10 Facts About Me

When writers block strikes, I like to look at some of my favourite You tuber’s and get some inspiration. This one comes from someone I’m sure many of you have heard of (and if not, you HAVE to check out her instagram… her life is GOALS!) Tammy Hembrow.

I’m quite an open and honest person, I don’t tend to hold back when it comes to talking about myself (I’m sure my family will agree with that one 😉 ) so it’s actually harder than I thought it would be thinking of idea’s for this post.

  1. I’m obsessed with true crime cases, serial killers, unsolved mysteries, all things criminal. This is part of the reason I’m considering a career as a detective.
  2. I was a thief as a child…
    Funny story actually. Although I don’t remember it, my parents just LOVE to remind me about it. When I was in nursery, about 3/4, I was desperate for a pink body warmer. I must have seen my friends and wanted one so badly that I was asking for one all of the time. My dad, being the amazing father he is, decided to search everywhere for one just just had no luck. Eventually, he decided to settle on a reversible green and blue one. I think he knew I’d be disappointed but I think he thought the fact it was reversible would make up for that haha
    Anyway, the next day, Momma P gets called down to the nursery (she worked at my primary school) to find me sat in the corner crying my eyes out. She was obviously concerned so began to question the teacher.
    I wanted a pink body warmer that much, I swapped my green and blue reversible one with my friends pink one, put it on and put my coat over the top, zipping it right up so the body warmer couldn’t be seen… pretty smart for a 3/4 year old don’t you think?!
    Momma P seemed to think so, in fact she found it hilarious and was really annoyed at the teacher for shouting at me so much.
  3. I’m a real water baby. I’ll literally spend hours in the bath. There was a point where my parents were moaning about the water bill being so high because my sister and I were having baths constantly rather than a shower. It’s just so relaxing.
  4. I once sang (yes… I sang) on stage with a Christian Pop Band called TBC. I was chosen along with 4 other girls in my school and 5 from other schools around Manchester and we sang on stage with them at the Manchester Apollo (or the MEN, I can’t remember). I literally felt like a celebrity.
    One of my best friends Chloe and I at the concert with our official TBC scarf. Those teeth though…
  5. I’m the only one of my sisters to have ever had to pay rent. My parents deal is, as long as we’re in full time education, we don’t pay rent. My eldest sister moved out the day before getting her first full time wage (or something like that) and fully got away with never having to pay. My other sister lived away for uni and is now living away for uni again. My course at my last uni has no exams and so I finished for summer at the end of March last year and so I started working full-time. Although I only payed for like 3 months because I ended up changing jobs and quitting that one, and going back to university, I’m still the only one. I’ll probably still be living here when I’m working full-time again and so I’ll end up paying again.
  6. I’m really shy when I first meet someone. Especially older people. People who know me well don’t tend to believe this but my old boss Simon found it so funny. He always used to say that they could barely get two words out of me when I joined the department, then one day, I turned up and they couldn’t shut me up, then they never could ever since.
  7. I only went to college and university because all of my friends were. I know its incredibly stupid, but I was planning on doing an apprenticeship. I do regret going to uni but not college.
  8. I absolutely HATE my nose and anything going inside my belly button. I know this sounds so weird but Stephen always sticks his finger in my belly button and it creeps me out so much. This is the reason I had my belly pierced.
  9. I’m only 5″1. I was born two weeks early but when Momma P was pregnant with me, I stopped growing at 30 weeks. My dad said that when I was born, I could fit in the palm of his hand.
  10. Momma P once lost me in Mothercare. I was a bit of a naughty child, I spend most of the time sat on the stairs and was always throwing paddys in public to the point where Momma P would literally just walk off and leave me because she knew I would run after her.
    One time she couldn’t find me in Mothercare and started to panic.
    Eventually they found me, I’d gathered together a pile of shoes and fallen asleep under them… they should have known at that point that I’d be obsessed with shoes tbh…
    41D4767100000578-4646310-image-a-3_1498638413744So that’s it, 10 facts you may not have known about me. I hope you enjoyed all of my weirdness.
  11. All my love

10 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me

    1. Omg yes we should start a private investigating company HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE😱
      Omg I’m in the bath right now too😂 hahaha thanks I was a smart kid 😉x

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  1. This was so fun to read! You’re an actual genius for your body-warmer theft. I would have never thought to do that when I was that young!

    Also, I’m the same with being shy but once I’m comfortable, I don’t shut up.

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

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