Which first.. Good News or Bad News?

It’s the age old question, many of us has either asked or been asked at some point in our lives!

So which do you want?

I often start with the bag, that way, you will feel miserable but the good news will add a little cheer to you and make up for the bad.

So the bad news…

My laptop has broken!!

I don’t just mean its being slow, I mean its gone to the little laptop heaven in the sky.

I guess that doesn’t really affect my readers because I can still blog on my phone and at the moment, my sisters laptop (although this one is a little dicey also). The one thing this does mean, I can’t do as much university work as I usually would, I don’t have Grammerly on this one because I don’t feel like I can download it onto my sisters laptop, and I can’t watch TV online with my laptop plugged into my TV like I normally do.

Most of you are probably thinking “Why can’t she just do that with her sisters laptop” and well, the answer is simple. I tried that the other night when I first realised my laptop wasn’t working and TOWIE had already started. The video played through my TV but the sound was still coming through the laptop. So annoying, especially considering the rubbish volume level of this laptop.

You’re probably also wondering why I’m writing a post about this, but I thought I would give my readers a little update on my life.

Now for the good news…

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!

Yep, that’s right, someone finally gave me a job and I’m so excited to have more than 47p in my bank (other than the £5 my dad gives me on Thursday’s for lunch, the cutie).

What’s funny is that I’ve basically got my old job back at Tesco, the one I left this time last year, just on a different department.

I’m just so thankful to finally be able to earn my own money again, especially considering I will now be able to afford better Christmas presents for the people I love.

I had so many good ideas for presents this year. This doesn’t happen often with me as I’m usually rubbish when it comes to deciding what to buy people, so I’m so happy that I’ll actually be able to buy everyone I want, whatever I want, without having to borrow money or use Momma P’s Very account.

So that’s all from me today, I know the bad news probably doesn’t seem so bad to you, but trust me, it’s been a bloody nightmare for me. Such a disappointment.

At least you’ll never have to read another post about me moaning about still having no job… silver lining!

Maybe with my first pay I’ll be buying myself a new laptop (unless a little fairy wants to drop a MacBook out of the sky and onto my lap).

Bye for now

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