Blogmas Day 19 – Christmas on a Budget

As a student, Christmas is so difficult. You’re older so you’re expected to buy more gifts for people even though you can’t afford it. You’re expected to get better gifts for people because you’re older and more mature and should be able to buy things that people actually want. It’s not fun and it’s not easy.

To help out all my fellow students, I’m going to tell you about what my sisters and I did one year when we were all struggling. We decided it would be more beneficial and fun to each make our presents.

It was hard to think of what to do but Emma had help off Catherine, Becky had help off Helen and I had help off Momma P, although not as much as them two. Here’s what we decided to do…


Emma – A Sock Snowman.

Emma made us a stuffed sock snowman filled with rice. It was super cute and so funny when we opened it I couldn’t help but laugh. Emma has always been the physically creative one who was good at art and making things so it looked really great, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do the same.


Becky – Mix CD’s.

Bex made us around 5 CD’s with a load of different songs on. It was great for me because it was just before I was to be getting a car and I obviously couldn’t afford one with bluetooth for music so I’d need some CD’s for long drives. I still have them in my car today and use them when I drive to Essex to see Stephen.


Me – A Personal Poem.


I was incredibly proud of this poem and (not to blow my own trumpet) they both seemed to absolutely love it. I put it in a nice frame for them and they have them on their walls. They were both slightly different for them to be personal to each of them and it was so good seeing their faces when they read it.


Christmas doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune, there are multiple ways to save money but till give somebody something they will enjoy.


bye for now

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