TV Show of the Week – Full House & Fuller House

Do you ever watch a programme and feel like you know the characters to the point where if you saw them on the street, you’d say Hi to them like they’re an old friend from school?

This weeks TV show of the week is definitely one of those.

You can probably tell by now, I’m absolutely obsessed with television, I’ve probably said this so many times before, but I just get so emotionally attached to characters that films are way too short for me.

Books and TV over films any day of the week.

This week, I’m doing two different shows, but they’re related so it’s all good.
I didn’t think it would be right to do these two shows separately and you’ll understand why, so let’s get on with it…

full and fuller house

Full House and Fuller House. 

When and where?

Both of these shows are on Netflix, Full house started in the late 1970’s I think, and Fuller house is a Netflix original.

New episodes of Fuller House will be coming soon!! I can’t wait.

Show Summary

After the death of his wife, Danny Tanner moves his best friend Joey and brother-in-law, Jesse, to help raise his three young daughters, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle.

The programme shows the three men dealing with raising three young girls through many typical issues families face. Boy troubles, Bullying, eating disorders etc but with a fun and happy twist.

Why I started watching it?

I have always absolutely loved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I always remember seeing posts and tweets about ‘Michelle Tanner’ played by Mary-Kate and Ashley, and I always really wanted to watch it.
I’ve seen all of their films and so I knew I would enjoy a series with them in.

When I noticed it was on Netflix, I was so excited and after the first half hour, I was hooked.

Although most people who have seen this programme will have grown up watching it, like I did with Hannah Montana, Friends etc I didn’t have the chance too, probably because I wasn’t born when it came out, but also because it’s an American series and, as far as I’m aware, it wasn’t on in the UK then.

I still felt such a strong emotional attachment to the show, so much so that it genuinely felt as though I’d grown up with the girls. So obviously, when I heard they would be doing a reunion show, I was ecstatic.

Who do I watch it with?

I’ve always watched them both on my own, but my older sister Emma also watches it so we sometimes talk about it, especially the new episodes.


I just love everything about the programme. I feel like it covers so many important topics but also with a bit of a comical twist which is great.

As I mentioned earlier, I feel as though I have some kind of connection to the cast and I feel like I’ve grown up with them. It’s a programme that I can watch over and over, no matter how many times I’ve seen them all.


In the original series, I really didn’t like Kimmy Gibler, I just found her so annoying, but now in Fuller House, I’ve grown to like her a lot more.

Apart from Michelle not returning for Fuller house 😦 I can’t think of anything I don’t like about either of the two series.

I couldn’t even begin to choose a best or worst character for this programme, I absolutely love all of them in very different ways. I do get incredibly excited when I see that Danny, Joey, Jesse or Becky are in an episode of Fuller House though.

Have you watched this programme? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Bye for now

8 thoughts on “TV Show of the Week – Full House & Fuller House

  1. I’ve never seen Full House.

    I’d love to watch that first, then Fuller House. I used to really love Mary-Kate and Ashley too.

    Faye Jessica |

    Liked by 1 person

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