A Poem for my Love…

CAUTION: Soppy post alert… do not continue if this type of contents offends you or if you hate love!!!

In light of it being Stephen and Mine’s two year anniversary, I thought it was the perfect time to share a poem I wrote a few months back.
The reason it has taken me so long to share this was because I was so worried about what people would say and I thought everyone would laugh at it, but recently Stephen has encouraged me to just not care about what people think and its those who laugh who do not support me and who I don’t need in my life… its simple really!!

Here’s to the cringiest but (in my opinion) cutest poem I’ve written.

My love for you is like a waterfall,
Forever falling, thick and fast.
When I look into your piercing brown eyes;
I fall deeper…
And whenever you make me laugh.

When I see you my heart skips a beat,
Can you see it in my bright beaming face?
Every memory we have, future, present and past,
Wherever I go, I’ll take. 

I love the way you light up a room,
Simply, just by walking in.
Any story you tell, you hold the crowd,
But me? I just smile seeing you grin. 

When you wrap your big strong arms around me,
Holding me in a tight embrace,
In that moment I know all is right in the world,
In that moment, I know I’m safe.

You are my hear, my soul, my everything,
The best I’ve ever had.
My heart smiles and the butterflies twirl
Even if you just touch my hand.

I want to thank you for being there for me,
Picking me up every time I’m down.
Ever since having you in my life
All the bad has been flipped around. 

I promise to be with you till the day I die,
Come wind or rain or sun.
Because my darling, I love you!
You are my number one.


Happy 2 Year Anniversary Stephen…

All my love
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