A Little Life Update

Considering I’ve been a little MIA over the last week or so, I thought I would give everyone a little update on what’s been happening, so grab a cuppa and relax while I jabber on about my life.

Part of the reason I blog is so that one day when I’m old and grey, I can look back at my posts and remember the good old days. So this post will definitely be one to look back on and see what my 20 year old self was getting all stressed about.


My Dissertation is FINALLY Over!!!

Take 7 months, add in a couple hundred tears, a huge dollop of stress, and 15000 mental breakdowns… you’ve got yourself a dissertation.

So yeah…. I’m incredibly happy it’s over. I’ve just pressed that big submit button and there’s going back now! I’m slightly anxious still, which I will be until I get my results back, but as long as I pass I’ll be happy.

Although I started the first motions of it back in September, and continuously worked on it (well… apart from over Christmas, then Jan because of other deadlines), I will still working right up until 9:30 last night, the night before it was due in, then adding a few little changes today before making the all important submission! I promised myself I wouldn’t leave it till the last minute but clearly I couldn’t help myself.

Momma P was off all of last week so she was there for me to help me over the last hurdle (by sitting and watching back to back come dine with me whilst I did it) so that helped a lot!! It’s so much easier when you have a support network around you, even if it’s in such a simple way.

Now that it’s over, I’ve got three exams to revise for. Thankfully two are open book so it’s just a case of getting all the necessary information together and doing a couple of practice papers, then for one I really do need to revise…wish me luck x


I got a job!!!

If you’ve read one of my previous posts about my job hunt, you’ll know that I was considering giving up in my hunt for a marketing job, considering all the ones I had been for either never got back to me, or it was very badly advertised and just turned out to be sales, or going door to door to ask people if they wanted something they more than likely didn’t. Since then, I’ve always been a little sceptical. I was also still very clueless about what I wanted to do for my career so I was just applying for standard jobs such as admin in my area.

I applied for one last Friday for a ‘Account Manager’ and was invited to an interview,  I knew would just be sales, but after doing some research, I felt like it was just a call centre job. Even though I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I knew that I hadn’t done three stressful years at uni to work in a call centre and have people scream at me all day. I got offered something else so I decided not to go to the interview for the Account Manager.

On Friday, at the time I was supposed to be at the interview, I got a phone call from the company to see where I was. It turns out they hadn’t got my email to say I wouldn’t be going and they asked me to still come in and see them, they really liked my CV and had even read my blog, which they were very impressed with (I’m still so happy that my blog is being recognised) so I decided to go and they offered me a chance I just couldn’t pass up!!!

When they called me to ask if I wanted the job later that day I was so happy!!!! It was something I was really not expecting. It’s so rare for a marketing student with no experience to get a job straight out of uni, if I did pass it up it would have been incredibly stupid of me.

So today, I handed in my notice at Tesco (BEST FEELING EVER!!), where I have one shift left on Friday, then I start my new job on Monday.

I’m a little nervous, as you would be starting a new job, but I’m looking forward to putting myself to the test, and actually getting to use my degree…. I never thought I’d be saying that!!


On Thursday night I had a huge meltdown! Stephen and I are going to Egypt in June, as well as a weekend away for his Gran’s 70th Birthday so I was worrying about money. We’re not the best at saving… probably the worst in fact. But what a lot of people fail to take into account is that I was a student working part time at Tesco… meaning that at most, I was getting £350 a month. Yes, I know it’s more than some people, but it’s not a lot at all!!! Especially not when you have car insurance and phone bills to pay for. So we were pretty much living off Stephen (which I will forever love him for helping me so much… I’m so ready to return the favour). To be offered a job with a great wage the following day was like some kind of Fate!!!

Good things really do come to those who wait… and apply for 2000 jobs a day when they should be doing their dissertation!


On to Bigger and Better Things…

I went shopping with Bex today and treated myself to some new work clothes. I couldn’t hand my dissertation in and not get myself a little something as a reward could I?

I have a new car!!! If you read my post about Ron you’ll know how much I needed a new car. Although it was hard to part with my first little car who got me through three years and a good couple of road trips, my life has well and truly changed having a new, fully working, modern car. How I got through three years without hands free, Bluetooth, heated window screens and a stop start engine is beyond me… oh and WORKING HEATING!!!!

But the most exciting thing I have to look forward too…

Stephen and I have been talking a lot about getting our own place together!! He hands his years notice in later this year and we are hoping to have our own little place for when he is out, preferably by the end of this year. Although we will be paying rent and bills, we will end up saving ourselves money. The biggest expense for us is going out for meals. We want to spend time together, just the two of us, which is so hard when we both live with our parents. We want to be able to cook our own meals and have our own space so hopefully this will be the year. We both said once I was working full time we would begin saving, so now we can.

Things are finally starting to look up and I couldn’t be happier.

Time to get revising, graduate, start my job and look forward to a bit of sun!!!


One things for sure…I won’t be neglecting my blog again any time soon!!

Love to you all

blog sign off

13 thoughts on “A Little Life Update

  1. I am so happy for you! congratulations on completing your dissertation and on the new job! You’ve worked so hard and it’s finally paid off. I am so excited to hear about what you’ve got coming next!!

    Love Amber x

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  2. You’ve been doing so many amazing things and life is definitely on the up for you. Massive congratulations again for finishing uni and getting a job.

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

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