Blogmas Day 21 – A Christmas Wedding

Good Luck and Congratulations to my cousin Chris and his new wife Rachel.

For some reason, I’m the worlds most indecisive person when it comes to choosing clothes and the longer I have an outfit for an event, the less I like it. I’m such a nightmare for everyone around me when it comes to finding a dress for a wedding so I’d just like to apologise, especially to Momma P and my dad for the amount of stress I’ve caused them in the build up to this wedding…. God help us when it’s actually me getting married.

Dress Number 1

I bought my first dress absolutely ages ago and it was only £6 so I’ve kept it anyway, and I’ll be able to wear it on holiday next year, but I felt that it was far too summary for a winter wedding and it wouldn’t have been too hard for me to make it suitable for winter.

Dress Number 2

My second dress was absolutely beautiful!!! It was a full length blue dress and looked so elegant. Everybody I showed loved it but I felt that it was too dressy for the wedding and thought I would feel stupid.
I returned it but recently I’ve regretted it. I tried to go back to the shop to see if it was still there which it obviously wasn’t. GUTTED.

Dress Number 3

I was really hopeful about my third dress but I was so disappointing when it arrived. The quality was awful and it was not flattering what so ever. I was so annoyed because I got it from a website I’ve used before and never had any issues with in the past.

Dress Number 4

I then bought another dress online and it arrived and just looked so tacky on. It was a gold cowl neck dress with a split and it looked great on the model but on me it was something else…

Dresses 5, 6, 7 and 8

I then ordered four dresses on Momma P’s very account with the idea that I would send three back and keep my favourite. All of them were either too big, too small or just didn’t suit me what so ever. So I ended up having to return all of them.

Dresses 9 and 10

Momma P then took me shopping to see if I could find anything. I ended up getting two dresses because they were really cheap and I liked them both. One of them I planned to wear for the wedding, and the other, which is more Christmassy, I’m wearing for the hanging gate.
The more I thought about it, the less I liked it and it looks black on photo’s. I’ve always been told you can’t wear black to a wedding so in the end I thought nope.
What’s even more annoying, we ended up getting a parking ticket so add another £100 to the price of the dresses… not ideal.

Finally… the winning dress

We headed back to the shops (with only a week left till the wedding) and found absolutely nothing. I tried on a dress I loved so much but it was way too small so I had to go back to the drawing board.
When I got home I decided to google shopping search the style of the dress I tried on and found it for a decent price at AX Paris. Apart from the fact I had to have 4 inches taking off the bottom by my friends amazing Mum who had it done so quickly, it’s perfect and what I wanted all along. I’m incredibly happy with my final dress and cannot wait to wear it today.

Bye for now



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