Recently, I’ve been lacking in any confidence or motivation when it comes to my career future, most likely because my dissertation feels like its never ending but also because I still have absolutely no idea what I plan to do. Then it occurred to me that I’m not the only one out there getting close to having to make big decisions about there future!!

So hopefully this little poem can encourage you all to think about what really matters…

Your own self worth!!

Who can see the true you from the money you have?
What can it say of your inner self?
Where in time will we begin to understand?
That happiness is better than wealth?

Nobody likes a pompous man
Who thinks that money and power
That everyone should bow down to him
And everyone below him should cower.
In fact it is quite the opposite
It is him we respect the least
His success does not make him better,
It just brings out his inner beast.
Don’t let anyone tell you
Success makes you who you are
It will only diminish your inner beauty
It will not make you a star.
Don’t forget to smile
To everyone you speak to or see
Because a smile is more powerful than money
Its your happiness we want to see.


Love to you all

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