Blogger Appreciation


When I first started blogging, I honestly never expected it to last. I’m one of those people that will do something for a couple of weeks, then one day I’ll forget and just never do it again. But a couple of weeks after starting, I saw a tweet asking if any body wanted to join a blogging group chat, and since then I’ve never looked back.

I may have been a little MIA recently, mainly because of university, but I’m ready to get back to what I love doing the most, and I thought I’d start with showing some love to some amazing people!!




Youtube: Styled By Eva

I literally love this girl so much!! I met Eva on a blogger group chat on Twitter. In the chat, each of us were discussing where we were all from and Eva and I realised that she literally lived on the road next to mine… small world or what?!
I knew it was meant to be. For so long I had been saying I wanted to meet a blogger who I could go for coffee dates with and have the best time, this is exactly what Eva and I do now!
The first time we met, both of us were feeling nervous but it felt as though we had known each other forever!
We spent hours just chatting and we realised just how much we have in common. We now speak every day and I couldn’t wish for anyone better to have come into my life this year. I’m just so happy and grateful for her and all her amazingness.

Eva is currently in Milan, studying, but the distance definitely hasn’t stopped us being close, in fact it’s probably made us closer! I cannot bloody wait till she gets back home and we can go for our little costa date!!





I met Sophie in the group chat and we instantly hit it off. We share a love for all things conspiracy and often fan girl together about Kendall Rae!!! (I mean… who doesn’t love her?!).

Not only do we have a heck of a lot in common, Sophie is one of the sweetest and most compassionate people I know!! If I ever post a tweet about being annoyed/upset/angry, Sophie is the first person to message me to find out how I am. I will forever be grateful for some of the situations she’s helped me through and I hope one day we will have the opportunity to meet.





YouTube: Charlie’s Wonderland

Not only is this girl THE QUEEN of make up (yup, I said it… just look at her winged liner and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about), but she’s also bloody lovely!!! Again, we met in the group chat and since have had so many lovely conversations. Her blog is my go to for when I’m trying to do a make up look (usually failing miserably) so I’ll follow her steps and (almost) look amazing!!!!

Not only is she just fab… but if you add her on Snapchat you’ll have a smile on your face everyday seeing the cutest and funniest Snapchat’s of her bird!!





YouTube: Kaitlyn Johnson

I haven’t spoke as much to Kaitlyn but I appreciate her so bloody much!!!

A few months ago I was having a lot of problems with a couple of girls at university who were treating me horribly. I wrote a tweet about it and Kaitlyn, a girl I had never spoken to before, replied asking if I was okay and expressing her hatred for these girls (my kinda gal!!!) Since then, we reply to each others tweets, I kept her updated on the situation with the girls, and I know she is someone I could always turn to.

Not only is she lovely, she’s stunning and has MAD make up skills!!!!! You definitely have to have a look at the photos she posts on her insta and twitter.





Another gal I met in the group chat! Faye is so lovely and so sweet! We’ve had some lovely conversations and she’s such a genuine person to talk to. Faye’s boyfriend is also in the military so we low-key support each other when one is away lol!





YouTube: Planet Vikki

Vikki, yep you guessed it, is another gal from the group chat (ngl majority of them are!! BEST GROUP CHAT EVER!). She’s super supportive of everything anyone in the chat says or does, forever liking and commenting on  blog posts and insta photos and my god is she just great!!





Britt is just amazing. She lives in Canada (which is cool as hell), and is constantly changing the colour of her hair to all these amazing colours. Super supportive and incredibly friendly to everyone in the group chat, she’s just brilliant. If I ever get a chance to go to Canada, I’d 100% be visiting her!





YouTube: Ambambe

Amber is another lovely gal from the group chat. So sweet and always there for anyone, she’s an amazing blogger and recently delved into the world of YouTube which I hugely respect her for. I’ve been trying so long but just cannot get the courage to do so, I can only imagine the strength it has taken Amber to do so also.






Ashley is just super lovely, also from Canada, and also someone I would love to meet! She’s super friendly and the recipe’s on her blog are all incredible!!! She’s so sweet and supportive of everyone and just gorgeous!!!!




Christie and I got talking because we’re both from the same area. She’s super stunning, so lovely and is an AMAZING photographer!!! Honestly this girl is an all rounder!!!





YouTube: Amy Sowerby

Last but certainly not least… Amy is someone I massively look up to!!! Although she is a very successful blogger and youtuber, she still supports us smaller bloggers, something I honestly love so much!! A lot of bloggers get to a certain level they forget where they come from and that other people out there are at a place they once were, but not Amy, she’s just amazingly supportive and so sweet!!!


If you were to have a read of each of these fabulous girls blogs it would absolutely make your day!!!! Show them some love…

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4 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation

  1. Hannah banana, to be mentioned in this post makes me feel incredibly special. I have also cried, as I just tweeted and messaged you about. Having a friend like you has made this whole experience so amazing, and your kind words make me feel so loved. You are such an amazing friend and blogger and ilysm!!! Can’t wait to be reunited gal!! Just over two weeks xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s fine – I am NOT crying….nope!

    Thank you for being such a good friend. We may have not met in person but your support, blog posts, vlogs with Eva and kind words are the best! I really do appreciate you so much!! Xx

    Love this post so much. Definitely got it added to my bookmarks to take a look back on!

    Liked by 1 person

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