TV Show Of The Week – A New Series

There are so many TV shows that I love!! And each day I’m finding new ones to watch and love just as much. In this series, I’m going to choose one show a week and discuss what I love, what I’m not a fan of, and a little about the programme and all that jazz.

This series is going to be up every Tuesday so if you love TV shows and finding new ones, be sure to subscribe to my blog to get email reminders about my posts.

Let’s start the series with my favorite programme…


Coronation Street


When and Where:

Corrie is on ITV, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30, then again at 8:30.

How many series:

This show has been on three or so times a week since 1960, so there are like 57 series or something, it would be impossible to watch every episode (trust me, I’ve tried). You would never catch up unless you took a year off doing anything and watched all day every day. But because it’s a soap, it’s pretty easy to start watching, maybe google what has happened if you get confused, and eventually, you’ll be on track.

What’s the show about?

The soap is about ordinary working class people, living on a back street in Manchester. The creator, Tony Warren, wanted to show the lives of normal people and even based one of the original characters on his own mother.
Since the show began, many characters have come and gone, some stayed a while and some just a short time but it’s a well-loved show in the UK and even shown in Canada.

Why I started watching it:

I used to watch this all the time when I was little, back when you didn’t have a choice about what you watched on TV past 6 o’clock. Momma P loved it but my dad hated it so over time they stopped.
When I was a bit older, I would watch the omnibus on Saturdays if the TV was free (not very often when you have a remote hogging sister). Then, when the tram crash happened, my mum wanted to watch it, since then, we haven’t missed an episode.


I love that this programme is about normal people, and also with it being based in the place I’m from, I feel a bit of a connection to it.
It’s my dream to be on the show, it always has been to the point where I even wrote my own character to send to them (not like anything came from it). You can read about that here.
I love the range of different characters and I’ve always wanted to live on a street just like it, where everyone knows each others business, there’s always gossip on one person or another and every day is a new hive of activity.
What I love the most about corrie is the way they raise awareness for so many things. It helps people to see that it’s not just them and that there are others going through the same things, hopefully encouraging more people to speak out about their issues.


There isn’t much I don’t like about this programme. Sometimes, I do feel there’s a lot going on for such a small street and some of the things that happen are very unimaginable, for example, the Phelan and Andy scenes at the moment. I guess things like that do happen in the world, I just don’t feel like all of those things would happen on one street. But then again, it’s nowhere near as unrealistic as Hollyoaks (you miss a week and you miss three deaths, two weddings, a birth and six new characters… how anyone keeps up I’ll never know).

Favourite Characters

There are way too many characters on the street for me to choose just one so I’m going to pick a few…

steve mcdonald

First off, Steve Mcdonald… I love his one-liners and his attitude towards anything and everything.
SPOILERS: In last nights episode, he saved Michelle from her stalker, acting the big brave man, he punched him in the face, at first he tried to act cool then realized it hurt his hand way more than he thought and from then on he kept going on about it. His entrance turned a tense and scary scene to a comical act.

sally and tim

Sally and Tim Metcalf. I love these two because of how much they remind me of my own parents. Sally made a comment once when someone from the council was coming round, she turned to Tim and said “let’s sit in the conservatory to look educated” and I kid you not, my mum made the exact comment when I first brought my boyfriend round to meet them. Since then she claims that she was joking because it wasn’t long after Sally said it, but I think she was being serious πŸ˜‰
They are chalk and cheese but they are so entertaining. I don’t know if I would like either of them as much without the other but I can’t even remember them before they got together.


gail an david

Gail and David Platt. I’m constantly in stitches watching these two. David has the best lines in the show and can turn any situation into a funny one without meaning too.
Gail annoys me so much but when she’s with David, they’re the funniest double act but more so because they hardly ever get along and David spends half his time taking the mick out of his mother.
David is just so dry and common that I just love it.

I love the whole Platt family and I cannot get over how well matched Tin O’brian and Lucy Fallon are as mother and daughter, I love them both also!!

Least Favourite Character

I think this one goes without saying…

pat phelan

I find it so perplexing that someone would get away with doing so much right under everyone’s noses. I’m hoping justice will come for him very soon and he will be out of the show for good, either that or someone finally kills him off.
I also really want Eileen to realize the man he is and give a much-needed apology to Anna Windass. Eileen has turned into such a b**** since being with him and I just don’t like her either. Hopefully, when she finds out about Phelan, she will be a little nicer to everyone.


Let me know what you think of this new series in the comments, I have so many planned on a huge range of different shows so be sure to keep reading. I’m always looking for new shows to watch too so comment any you love and if I don’t already, I’ll be sure to give it a watch.

If you watch this show, let me know what you think in the comments!!

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This post is dedicated to Liz Dawn, the actress who played Vera Duckworth on the show who sadly passed away today.

Bye for now xo


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  1. I have watched one or two episodes here and there but never really got stuck into it, Eastenders was always my soap to watch πŸ™‚

    Vikki |

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