Blogger of the Month


Finally February has come, honestly, I was beginning to think we would have a year long January.
Well the new month can only mean one thing, a new instalment of my chosen Blogger of the month.

The blogging community is so big, and so full of love, it’s only right to share that love with all of my lovely readers, you never know, you may find you new favourite blog!!!!


February’s Blogger of the month is…


Sophie from!!


Seriously though, how stunning is this layout!!!


Question 1:

SOPHIE!!! Thank You so much for doing this, with you being my first friend in the blogging world I new I had to get you to join!!
So tell us about yourself?

I’m Sophie, a journalism student from Scotland. I have a blog called Trafotoz and have been running it for three years but only really got into blogging fully in 2017.



Question 2:

And your blog?

My blog is all about travel, photography reviews and skin-care. It’s a mixture of TRAvel and PHOTOS. The thing is, I don’t have the best skin so I decided to write some reviews of products that worked for me because I’m allergic to a lot of chemicals found in 95% of cosmetics. I ended up loving reviewing them and found that skin-care could be part of my blog. I hate brands who advertise skin-care with make-up on, like noooo gurl, get that contour off and let me see your perfect face with that red, spotty, sensitive, acne-prone skin please.

Haha I love that!! Honestly though I’ve been saying the name of your blog wrong all this time!! I’ve been saying troff-o-toz. 


Question 3:

Why did you first start blogging?

It actually started as a Geography project. It was between a word document, talking in front of the class or creating a blog, I didn’t want to do a class presentation or a word document – I wanted to be more creative at the time and really enjoyed writing and publishing posts.  I then did work experience at Clyde 1 and they said to start a blog and since Trafotoz has been growing.

That’s so interesting! It’s crazy how you can fall into something like that and truly find your passion. 


Question 4:

When you thought about blogging for yourself, did you start straight away or did you sit on the idea for a while before getting into it?

Definitely with hesitation. But since this time last year I’ve become so much more comfortable sharing my blog posts and writing content. I’d say before 2017, I was so embarrassed I didn’t know why I blogged and gave it up for a couple of months. It just made me so depressed that I was getting 2 views but thankfully I stuck at it and I’m getting thousands. Shows that hard work pays off.


Question 5:

Do you share your blog with family and friends?

A blog? HA! My friends would laugh, they still do and don’t even bother much about it until something ‘cool’ happens and then they’re over it like a rash. My friends (who I actually talk to most days do support me which is such a nice feeling). My family are supportive too, but I hate when they see it, I remember my parents saying they shared my blog link with my grandparents and I died inside – no idea why but that’s just me I guess – lol!


Question 6:

What do they think of you being a blogger then?

I’m not too sure actually! The fact my close friends and family are supportive is good enough for me – I’m not famous but I’m passionate and that counts for something!


Question 7:

What do you love the most about blogging/the blogging world?

I love how supportive everyone is. Our blogger group is the best thing to come of my blogging experience. Not only are you all supportive when it comes to blogs but general life too. It fills me with joy that people of all ages, countries and backgrounds can be so supportive of one another. Ughhh I LOVE IT!!

I couldn’t agree more!! Our blogger group honestly pushed me to continue with my blog when I was considering giving up! It’s just amazing. 


Question 8:

And the least?

The drama and the whole unfollow/follow game. Not cool and it’s annoying when you get 10 notifications a month saying ‘said person’ has followed you, again!


Question 9:

What is one thing regarding your blog that you want to do/achieve?

I want to work with skin-care brands because if they’re a genuine, cruelty-free skin-care brands who put their consumers first, I’m all for it. I struggle with my confidence and if I can spread a message of ‘I have rubbish skin but this brand is helping my skin and confidence’ then I think that would be insane. I want to let young women know your skin will never be ‘perfect’ like the celebs because 1) they have thousands to splash out on the best treatments and 2) photoshop exists. When Kendall Jenner showed her acne I cried because every photo I see she is photoshopped. I never knew she had acne until that day. I also really want to start my travel/photography section next year.


Question 10:

If you could give advice to someone who wants to start blogging, what would it be?

Do what YOU feel passionate about. Not what you think OTHER people will be interest in. It will show if you don’t acre or are lying through your writing. Also don’t scam people, you’ll get caught. There’s a lot of that going around. Apart from that, you do you!


Question 11:

Finally, which post of yours are you the most proud of?

This is a hard one because I have so many I enjoyed writing. Going on what I touched on in some of the questions above, this one may be a favourite of mine. I hope if a young girl reads this she can look at celebs different rather than ‘they’re so perfect, why aren’t I?’


Again, a massive thank you to the gorgeous Sophie for getting involved, I’ve really enjoyed reading a little more about her and her blog, and I really hope you have too!!! Be sure to check out all of her AMAZING posts!! (Especially her conspiracy posts, they are so good!!!)

Until next time

blog sign off


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  1. This is so much fun and such a great way to collaborate with the amazing blogging girls. Fabulous questions and answers girls!

    Faye Jessica |

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