My Worst Interview Experience

I’ve had a nice relaxing bath, my hairs up, dressing gown on and sat down in front of the TV with my laptop.


I was thinking earlier about what would be a good post for me to write today, and with my current job situation and having so many rejections, I thought I would share with you, the worst experience I ever had whilst trying to get a job.

Let me set the scene…

It’s March, I wake up on a Monday morning for my lecture, to a phone call asking me if I wanted to go for an interview for a Marketing Placement I had applied for.

This was during my second year, so at the time, I was planning on either, taking a year out and doing a ‘year in industry’ or continuing into my third year, but doing a summer placement to gain some experience. I was spending my evenings applying for all of the placements I could find, on every job site possible.

I was obviously so excited to finally have an interview, and the lady on the phone seemed so nice and friendly. So far, so good.

I was at university in Preston and the interview was in Central Manchester, as they wanted me to go for the interview at 11, I explained that it wouldn’t be possible as I had a lecture and would not be able to make it in time.

Within an hour, I received another phone call asking if I would be able to make it for 2pm. Much better. I would be able to run home, change, and drive to the interview in just enough time.

This is when it all started to go downhill…

I’m going to do this section in bullet points to try and reduce my rambling.

  • I arrived 20 minutes early, found a perfect parking spot right next to the building. Only problem was, I had no cash on me to pay for the parking and couldn’t find a cash machine anywhere.
  • I proceeded to run around looking for a cash machine, no shop would give me cash back so that was out of the window, my time was running out, I was wearing heels and absolutely sweating.
  • A very lovely traffic warden (who I stopped to ask where the nearest cash machine was) told me to give him my reg number, and he would leave a note on my car, then wished my luck for my interview.
  • I get to the office and there was about 20 people waiting, I arrived at the building (right next to my car) 2 minutes late, but the girl at the reception didn’t seem bothered at all.
  • My interview was at 2pm, I was sat waiting for 2 and a half hours. The interview itself was 5 minutes. NOT FUN.
  • Because of the time I finally got out, the traffic was absolutely awful driving back to Preston, it took me two and a half hours to get back.

I was asked to come back for a second interview day so I thought it was all looking up.

Day 2 was even worse…

  • I was told I had to wear flat shoes, not good for me considering all of the smart black shoes I own are incredibly uncomfortable, especially for a lot of walking.
  • I had to get the train into Manchester, if you know me you’ll know I do not like public transport.
  • I get to the office on time, there are, again, absolutely loads of people waiting.
  • We were all sat waiting for 2 and a half hours (granted, I should have known by now it wasn’t a good company), because of a ‘technical issue’, all we could hear was what sounded like a mad party, loud music, lots of shouting/singing/laughing. People walking in and out with sweets, cake and drinks (not like they offered us any).
  • The toilets in the office were out of order so myself and another girl had to go into the pub next door to use the toilet.
  • After the incredibly long wait, a couple were called into the office at a time, then they would walk out of the office with a man in a suit.
  • when it came to my turn, it was just me and a (incredibly arrogant) 19 year old.
  • I leave with him and he asks if I have any money on me, I say no, you don’t expect to need money when you go to a job interview. He walks me to a cash machine and says “I’m assuming you’ve got credit cards or something, you only need a tenner”.
  • Whatever, I got a tenner out (probably the last of my money) and he then walked us to a bus stop… what?
  • We get on the bus (much to my dismay) and he begins to ask me incredibly personal and intrusive questions, acting as if he was so much better than me and bragging about how much money he had at every opportunity he got.
  • Each time I tried to ask him about what it was they do, he would avoid the question and ramble about money.
  • By the time we got off the bus in Stockport, it was 3pm and Billy Big Bollocks decided it was lunch time so took me to Greggs. I couldn’t afford to get anything (and he certainly wasn’t going to offer) so I sat there watching him eat three sandwiches and a pasty (because, you know, ‘rich’ boys have to have 4 lunches).
  • I then realise that this ‘Marketing job’ is just door to door sales.


“You’re kidding me right” I thought as I told Nick the Nobhead to jog on and got the bus home. I had literally wasted two full days for this incredibly ill advertised job.

If I could find the job description that I applied for on Indeed you would laugh your head off. There were so many different ones, all for the exact same job with different company names such as Future Connections, BlueMoose and other weird things like this, all claiming to be this;

In this role, you will work alongside the marketing department to create new and exciting advertisements and social media campaigns for clients.
An office based role, completing administrate duties, working across both digital and non-digital platforms.
ICT skills are required.
Working for a client to ensure their marketing needs are met.

Where in that does it say ‘you’ll be walking around all day, knocking on people’s houses like an idiot and received abuse off disrupted people, followed by having the door slammed in your face.

Seriously though, who even listens to door to door sales pitches anymore???

On a serious note, if and when I see this company trying to trick people into wasting their time, I’ll be reporting them to the job board.

The biggest thing that annoyed me about it all, was when I was talking to Rick the Dick he said to me…

“if you were earning what I was, you wouldn’t bother with university, I guarantee, if you get this role, you’ll drop out of uni within a year”

Like, sorry but I don’t planning on being a school drop out to work for a pyramid scheme that “aims for” the old people because “they’ll buy anything”.

It was a horrible experience, but I’m so glad that in the future, I’ll know exactly what signs to look out for and what sort of companies to avoid.

Don’t let these kind of companies fool you, you may be earning a decent amount of money, but I can gaurentee that someone above you will be earning more off of everything you do, and so will the person above them, etc.

These are the kind of companies that you won’t work at for a long time, don’t allow them to let you drop out of education for a measly job earning the very minimum you could get for a graduate role.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. What’s the worst job hunting experience you’ve had? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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Bye for now

9 thoughts on “My Worst Interview Experience

  1. Wow! What an experience. It’s such a shame you had to go through all that time and effort. But, you’re right. You can definitely learn from this terrible experience and help others to notice the signs.

    Faye Jessica |

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh, that sounds like a horrible experience! I hate when people are tricky like that. There are people who enjoy door to door sales, so why not be transparent that it is what you are looking for, and attract the people who are actually going to be interested in the job???
    Britt |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly!! It just draws in people who don’t want that kind of job and wastes their time, while people who would actually want to do that job wouldn’t even consider applying?? Logic


  3. Oh my gosh that must have been horrible. I do find companies don’t always advertise what the role actually is so you don’t always necessarily know what you’re going for.

    Vikki |

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow no wonder it’s your worst this sounds awful and that job description is nothing like what you were told. And that person and the bus stop situation – that sucks but at least you now know the signs and if something doesn’t feel quite right x

    Liked by 1 person

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