Happy Birthday Grandad

April 23rd. To most people in the UK, the only significance of today is St George’s Day, to my family and I, it’s my Grandad’s birthday. A day we remember one of the best Grandad’s God could give. Although he is on my mind every day, the time around his birthday and major holidays always make me think of him so much more.

Last year, there were a couple of days where I just couldn’t stop thinking about my Grandad and I was feeling really upset, so I cheered myself up, in the best way I know how, and wrote a poem in memory of him.


How do I know what I see is true,

How do I see what I know to be you

The smile so familiar from ear to ear,

The voice so soft and sweet to hear.

The jingling of your keys when you walk,

An the humour that makes us all laugh when you talk.

I see you at coffee shop on the morning brew run,

I see you working in the garden come rain or sun,

Nothing about you has changed from before,

Drinking vodka and orange in the vest you always wore,

I wave at you when you’re buying the daily mail,

I see the smile on your face when the fishing boat sets sail.

I drive past you walking the dogs on my way to work,

Everything you did with your own little quirk.

I miss you and love you every single day,

And it pains me to think that you couldn’t stay,

But I know wherever I go you’ll always be there,

Whenever I need someone to love and care.

Although it may not be you I see wherever I go,

You’ll always be watching me and every seed I sow.

I hope I’m making you proud in all that I do,

And I hope that you know I’ll always love you.


Happy Birthday Grandad, I love you.


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