Grammarly – A bloggers life saver

Disclaimer: this post is based on my own personal opinions, no money or benefits have been received for this review. 

If you write anything at all using the internet on your laptop, Facebook post, Blogs, Google docs/slides, I couldn’t recommend Grammarly more!!! It has genuinely saved my life.


Grammarly is an add-on to your internet browser that picks up spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing.

When I’m typing, especially if I’m doing a lot in one space of time, I am constantly making silly little mistakes, my posts would mostly be incomprehensible if it wasn’t for Grammarly.

My spelling has never been brilliant, most words are fine, but some I can just never spell, no matter how many times I try. They just won’t stick.

My worst habit though is commas. I’ll go from never putting them in, to throwing them in here there and everywhere, there’s just no in-between. Grammarly has literally been so helpful, I actually think I’m beginning to understand where you’re actually supposed to use commas.

I just use the free version, which is amazing, but I definitely think it would be better if I paid for it. I am constantly having my auntie Helen check my blogs once they’ve been posted, just to double check for little mistakes it has missed. It’s always stupid little things like writing one instead of on. So it’s understandable that Grammarly doesn’t pick up on these because it’s still actual words. It’s still good to have people proofreading, so I have Helen and Momma P (when she gets round to it) to check these for me.

Helen’s probably better for this, she sends me screenshots circling the mistakes whereas Momma P will go “oh I read your blog today and found a few mistakes but I can’t remember where they were now” and then she never finds them again… its the thought that counts, at least I know she’s reading my blog! haha

One other thing that bugs me about Grammarly is that it’s clearly an American site so doesn’t understand British spellings such as COLOUR and FAVOURITE. Super annoying.

So all you bloggers, get downloading Grammarly, it will save your life.

Bye for now


7 thoughts on “Grammarly – A bloggers life saver

  1. I use this and it works so well but the American stuff is SUPER annoying like you said. I use it for my course, blog post and e-mails – so good as sometimes when I’ve looked over an article 100 times before submitting it, I miss mistakes x

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  2. I have been using the Grammarly plugin in my Chrome browser for quite awhile now and LOVE having it there checking everything I do (even comments like this one). I’m not sure what I did recently, but it has switched over to Canadian spelling from American… suddenly my favourites and colours weren’t wrong anymore! I have signed up for the free account, and am not paying for premium, so it’s not that….
    Britt |

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