The Ghost of St Anthony’s Primary School

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

In light of Halloween, I thought it was only right for me to write a post about some ghost stories I’ve heard over the years.

Do you ever walk into a place and just all of a sudden feel very strange, like there is someone watching you or something just not quite right? That’s exactly how I used to feel whenever I would walk down the corridor of my primary school in the evening or early morning. I would often be there before or after school because my mum worked there, and sometimes, I would have to stay in a classroom on my own whist the teachers all had a meeting.

I’m going to tell you stories, some my own experience and others told to me by family or teachers who went to the school also. Enjoy….

1. Who’s there?

One evening, my mum was in a meeting and so I stayed in her friends classroom, sharpening pencils, whilst waiting for them to finish.
I was only about 7 at the time and wasn’t left alone very often so I felt so grown up.

Everything was silent and all I could hear was the clock ticking and the sound of the sharpener. The next minute, things kept falling off the shelves and book cases. There were no windows open, no draft coming from anywhere. It made no sense.
I picked each of the things up when it fell off and put them back, before carrying on with sharpening the pencils.
The door to the stockroom started to creek as if it was being opened, when I turned around to look, the door was shut tight. I went over to check, only to find that it was locked!!!
After that, every little noise scared the hell out of me! I felt so uncomfortable and hated the fact I was alone, and I didn’t even know how long it would be for.
I was so scared that I managed to stab myself in the finger with a freshly sharpened pencil, getting the led stuck under the skin. I told my dad when I got home and we never managed to get it out, I’m pretty sure it’s still under the skin and there is a slight green mark where it happened.
It’s safe to say I was so happy when my mum opened that door and told me we were going home, I couldn’t get out of there quick enough.

2. Don’t slide down the banister

I think it was my auntie who told me this story. When she was at the school. There were quite a few children who would always slide down the banister from the upstairs classrooms which went round and back on themselves. One time, a boy much younger than the usual ones who would do this, decided he wanted to have a go, and although everyone told him not too, he did it anyway. The boy ended up falling and hitting his head, resulting in his death. Many people from that day on have claimed to have heard noises coming from the corridor, especially the toilets right next to where he fell.
I do remember when I was at the school, I would hear whistling noises whenever I was in those toilets, I always assumed it was someone messing around but there was never anyone in there with me.

Could it be that this boy was haunting the school?

3. The watching Eyes

I’m sure it was either my auntie or my teacher who origionally told me this story, but I’ve heard it from many different people who all went or worked at the school.

One day, a young girl who went to the school, worked in the library, helping out at break times. In the library were photos of people who have been a key part of the school such as parishioners, people who’ve donated a lot of money, and people who helped to build the school. Many people said that whenever you were in this room alone, the eyes would follow you around the room and it felt as if they were all watching your every move.

The librarian told the girl that she would be back in a minute and to carry on doing what she was doing. When she left, she locked the door, and the young girl went into the stock room to get something out. As she turned to come out of the room, the door was locked. She tried for ages to get out but nothing would work. About 20 minutes later, She heard the librarian coming back into the room so began knocking on the door. The librarian came over and opened the door with ease, it wasn’t locked.
When she came out, they both noticed that every photo on the wall had been flipped around. Neither of them could explain what happened and they were both incredibly confused.

Not long after, the library was turned into a classroom to assist the growing school and, that classroom happens to be the very room I was in during number 1!!

These stories may have just been made up by people trying to scare us into thinking our school was haunted. But I know my own experience was true. You never know who could be watching you, or what could be watching you even.

I hope you enjoyed these spooky little stories. Have you ever had some kind of paranormal experience? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Bye for now

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