Get To Know Momma P

You’ll have heard of Momma P in majority of my posts, well, now it’s time for you to really get to know her…


Get ready to find out about my crazy, unique, funny, weird and absolutely lovable Momma!!


If you’re sat opposite her and on your phone, she will literally just sit there smiling because she thinks you’re taking a photo of her. Sometimes it’s literally like 5 minutes before you realise!

She will randomly stand behind a door and stick out her arm and leg at the same time so it’s all you can see, over and over! I call it the doorway dance haha

She will spend the evening winding you up until you snap, then get annoyed at you for being in a bad mood!!!

We will spend 10 minutes having a discussion about what we are going to watch on TV, with her saying she isn’t watching the programme we want to, for her to say she’s having a nap anyway… logic.

You’ll be stood there minding your own business and she will literally walk up to you, stroke your face like right down the front of you face, and walk away. 

If you’re on the phone to her and her voice starts getting higher and higher pitched, it means she wants to end the call. REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE!!

All our friends seem to love her and eventually they only visit to see her…

She’s the school first aider yet she cannot stand blood or sick and she will tell you to put a wet paper towel on a decapitation.

On the other hand, if a kid goes to her with a paper cut she will tell them to get the scissors and make them think she is cutting it off until they tell her they’re fine!

Also, if anyone says they have something wrong with them outside of school, she will tell them she’s nearly a doctor because she took a two day first aid course.. ahaha

She would make a different meal for each of us when we were younger because of just how fussy we are but she would always complain

Now, she’s decided she doesn’t like half of the food she used to and now that it’s me cooking, she’s definitely getting payback for all the meals she had to make for so many years.

The first time my sister Emma swore, Momma P gave her the silent treatment for 3 hours to make her learn her lesson, the first time I swore, she sat there teasingly saying “awww I’m gonna tell your dad!!!”
Emma now swears all the time and I never do… coincidence? I think not. 

She says she wants to put people she likes in her pocket?

She makes an AMAZING roast dinner… although now my dad has learnt how to there is a bit of competition for the top spot. 

She taught me everything I know when it comes to cooking but can’t get her head around how I’m a better cook 😉

She’s very much a feeder!! 

If you’re taking food or a cake from our house, she will give it you on an old plate and ask you not to bring the plate back… her way of getting rid of them when she could easily just throw them in the bin?

Yet when it comes to Christmas, she moans that we don’t have enough plates yet we did last year…

She’s a really good host and when my sister Becky or Stephen are home, she will send them off with a bag of food for the week.

When Stephen used to drive back to work at 2 in the morning to beat the traffic, we would come downstairs to a note telling us to look in the fridge and she will have left a pack up with drinks, snacks and sandwiches for his drive! 

She is the best Momma in the world and (as much as I like to deny it) I’m literally turning into her! I wouldn’t mind ending up like her though.


Seriously though how pretty is she/are we!!! 


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All my love

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