Happy New Year 2018

To bring in the new year, I decided to write a poem;

Now the celebrations are over

A new year has begun

People wallow in self pity

Of last nights antics and fun

We decide to change a lot of things

Although some we may regret

But each and every single year

We claim the next will be the best one yet.

Rather than unrealistic goals

We should do whatever makes us smile

Don’t say you’ll stop or start or save

You need to go that extra mile.

Nobody should expect miracles

Just try your best in all that you do

To bring health, joy, happiness and love

For yourself and your loved ones too.

Happy New Year everyone

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018

  1. This is amazing – so well written too. You’ve achieved a lot this year and I’m so glad I had the pleasure of coming across you through our blogger group chat! BRING ON 2018 AND YOUR BLOG POSTS!

    Have a great year, Hann!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks Soph♥️ hopefully 2018 will be the year we finally get to meet up💃🏽 we should apply to catfish so they pay for it 😉

      You too doll


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