My Theory of Well-Known Conspiracies

Madeleine McCann is dead. (As much as I would love this one to be wrong). Her parents gave her sleeping tablet, along with her brother and sister, so they would sleep through the night and when Kate went to check on them, she realised she wasn’t breathing. This would explain the twins not waking up with all the commotion and being moved, and the parents being involved would explain why Madeleines DNA was found in the McCann’s car that they rented 20 days after she went missing. 

Princess Diana’s death was a set up. If so, it was more than likely by the Royal family as she was set to announce her engagement to Dodi. The driver himself was not involved but the fiat that was seen fleeing the scene caused the accident.

Marilyn Monroe’s murder was a set up for her to escape the spotlight. VERY far fetched theory but I would love more than anything for this to be true!!! (If you want a full post on this then let me know in the comments because there is so much to back it up!!! – more celebs have possibly done this also). Otherwise, her death was definitely planned murder as she knew too much important information from her time with the Kennedy’s. 

The moon landings were faked so America could be the ‘first’ to walk on the moon. I d believe people have walked on the moon since but Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first!

Kurt Cobain was murdered! 

If you allow your phone apps to access the microphone and camera, the government can watch you through the Camera and often sell access to businesses for marketing purposes. (Think about how many times you’ve had a conversation about something, then gone on Facebook and there has been an ad for it….).

Jonbenet Ramsey’s brother hit her over the head because she ate some of his food, her mum then assumed she was dead and began to tie her up or whatever and write the ransom note, Jonbenet then woke up and her mum realised it was too late to go back and would have a lot of explaining to do to her husband so finished her off. 

Donald Trump was a Clinton campaign ploy that went too far. He was working on Clinton’s campaign and decided to go against her with outrageously crazy plans for the country to push people to vote for Clinton but (clearly) it backfired.

9/11 was an inside job. 

NASA have had contact with Aleins but the government are keeping it out of the news.

JFK’s assassination was set up and Lee Harvey Oswald was either not the shooter, or told to do it by someone higher up. 

There is a cure for cancer, or at least certain types, but they are being kept private due to the amount of money the US government make on cancer treatment each year.


What do you think? Obviously these are my opinion, which everyone is entitled to!!

Make sure you check out my gorgeous besties video Styled by Eva on YouTube reacting to this post!!!!

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10 thoughts on “My Theory of Well-Known Conspiracies

  1. Did someone say conspiracy theory? 😀

    I love this post, never seen one like it so it’s cool to hear what you think of them. I agree with you on the Diana and JFK case – all of these cases are so interesting, plus the moon landings seem so fake and the US were in a rush to beat everyone to it so would explain why there was a ‘C’ on the rock and the flag moving as if there was wind.

    Also NASA have 100% probably had contact with aliens. They exist – they don’t need to look like ET – but they could be like us, we don’t know but I believe we are not alone.

    Great post yet again Hann x

    Sophie x

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    1. It was such a fun post to do because instead of researching facts I just said it simply, and nobody can tell me I’m 100% wrong because nobody knows, id love to see you do one too🙈x

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  2. This post was so interesting. I totally agree with your thoughts on Madeleine McCann, Princess Diana and Jonbenet. I’d love you to write a more in-depth post on Marilyn Monroe, that would be so interesting.

    Faye Jessica |

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  3. This is a fun post. I totally agree with some, although I don’t know that I’m on board with others. Like the marketing side and phone access – Facebook ads are developed through spying on your computer activity/browser activity but I wouldn’t say it’s from the camera on your phone.
    Britt |

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    1. I think it’s so interesting, I love to see other bloggers doing similar posts to get their opinion!!!
      Yeah I get you, sometimes I do feel it’s very far fetched but I find I have conversations then whatever I’ve spoke about appears on Facebook I’m like woah!!!! 😂😂

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  4. Seriously loved this post!! Completely agree with you on Maddie and Marilyn!! I think the parents should be held completely accountable as it has all just never made sense that it was an outside source, like at one point it was said that the person who took her was in the room the one time they checked on her, how do you not feel a presence of someone being in the room with you!!

    Vikki |

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    1. Exactly it’s so strange how nothing has happened to her parents!!! They both need their other children taking away and going to prison!!!! Literally I would be able to tell if someone was there

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