A Lovely Few Days


Last week, I had an action packed few days, it was just so lovely, so I felt like it would be a nice thing to share with my readers.
Although most of my weekends are good, simply because it’s when Stephen is home and (luckily) I don’t have to work (although I’m dreading the day I may have too), last weekend we has something on each day and so it was really nice, especially as some of it was planned in advance so it gave me something to look forward too!!


With it being my first week back at university after the Christmas break, and Stephen’s first week back also, it definitely wasn’t something I was looking forward too!
Then on Tuesday, my gorgeous blogger friend Eva and I decided to meet for a coffee!
You may think this is nothing special but it was!!!
You see, Eva and I met on a blogger group chat on Twitter. In the chat, each of us was saying a little bit about ourselves, who we are, what we do, and where we are from. Well it was a very big chat and so it made it difficult to keep up with what everyone was saying. Thankfully, I just about managed to catch Eva’s response when saying where she was from. It just so happens that we literally live 30 seconds away from each other, surprisingly we have never crossed paths before, but we knew that we were destined to meet.
So we met at Costa Coffee down the road (much to both of our parents worries thinking we were off to meet a creepy old man, preying on young girls online).
We ended up being there for hours and found out that we literally have so much in common!!! It’s funny how you can live so close to somebody and never know, then meet them online.. it’s safe to say I know I’ll have a friend in Eva for a very long time.
We decided to meet again on Thursday, unfortunately out meeting had to be cut short because I wasn’t feeling too good! I’m looking forward to seeing Eva again some time soon though, definitely before her trip to Milan!!!


Now usually, I start work at 6am on a Friday, but with me being ill on Thursday night, I decided to take it as a holiday to give myself some time to recuperate. It was definitely needed and I ended up waking up at 12pm on Friday feeling a thousand times better!!
Stephen then came home around 3pm and went to get his hair cut, meanwhile, I stayed in bed watching Chicago Fire (which I am obsessed with by the way!!).
When he came back, we went to do a little shopping before going out for dinner with his parents.
Now the restaurant we went to is one that I absolutely LOVE!!! It’s an Indian called the Garam Masala where you can get 4 courses for £7.95 if you go before 7pm.
Although I was the only one who actually enjoyed the meal, it was still a nice evening. After we went for a quick drink in Platform 5 before going back home to watch a film.
The film choice was much to be desired and we ended up turning it off halfway through (I don’t want to watch some creepy clown killing children thank you very much).

The best part about Friday for me, definitely had to be booking our holiday to Egypt!!!! Let the countdown begin.



Stephen and I had planned to have a date night on Saturday. But we were rather bored in the afternoon and so we decided to make a day of it.
We went into Wilmslow and went for a Starbucks, followed by a little look around the shops. After, we headed to Alderly Edge for a little more shopping. I bought a top for our holiday before we headed back home for me to get changed.
(Running slightly late) we had a table booked for 6:15 at the beefeater which we had a 40% off and a free starter vouchers. We wouldn’t usually choose to go to the beefeater often, although we enjoy the food, we find it to be a little too pricey for what it is, so having the vouchers definitely made it more enjoyable.


For starters, we shared the garlic flatbread. And for mains, Stephen had a mixed grill, upgrading to a 10oz steak and I had the minted lamb with mash potato and kale.


The food was absolutely delicious and the perfect amount. Usually, when I go out for dinner, I’ll eat way to much and feel sick afterwards so I decided (although they do my favourite cake ever) I decided to skip dessert.

After, we were heading to the new Light Cinema in Stockport to watch Jumanji. My younger cousin Zoe who was staying at mine that night was gutted because shes been wanting to see it for a long time and her mum, dad and sister all went to see it when she was ice skating (I know, how mean 😉 ) so we stopped back off at home to pick her up on the way.
Zoe and I were so excited when we got there and found out that TANGO ICE BLAST WERE FREE REFILLS!!!!! And Stephen was also excited when he noticed a bar and found out he could take a pint into the film.
We’re easily pleased…

I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard during a film. Literally, my cheeks were hurting when we got home from laughing so much! I cannot wait to see this film again.
The only thing that was disappointing (well, for Stephen at least) was that they shut the bar, so when he went out during the film to get himself another (and refill our ice blasts) he was gutted!! You’d think they would wait until the last film had ended before they closed it?
All in all, it was such a good day! Definitely my favourite kind.



Usually, the only thing we have to look forward to on a Sunday is Momma P’s roast dinner… (every week without fail… legend!).
This week, it was my Auntie Lorraine’s birthday who lives next door with my Nannna and she decided she wanted a meal with us to celebrate!!
With Bex being home for the weekend, my auntie Catherine and cousins Zoe and Izzy staying over the night before after their day at the Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester for Momma P for Catherine’s birthday, and my cousin Gary and his girlfriend Nikita coming round also, there ended up being 13 of us around the table.
It was literally Christmas day all over again, just this time, Stephen was there instead of Emma.
Momma P and Dad really out did themselves with the food, and we all had such a laugh around the table and Lorraine had a lovely birthday!


Sadly, Stephen, Becky, Catherine, Zoe and Izzy had to all go home/back to uni/work so it was a little disappointing having to say goodbye to everyone.
On a brighter note, it’s almost the weekend again and a chance to make some more memories.


All my love




7 thoughts on “A Lovely Few Days

    1. Awww you’re too cute!!!!
      I want us all to meet and I want it NOW!!!!!😭😭😭 it definitely will happen I promise you!!

      We definitely will be meeting again💗

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Despite being back to uni, it seems you’ve had a really great couple of days! I’m still so jealous of you and Eva being able to meet! We all will DEFINITELY meet at some point x

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uni is definitely beginning to take over my social life now though 😦 I was supposed to see Eva today but I have way too much work to do x
      Yes doll I can’t wait!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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