Love Island 2018 Live Launch Night Reaction

The time has finally come boys and girls… my summer is about to get a wholleeeeee lot better!!!!

If you try and speak to me or make plans between 9 and 10 at night, you can think again, I’ve got a date with the TV and a bunch of single celeb wannabes and boy am I happy!

There’s only one thing I love more than reading live reactions to things, and that’s writing them!! This time, I’ll be giving my opinion on the newbie’s who I think will make it far, who is likely to annoy the hell out of me, who I think will couple up etc etc.


R E A C T I O N  T I M E !

  • Eurgh so Momma P didn’t record it then was faffing around so I’ve 100% missed the intro music (which is the sound of the summer we all know that) But we watched the end of corrie IT’S TIME!!!
  • Iain’s voice OMG my fav!!!!!!!
  • What I would do to go to that villa.
  • Montana and Hannah from S3 and S1 basically
  • Pretty sure her dress is from Primark?!
  • She’s basically Amber and don’t think she realises she will NEVER be taken seriously on stage again?
  • Ohh she has bottle pouring skill!! Thumb in the bottom and everything…
  • She looks like a young Abbey Clancy and she’s scouse..
  • OMG this is the girl who’s fiancé left her…. crazy!
  • “I’m from sunny blackpool” *Dad* “bloody pillock then” HAHAHHA
  • These into videos bore me tbh I watched them online…
  • Why go on survival of the fittest then Love Island… FAME HUNGRY!!!
  • Where FORE art thou Romeo hun xo
  • Not a chance would I be ready to date 7 months after my fiancé I was with for 6 years.
  • I’d never understand why they brag about having sex…. it doesn’t make you that great of a catch doll soz
  • Don’t think you’ll find a husband on Love Island babe…
  • YES CARALINEEEEE God I’ve missed her!!!!!
  • I reaaaallllly don’t like Laura sorry!
  • I hate Dani’s accent! Her and Laura are both going to annoy me so much!
  • Of course Laura has a game plan!
  • Laura looks a little like Eva from corrie you know!!!
  • He’s full of himself and waaay too much of a pretty boy… not for me.
  • “I’ve got lots of layers, I’m like an onion” HAHAHHA
  • Oh my lord did nobody step forward for him??? It’s like Marcel all over again bloody hell!!
  • Oh wait no Kendall stepped forward that’s cute! They would be a good match!!
  • Nope he’s annoying me! “I’m an investment for the future…” Okay then
  • Aww that’s cute to say he feels happy in himself because she’s beautiful!
  • Nope this Alex is basically that creepy guy who was obsessing over Camilla last year…
  • NOBODY STEPPED FORWARD!!!! (I was expecting that to be honest)
  • Laura gave him the eye when he walked in but I think she’s fuming hahahah
  • Wes got too much of a baby face!
  • How is he my age though? I don’t feel like any of them look my age!
  • He’s a bit young for you babe….
  • Dani sounds like she needs to give her nose a good blow!! Naisely as hell
  • I feel sorry for whoever gets stuck with the doctor guy at the end
  • “I don’t even mind his sweat” SHE’S SO DESPERATE!!!
  • Nobody will step forward they can’t pronounce his name
  • Why step forward for him and not the first guy what the hell?!?
  • Maybe they’re just getting desperate now
  • How are all the girls managing to stand properly on that grass in those heels, I’d have sat down by now!
  • “I sell pens for a living” whatttttt hahaha
  • He looks like a cross between Nathan and John Clarke
  • Yeah they’re definitely just desperate or just really don’t want the doctor!!
  • OH WOW Adam is really going to throw a spanner in the works!!! Imagine every girl steps forward hahahhaa
  • There always has to be a personal trainer but no make up artist this year…?
  • Eurgh I don’t want to wait 24 hours tell me who he chooses NOW!!!
  • These adverts annoy me!!! Far too many.
  • I love Kendall’s eyes!
  • Get Dani some Vitamin C and cold and flu tabs Love Island!!!
  • Pretty sure Alex will lose his job if he works for the NHS… like from what I’ve been told you’re not allowed to do things like this…?
  • Why is she finding it so hard to say his name when he’s said it to her so many times hahahahha
  • I can see Hayley and Eyal going to distance if she learns to say his name..!
  • MARRIAGE VIBES hahahhahahah what a gimp
  • “The lads are my number one priority not you” oh my god I hope he’s watching this miserable as HELL!!!!!!!
  • Kendall looks burnt already!! Slap some factor 50 on babe
  • Awww they’re bonding over HP
  • Adam AKA Abs Mgee hahahah love it
  • Niall sounds a little slow… like Chris last year! He’ll be blabbing on about polar bears next
  • If you’re actually watching the adverts like me, that Ibiza film on Netflix looks soooo good!!!!
  • “Ey they’re dead bouncy though” hahha that would be me!!
  • I can tell who just wants to be famous!!
  • Laura is definitely the Olivia… she’s just going to flit from one guy to another and kick off if one of them speaks to someone else!!!
  • If they knew how slaggy she was they wouldn’t like her as much…or would they hmmm?
  • “oh let’s just get it out the way, my dads Danny Dyer” you well wanted everyone to know hun x
  • NOOOO Dani and Jack are a good match keep them together!
  • “We’re going eco friendly this year so the bedroom lighting will be provided by Jacks nashers” HAHHA IAIN I LOVE YOU!!!
  • Bloody hell a ballroom dancing date that’s fancy
  • Why did they scream when the lights went off?? Don’t be so silly!!
  • I’ve already seen my fav meme of the series of Danny Dyer that said “when your daughter could have had a doctor but instead chooses a guy who sells pens” HAHHA
  • At least he’s giving all the girls a chance, I like him for that, I swear last year only spoke to two guys!
  • Laura is literally Olivia… the only difference is the accent and I reaaaaalllllllly don’t like her!!!! 😦
  • I’ll be annoyed if Adam picks Kendall after knowing shes happy with Niall!!!!
  • OOOOOH I was expecting to have to wait till tomorrow to see who he picks!! This makes me happy but I’m also so tired and ready for bed!!!!
  • I tell you it best not be on this late again tomorrow night!!!
  • I think he’s going to pick Laura…
  • WHAT WHO IS IT??????

Eurgh I really do have to wait till tomorrow!!! 😦

Well I’m getting myself to bed now, goodnight lovelies!!!

Be sure to let me know what you think of Love Island if you watched it!!

Much Love

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