10 Reasons Not To Drop Out of Uni

  1. In 10 years time, you’ll be able to tell everyone you have a degree – who cares if you use it? You still have it. Even if it’s one of those subjects that is forever changing each year and the things you learn will be completely useless to you in 2 years, you still have it!!
  2. If you get a student loan, you’re basically getting FREE MONEY!!! Yeah you’ll be in debt for the majority of your life and you have to pay it off eventually, but for now, sit back, relax, and do some online shopping courtesy of the government. 
  3. Speaking of that loan, if you quit now, you’ll have to start paying it back straight away!! You definitely can’t afford to do that so may as well stay right?! (If you don’t get a loan though and are one of those lucky few to have money to pay for university yourself, get out whilst you can.)
  4. You only have a few years to use “I’m a student” as an excuse… Not been to the gym in ages “I’m a student”, card bounces when trying to buy one item from the pound shop “I’m a student”, get a dirty look for the mess your room is in when the maintenance guy comes round to fix your toilet “I’m a student”. IT WORKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
  5. If you drop out and start working, you won’t get to hear your family going on about how you sleep to much, how you’re constantly either hungover or drunk, or how you have put on too much weight from all the alcohol and McDonald’s you’ve been having, face it, you’re gonna miss those days!!!
  6. Let’s not forget, when you do graduate, you’ll have to get a full time job and can no longer go out on a weekday. Yeah you may be able to afford to live better and eat proper meals rather than sleeping through lunch because you can’t afford three meals a day but still… working full time seems like too much responsibility. Why quit now and miss out on all those drunken nights out that always end in one person crying, one throwing up, and another you don’t see for 3 days?
  7. If you quit now, think about all of how gutted you will be not getting to listen to a lecturer stand at the front of the room reading off a slide and changing the slide too fast for you to keep up for 9 grand a year. That’s the best part.
  8. You’ll probably have to move out of you uni halls and won’t get the privilege of sharing one tiny fridge, an even smaller freezer, and two hobs with 5 other people.
  9. Quit now, you can forget about doing group work all by yourself, once you get a job, teamwork actually means something and you actually work together rather than being the one person who has to do it all by themselves. EURGH.
  10. Last but certainly not least, quitting uni now will result in you having to start being an ‘adult’!!! Make the most of being immature and going out every night and living off take outs (for a week – then 28p aldi noodles for the remaining three months before your next loan instalment drops). You” have to eat proper food and earn real money!!!

Uni life is great!!! Best years of your life or so they say!!

Make the most of it! Have fun.

All my love

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9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Not To Drop Out of Uni

  1. I struggle sometimes and feel like giving up when uni work is piling up on me, I’m given lots of shifts at work and I have no free time. But, the motivation of getting my degree, being halfway and hopefully bagging my dream job keeps me going.

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

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  2. I never know if I should go for a job or not. I’ve applied for so many and got rejected but all my friends say I’m better not to as they have no free time and find it hard to fit it all in too.
    Any advice? I really want some independence and to earn my own money but when I say I don’t work I get the dirtiest looks. I was accepted for one but it would mean I was at college for 3 days and working for 4, meaning no time to study – nobody gets I can’t do that! X

    Honestly loved this post, honest and just what people need to read 🙌🏽🙌🏽

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    1. I was very strict wit the hours I could work! I worked out when I would be able to work and told them I had anplacement at the weekend so it gives me them off! Most will say no but someone will be okay with it hahaha x


  3. I have wanted to drop out at least six times this year and I am only in my first year. It is definatley not the best years of my life. I am so sick of living with people who just want to party when I am just trying to get my degree. I am also sick of being poor I would happily get a job if I had the time inbetween mandatory university stuff but I’ve found it hard enough to find volunteering roles that I can fit in!
    I would love to leave and get a job now but I need this degree to achieve my future goals. So, although I’ve thought about it many times, I know I won’t drop out and ruin my future.

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    1. I do feel like it’s going to waist to much money if you drop out and if your degree is needed for your career then keep at it!!!!!
      Good luck and hopefully you can live with like minded people next year!!


      1. Honestly, a lot of the time it feels like it’s not worth it but then I think of my future goals and remember what I am working towards.
        Sadly, it’s not looking like an option..

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