?

With her body being embalmed so soon after her death and the crime scene being completely washed down straight away, the chances of us ever finding out what truly happened is slim to none. We can always have hope that one day, the person responsible will open up about it but it’s not something we should hold out for.

Diana had many loved ones when she was alive and still does to this day, she was a very friendly woman and was loved by many. Considering her own brother said in the recent Channel 4 documentary that he knows it was murder, it makes it difficult to ever believe that it was merely just an accident.

Her nearest and dearest, especially her two sons, have had to live with her death for 20 years now, I’m certain that all any of them want is for her memory to live on and for her to rest peacefully.

Diana was a beautiful, strong minded and caring woman, an amazing mother of two. She spoke out about things nobody else would, she helped thousands of people around the world and brought everybody together. This being the reason she was known as the People’s Princess.

All we can ask for now is for people to remember her for everything positive she did during her life and to keep her in our minds, and hopefully, one day, the truth will come out (that’s if it wasn’t just an accident).

R.I.P Diana 1st July, 1961 – 31st August 1997.

diana final




Shout out to Kendall Rae for the inspiration — be sure to check out her Youtube!!!

The Sun

The Guardian


10 thoughts on “The People’s Princess.. Diana.

  1. She was such a beautiful woman inside and out, just can’t believe it’s been 20 years!! Her memory will definitely live on forever!!

    Vikki |

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  2. Hannah you should be so proud of this post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You’ve done so much research and still managed to portray Diana in the way she should be- as a truly amazing woman.

    I definitely believe the Duke of Edinburgh ordered MI5 to kill Diana.

    Faye Jessica |

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