Blogmas Day 20 – Christmas Movies

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without watching 100 thousand Christmas films constantly through the whole of November (yes, I start that early) and December. Here is a list of my all time favourite Christmas films.


1. Christmas with the Kranks.


A couple who decide to skip Christmas and spend the money going on holiday have to plan a last minute Christmas (including their famous Christmas Eve party) on Christmas eve when their daughter decides she is coming home after all.


2. Love Actually


I don’t think I need to tell anyone what this film is about… it truly is a Christmas classic and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without seeing Hugh Grant dancing around 10 Downing Street in his boxers!!!!!


3. The Holiday.


Another classic I don’t need to explain. The film that has made me feel confident to announce an accidental boob graze.


4. Let It Snow.


As a massive fan of Full House, I can’t help but love anything with Candice Cameron-Buree and this film certainly hits the memory lane spot.
A business woman is sent to check out a ski lodge that her fathers company is wanting to buy with the plans to change everything it is known for. But will she change her mind when she finds out just how magical Christmas can be?


5. Mary Christmas.


A young girl writes a letter asking for a Mum and wife for her widowed father for Christmas. When a TV news presenter see’s this letter, she decides to film a documentary about the little girl when everyone involved finds out that Christmas wishes an actually be granted.


6. A Family for Christmas.


A work-obsessed news reporter is given a glimpse at what her life would have been like if she made a few different decisions. Will she realise she made a mistake or continue on the path she chose?
I watched this for the first time the other day and I just loved everything about it!! I’ll definitely be watching it each year from now on.


7. A Christmas Kiss.


The assistant of a top interior designer kisses a handsome stranger in an elevator before realising he is actually the fiance of her boss. To make matters worse, she then has to work on decorating his house for a Christmas party with him. Can she keep it professional and prevent her boss from finding out?


8. Eve’s Christmas.


A business woman is given a second change at making some changes to her life by being sent back in time.
I haven’t actually watched this for a couple of years because I can never seem to find it but I’m making it my mission to find and watch it this year.


What’s your favourite Christmas film? Be sure to let me know in the comments.


Bye for now


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