The Wedding of the Year – Blogmas Day 23

On Thursday 21st December, I had  the privilege of attending my cousin Chris and his new wife Rachel’s wedding.


It was by far the most amazing wedding I’ve ever been to, every single aspect was just perfect in every way.
In this post, I’m going to go into detail about every aspect of their big day and how brilliant it was.

The Bride

Of course I had to start with the Bride when talking about her big day!! Rachel looked breath-taking. So beautiful in the most amazing fish tail dress.
Now Rachel has always been glamorous for as long as I’ve known her but there’s a glow that bride’s seem to have on their big day that just make them look all the more amazing.

The Groom

Chris looked as handsome as always and I can honestly say he seemed slightly nervous at the start of the day. I didn’t think it was possible.
My big cousin did us all proud.
Also, Chris, you looked very tall to, you’ll have to let us know where you got those shoes 😉

The Venue

The wedding was held at Heaton House Farm. Oh my goodness it was incredibly beautiful. It was just outside of Macclesfield (I think, my geography isn’t the best) and, with it being a farm and all, it had amazing grounds and the most stunning views. It was the venue of my wedding dreams, literally everything about it was so perfect.
One thing I loved was how there was nobody else there. This may sound silly but when you have a wedding at a hotel, there’s nothing you can do about other people being there. But with this being a specialist wedding venue and all the rooms being for wedding guests, you didn’t have to think about random people wondering into the wrong room or anything along those lines.

The Wedding Dressing

Their wedding was done by Rachel at Event Dressing and my god did she do a brilliant job. You should definitely check out their Facebook page to see just how amazing their work is.
It was certainly the most stylish wedding I’ve ever been too with (obviously) a slight Christmas feel in the decorations. It really did make the day even more special as well as getting you into the Christmas spirit.
I could only wish for something so perfect on my own big day.

The Bridesmaids and Groomsman

All I can say is Rachel has some very pretty friends. They all looked beautiful and their dresses… oh my god those dresses!!!! They really didn’t need to worry about being put in a hideous dress to make the bride look better because the dresses we’re absolutely stunning.
The groomsmen all looked very handsome and their suits were also incredibly lovely.

The Seating Plan

I think this was my favourite part of the decorating for their big day. The Seating plan was displayed on a big glass mirror, something I’ve never seen before. It was unique and really pretty.

wedding 6
Each table was named after a song displayed in another incredibly unique way.
wedding 7
How Pretty!!!!

The Wedding Breakfast

The food on the day was incredible!!!!

Starter – Butternut Squash Soup

Main – Chicken in Tomato Sauce with Roasted veg and mash potato with spring onion

Dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding. 

wedding 8

The food was to die for. I’ve never tried butternut squash soup and I never thought I would like it but it was so beautiful! I’m going to have to try and recreate this.
One thing I’m gutted about is not asking for the recipe for the tomato sauce with the chicken, that was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

The venue did everything they could to accommodate their guests, including an egg free chocolate cake for my sister who is allergic. How sweet!
Before the meal we had canape’s which were so lovely. Mini fish and chips, sausages and something else which I have no idea what it was but Momma P was practically following the girl around who had the tray.

My Man Howard

This was by far my favourite part of the day. During the wedding breakfast, Howard was our entertainment. At first, I thought he was just going to be the man who introduced each person as they walked in (which he did in a very comical way which had me seal laughing like never before… lies I seal laugh all the time it’s great…) But oh my god when he started singing I genuinely thought Michael Buble had walked in.
He had the top table singing as well which was too funny, especially when my auntie and uncle had to do their part.  What shocked me the most was how good of a singer Rachel was… I wasn’t expecting that.

What wedding have you been to where between the courses of the food they have you all stood on your chairs singing ey?!

Family Time

Having such a big family means it’s all the more harder to get us all together. Although my two cousins Hayley and Connor couldn’t be there (they were definitely missed!!!)  it was nice to see everybody else and, with a bit of difficulty with Chris having his wedding photos done, we managed to get a photo of us all together.
wedding 3

Aren’t we a beautiful bunch ey 😉 

I’m a family girl so getting to see everybody was the best thing for me and I honestly had such a good time with them all. It’s a shame we don’t get to see each other much with us all having busy lives but it makes it better when we do.

wedding 4

My immediate family haven’t even seen each other in a long while with my sister and her boyfriend living in Cornwall. 

My Favourite Touch

Although the wedding was perfect, it definitely wasn’t the same without my Grandad being there. Nothing ever will be the same without him there but Chris and Rachel did an amazing job to include him, and every other family member who have passed before the day.
wedding 2

He’s always in our hearts and this was the perfect touch to give recognition to him!!

Overall, I had the most amazing day at the most beautiful venue for the most perfect couple’s big day and I was so happy to be able to celebrate with the both of them!!

Welcome to the family Rachel x



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