Celebrity Big Brother Launch Live Reaction


After my live reaction of the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here launch, and the start of my guilty pleasure show Celebrity Big Brother, I thought it was only right for me to do a live reaction of this show too.

I may be a little behind but as of yet, I’ve had no spoilers (probably a bad thing, it seems like nobody on Facebook or Twitter is watching this year..?) apart from the odd comment about not knowing who anybody is, so it’s certainly going to be an interesting one.

I’ve personally found that it’s gone downhill since Channel 5 took it over, as much as I love Emma Willis, it’s just not the same without good old Davina!!!!

So I have some time to myself today, heatings on, I have my milk tray and I’ve left Stephen to have a nap after his early morning baby duties (it’s the least I could do after he let me stay in bed whilst he got up) let the show begin….



  • Oooh year of the Girls… I hope it’s not only girls?

  • I just LOVE Emma’s fashion sense, so stylish every time.

  • Aww 100 years since women won the right to vote, that’s amazing and such a great idea for them to recognise that.

  • All female may be a little boring, but I can already tell there will be so much drama…LOVE IT!!!

  • Oh there will be men… thank god! Love a showmance

  • Imagine living in a house with 67 camera’s on you?!? I’d go insane.

  • I prefer it when they go for more of a classy feel rather than stupid theme’s and tackyness

  • I’m honestly LOVING this house, especially the name of the rooms.


  • I wonder if I can request the house once they’ve finished with it? Like can they just move it all to my house please?

  • Eurgh MP’s bore me so much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that she’s a female MP but is that really anything new? We have a female prime minister for goodness sake. 🙄

  • “I sneeze after meals” WHAT?! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • She is going to annoy me I can see it now! (Then again, I said that about Toff in I’m a celeb and I ended up loving her….)

  • I had to skip that interview #sorrynotsorry I’ll probs end up skipping them all tbh

  • Imagine applying for a job as Umeberella Holder hahahah what a life

  • I bet her house is full of clutter and tat…

  • There are always waay too many adverts in Big Brother


  • It annoyed me so much when they all thought Ray J would be spilling gossip about the Kardashian’s because he doesn’t even speak to them but my god I know how much Malika chills with the Kardashian’s so this excites me so so much!!!!!

  • I feel like eventually being in the house I would completely forget the cameras were there

  • How does she not know what God Sisters are…. Emma are you ok?! it’s so obvious

  • Well we can already tell Malika doesn’t think she’s a celeb, actually holding the umbrella for herself unlike the last woman… I don’t like her.

  • I honestly thought she was going to say she’s Boris Johnson’s mum or sister hahah

  • Did she basically just say women belong in the kitchen in not so many words… “women will be fighting over who makes supper as that’s how we were brought up” erm you don’t belong here.

  • As if she’s been asked to do this so many times… scraping the bottom of the barrel much

  • I must say though I do like her jumpsuit

  • I’ve just realised someone’s eaten all of the Strawberry Temptation’s in the milk tray and I’m fuming!!!

  • I have no idea who this girl is but my god she’s pretty!! those eyes 😍


  • That outfit is very Mamma Mia

  • If her worst habit is tidying up after people she can come and live with me…


  • I don’t know why but the first thing that came to mind when she said her name was India was that Katie Hopkin’s would hate her lol

  • Aw I feel like she is going to be a really good asset to the show, I’m glad they have at least one Transgender in there

  • Second one saying it’s like IKEA hahahah

  • I’d have 100% forgotten most of their names by now

  • OMG I so hope she discusses Three Girl’s from earlier last year, that show was bloody amazing!!! YOU GO GIRL

  • They actually did really well matching her with the actor in Three girl’s they look so similar!!

  • Aw she’s so humble I love her

  • I love how she sent all of the Rochdale girl’s a letter that’s such a sweet thought

  • I’m so there for girl’s who support other’s by pointing out something on their face. I hate girl’s who just let them get about like that.

  • I loved Jess on Ex On The Beach she is literally so funny and just falls over all the time hahhahaa

  • Doesn’t she just have the most amazing eyes…

  • Can you tell I like bright coloured eyes hahah

  • Ohh I’m so curious as to who it is now….

  • I’m a HUGE corArie fan but I don’t know her, before my time obviously

  • You definitely wouldn’t have guessed she was in her 80’s wow

  • It just seems so empty I don’t know how I feel about this…

  • Oooh a live task I’m so excited

  • Ok men are joining Friday thats cool.

  • I would be absolutely useless at this

  • Amanda and Jess powered through that so quickly wow

  • I’m gonna keep watching, at least till Friday to see how it goes and who the men are but I’m liking it more than I thought I would.


I wasn’t expecting much from this year’s but I feel like I’ll enjoy it, they seem like a good bunch. Now I’m off to watch One Night With My Ex… Bye for now


10 thoughts on “Celebrity Big Brother Launch Live Reaction

  1. I was SO hoping you were going to write this post! I agree, no one beats Davina and I was also that excited when Malika came in.

    Can’t wait for the men to come in now.

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE these posts – What do you think of CBB so far and are you still watching? I think it’s getting better but sometimes I switch off. If you’re still watching, whos your winner? I am loving Shane J/Courtney and Andrew!

    Sophie – http://www.trafotoz.com


    1. Of course I’m still watching!! I’m obsessed! I’m a little behind but I really don’t like Ann!! I feel that some of the things she’s says (mainly the women not working after having a baby thing) really wrong and old fashioned!!!

      I love love LOVE Courtney/Shane and Andrew, I kinda want a romance with them because I think they’d be so cute!
      I also like the other Shane and John they’re too sweet!

      But Courtney/Shane J is deffo my winner

      Liked by 1 person

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