TV Show of the Week – Gilmore Girls

What better than a Coffee fueled post for a coffee obsessed programme….


I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls with my entire family for absolutely years. It used to be our standard evening to come home from school and watch it all together. You can probably imagine my excitement when I heard it was going to be on Netflix…Never mind 4, hour and a half long new episodes for the 10 year anniversary!!!!

What’s it about?

Gilmore Girls follows the life of Lorelai Gilmore, and her daughter Rory, who she has raised alone since she had her at the age of 16. Although they seem like a typical single mother and her daughter, they have an incredibly close relationship, and actually come from a very privileged lifestyle, one that Lorelai tries very hard to keep Rory away from.

Why do I love it?

Gilmore girls is incredibly fast paced, quick talking, quick action, its all go, go go!!
I just love watching the relationship between the two girls and how the deal with everyday problems that are thrown at them.

Each character is perfectly developed and brings something new to the little town of Stars Hollow. It’s such a feel good programme and one you can just mindlessly watch all day long… My favourite kind of show!

My Dislikes?

This is only something I’ve noticed recently but… RORY GILMORE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!! Unpopular opinion? Maybe! But if you just watch the way she treats the people around her, especially when it comes to a boy!!

I don’t want to give any spoilers to people who haven’t seen it but you’ll completely understand what I mean if you watch it!!!

My answer to the age old question…WHAT TEAM?

The one question any Gilmore Girl fan reading this will be wondering…. I’m 100% team Logan!!!
I cannot stand Dean! He was nasty to Rory when they were together and I couldn’t help but think he was mentally abusing her. Constantly making out that every issue they had in their relationship was her fault, making her run around apologising and guilt tripping her into thinking she was in the wrong. Not OK Guys!!!

I’m not even going to justify a photo of him… that’s how much I dislike Dean!!!!

But lets end on a happier note….

I couldn’t do a post about Gilmore Girls without mentioning one of my favourite characters and the best scene in the whole series!!!!
At First I hated her… but Paris Geller is a brilliant character as the show goes on, especially when this happened to her College lecturer boyfriend old enough to be her granddad…

gilmore girls

So I know this post is a little different in regards to the layout, in comparison to my usual Tv Show of the Week post but with the amount of uni work I have, I’m going to have to cut down on my blogging for the time being. I couldn’t leave you hanging though!!

Bye for now


6 thoughts on “TV Show of the Week – Gilmore Girls

  1. I am watching Stranger Things at the moment but right after I am watching this. I did start to watch it and enjoyed some of it but then just got bored. But everyone raves abiut it – might give it a go after ST x

    Loving this blog series as per!

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