Top 10 Money Tips for Students

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  1. Make full sized meals, enough to feed 5 each night for one week, freeze the leftovers and you have enough meals to feed you for 5 weeks (unless you don’t go home weekends then it’s slightly less).
  2. Whenever you get a take out, find a local one that has re-usable tupper wear, in comparison to the foil ones, this way you’ll never run out and have freezer tubs for days!
  3. If you join a society, you’re likely to have a lot of fancy dress socials, more often that not they’re the standard themes you’d get everywhere. Buy some typical fancy dress outfits in advance so you’re always prepared when they’re sprung on you.
  4. If you really don’t want to get a job during university (not like it will hurt, read to the end for a bonus tip on jobs), work out how much you can afford per week with your loan, open a second account and give yourself a weekly allowance. 
  5. GO TO FRESHERS FAIRS!!!! The amount of discount vouchers you get at these things are crazy!
  6. McDonald’s drive through vouchers are re-usable! Okay not really but if you order through the drive through, they (almost) never ask for the voucher. I had a book for £1.99 big mac and fries and I used it a good 20 times! I still have one in my purse that ran out last August I use!!! 
  7. Always check your receipt when buying food. More often than not, especially fast food chains, will have a little incentive on the bottom of the receipt for you to give them feedback online for a discount on your next visit.
  8. Offers aren’t always worth it! If its 2 for a set price but you only wanted one, just get one! You may be getting a good deal but you’re spending more than you would have if it wasn’t on offer. 
  9. Have different bank accounts for different things! One for your loan, one for food, one for savings, however many you want, that way you know how much you have spare and how much you can use to treat yourself if you really want.
  10. There will always be another opportunity for a night out. If your weekly budget has run dry, don’t dip into the following week. I can guarantee that you won’t have any regrets in the future. You may miss out on a funny story but after the next night, that will be old news. 


B O N U S  T I P

If you want a job but you want your weekends free, tell them you do an unpaid internship as a part of your degree at the weekend! WORKS EVERY TIME!!!


Hope this helps

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