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Before I started blogging on a personal blog rather than for work, I completely underestimated how big the blogging community is!
I was a member of some local facebook groups for blogging but they were not supportive what so ever and it was just a case of everyone posting their blog posts and putting vague and generic comments on others, hoping they will be able to boost their numbers.
It wasn’t until I started following other bloggers on Twitter that I started to see just how big the blogging world is. Not to mention just how supportive they all are.

So since I have so much love (apart from the Drama but that’s another story) for the blogging community on Twitter and Instagram, and I now know just how supportive they can be, I wanted to give some of that love back!

So each month, I’ll be interviewing a different blogger. The questions will be the same but the outcome will most certainly be different.
Every blogger is unique and so special and so I want to show my love and appreciation for them. If you like what you see, be sure to check out their blog and you never know, you may absolutely love them!!!

January’s Blogger of the month is…


Britt from Alternatively Speaking!!

Header hannah blog

Question 1:

Hey Britt, thanks for getting involved, tell us a bit about yourself?

.I am a 31-year-old wife and mother to our four adorable fur kids, living in southern Ontario, Canada. Outgoing, quirky and a little unique, my passions and interests in life are extremely varied, meaning that no two days are the same. By day I am a digital/social media marketer and a ghost writer, working from home where I can spend time with my 4 adorable ‘fur babies.’ By night I teach a music class with our local marching band and perform with various bands and groups as a saxophone player. I live for adventure, as my husband can attest, eager to try anything once (much to his surprise this led to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for our first anniversary). We spend much of our free time camping and hiking, connecting with nature. As for style, I identify as ‘alternative’ to some degree. As a self-professed tattoo and hair dye addict, my look is often changing depending on my mood.


Question 2:

And your blog?

If I had to assign a ‘niche’ to Alternatively Speaking, I would call it an ‘alternative lifestyle’ blog. There is a little something for everyone with topics ranging from travelling to food, pets to household hacks. There is no denying, however, that I love the alternative style, as there is no shortage of talk about tattoos and hair dye, as well as my love for all things Halloween, skulls, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter.


Question 3:

Why did you first start blogging?

I have been reading blogs for years, but I never could find one that I completely connected with. On one hand, I was reading these beautiful, girly beauty and fashion blogs, and on the other hand I couldn’t get enough of the more extreme Gothic blogs, but there weren’t too many options that fell in the middle, bringing the worlds together. I decided that, rather than continuing to seek out that place on the internet, I would create my own and allow like minded people to connect with me there.

Question 4:

Did you begin straight away as soon as the idea popped into your head? or did it take a little longer for you to pluck up the courage?

I jumped right in with no hesitation getting my blog set up and my first post written. I will say, however, that the blogs in the beginning were few and far between. I would spend a week just considering what to write next before I even started the writing process. Honestly, I was overthinking it and the sooner I acknowledged that, the sooner I was able to start getting into my ‘blogging groove.’


Question 5:

Do you share with family and friends?

I never officially announced I was starting a blog, I simply started sharing things on my personal Facebook page. If the topic came up, I talked about it openly, but I didn’t set out to make sure that my friends/family found out. At this point I honestly don’t know who knows and who doesn’t in many cases.

Honestly, I wish I did this!! I feel like it’s got to a point where it’s not that I don’t know who knows, its more of the fact that I don’t know who likes it or who cares!! I wish I had your attitude!


Question 6:

What do those who do know think of it?

Those that know have been super supportive. I even have friends that will send me blog post ideas because something came to mind and they ‘just knew it would be perfect’ haha

That’s so sweet of them, it’s nice to know someone is thinking about you sometimes.


Question 7:

What do you love the most about  blogging/the blogging world?

The community! The blogging community has its share of drama, sure, but that’s a small group in an otherwise amazing, supportive and caring community of bloggers, writers, content creators and social media influencers. It took me a few months to find my way onto Twitter, which is where I began to really connect with others and honestly, I wouldn’t give it up for the world!


Question 8:

And the least?

The games… I will never understand the need to pretend to be something you’re not, manipulate others, cause drama, lie, deceive and play games to make yourself look good like the follow/unfollow game to artificially boost your followers. Newsflash: it will catch up with you…


Question 9:

What is one thing you want to do/achieve with your blog?

I have been saying for months that I am going to get into doing more video content (I’ve made a couple small videos in the past, nothing major) and that is still on the forefront of my mind. I’d really love to get into vlogging in 2018.


Question 10:

If you could give advice to someone who wants to start blogging, what would it be?

Be apologetically you. Honestly, there are TONS of bloggers out there – some you’ll connect with, some you won’t, some will share similarities, others will be your exact opposite… don’t allow any of that to change who you are. The blogging community doesn’t need another ‘stereotypical blogger’ trying to do what they think they need to do to ‘fit in.’ What we need is more people embracing the incredibly things that make each of us unique, filling a void in the community that only you can fill.


Question 11:

Finally, which one of your posts are you the most proud of?

Wow this is a difficult one, I honestly don’t know that I have one post that is my absolute favourite over anything else… My most popular post, based on views, to date is my 8 Tips for Your First Tattoo Experience, so I’ll go with that:

hannah blog pic

Click the photo to read this post x


If you like what Britt said, be sure to give her blog a read. It’s one I read often and I really enjoy all of her content, although some of it I may not relate to, I still find her style of writing great to read.

I’m so thankful for Britt, not only for taking part in my blogger of the month, but also for being one of the most supportive readers I have. Britt is constantly one to comment and like on my posts and the support is very much appreciated and reciprocated.

We love you Britt!!!


If you’re a blogger and would like to get involved in my blogger of the month, answer the questions and send them to me via direct message on my twitter @thehannmariee


Much Love



7 thoughts on “Blogger Of The Month

  1. I love Britt’s blog just as much as I love yours. There is some fabulous positivity in this post, I love that you’re always supporting everyone in the blogging community.

    Faye Jessica |

    Liked by 2 people

  2. AHHH I loved this post. Like Britt, you come up with original, creative content I’ve never seen – it’s so fresh and nice to see that. Learning some things about Britt I don’t know was lovely. Great advice and some food for thought when it comes to your blog!

    Sophie –

    Liked by 2 people

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