Finding Your Feet and Gaining Confidence

Today marks the end of my first week back to university, not only that but also my first week at a new university. I was so nervous about starting a new uni where I wouldn’t know anybody and I won’t lie, I found it hard.

Let me give you a little backstory.

I noticed during my first two years of university that I just wasn’t myself and I really didn’t feel comfortable in the halls/house I was living in during. I realized halfway through my first year (after I’d already signed a contract for my house in the third year…oops) that I just wanted to be at home, back with my parents, in my very familiar hometown. It was the only thing, at the time, that would make me happy and stress-free for my final year.

So after going through UCAS and doing my personal statement again (nightmare), I was excepted to The Manchester Metropolitan University, to continue my degree.

At first, I was excited…

It was definitely the right decision for me, but as it grew closer to the starting date, my worries about meeting new people started to get to me.
I’ve always been an incredibly confident person, and anyone who knows me will say “Hannah? Shy? NEVER!!”

But when it comes to meeting new people, I really am (Unless I’ve got a drink in me).

Don’t get me wrong, give me a script and put me on a stage or in front of a camera and I’ll go all out. I love to dance and act and all my childhood years, I absolutely LOVED being the center of attention!! Just look at these pictures…

As I’ve grown older, I’ve started to dislike it more and more. Especially people singing happy birthday to me… NO. THANK. YOU.

I’ve also completely lost all my confidence when it comes to meeting new people, I just worry way too much about what people think of me, which, I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. It’s definitely something I need to work on, and hopefully it will get a little easier as the year goes on, but for now, I’m going to focus on doing well.

In my first two years, I noticed that when I was with friends in a lecture, I would either be talking to them or sat on my phone, meaning that I was never really taking in what the lecturers were saying. I would just copy off the slides and not really take much in, meaning that I probably didn’t do my best in assignments, so this year, I’m going to work harder than I ever have, in the hopes of doing my best!! Maybe that will be an upside to not having strong friendship groups, obviously it’s not ideal to be on my own all year, but, considering I just talk whenever I’m with friends (my parents have always said I never shut up!!) it may not be that much of a bad thing that I’ sitting on my own, heck, maybe I would have got a first in my first two years if I sat on my own in them.

Now onto my week.

At first… I felt lost.

The problem I had on my first day was that, because it’s the third year, everyone already had friends, there was hardly anyone sat on their own, and because it was a lecture, I couldn’t exactly get up and go and sit with someone and chat because

A) that would be so rude on the tutor giving the lecture and
B) super awkward trying to have a conversation with someone in a silent room.


On the second day it was the same situation at first, but after the first lecture, I then had a tutorial which was significantly fewer people in a much smaller room. This gave me the chance to introduce myself to people and chat a little. We were then told to get into groups whom we would be working with throughout the year in that specific tutorial. The group I was with were all great, we got along well and I’m so glad.

The one thing I always struggled with in the past two years, was group projects. I hate them!! More so in my first year because, in the second year, I knew everyone on my course and so I knew who to avoid and who to group up with. I like getting things done at a reasonable time and pace and I’ve been in situations before where I’ve had to do all of the work on my own, my partner didn’t even bother to read what I had done and didn’t want to meet up for a practice so when it came to the presentation, they were repeating what I had literally already said, and at one point, even swore during presenting.

It’s not so bad if you’re marked on your own individual input, but more often than not, this isn’t the case. Either you’re doing all the work and getting someone else their degree for them, or being dragged down by their lack of commitment and enthusiasm.

Hopefully, my judgment will be better this year and I’ll choose people who work well with others… There’s no I in team and all that.

My Advice


  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Everyone is in the same boat when they first go to uni. Some people have moved miles away from home, living in a new city, with nobody they know. Majority of people will be just as willing as you to make new friends. Nobody likes to be lonely.
  • Get involved. Whether that’s taking people up on their offer to go for lunch or during group discussions, be willing to give your input and join in, you never know what it could do for you.
  • Be careful, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. This goes for all aspects of life, nobody hates arrogant people, trust me. I once worked with someone who said to me

“There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and I like to jump from one side to the other, arrogance can make people think you’re inferior and be scared of you, that will get you places”

Don’t be this guy.

  • Have fun. University may be hard at times, but it’s a lot more laid back than working will be. Majority of jobs are early mornings and full days, uni definitely isn’t. Some days you’re off, some days it’s only an hour. Make the most of it.


Just one more thing I’m struggling with…


The day before I passed my driving test, I told my dad that I would never step foot on a bus ever again, I’d had a bad experience that day and was being way over dramatic, but luckily, I passed my test and didn’t have to get the bus again (apart from once but that’s a whole other story).

Now my new uni is right in the middle of Manchester, so there’s literally nowhere to park, meaning I have to either get a train or bus. Although I would much rather get the train, it’s a lot cheaper and more convenient for me to get the bus.

It’s not so bad on the way there, as I don’t start that early, meaning the bus is never too busy, but two days in the week, I finish at 4 and a half 4 so the bus is PACKED. God forbid it’s ever sunny on one of those days, I already felt like sardines in a tin can, I don’t fancy being on a bus smelling like one too.


Bye for now xo


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