My Problems with the Education System

From the first time I really could understand how the world worked, I hated school. I was never any good at it, especially math and science. The only subjects I actually did well in were English literature and Drama (obviously).

Alongside the craziness, the bitching, bullying, you have to deal with learning the hardest things that you’ll never actually use in your life!!! I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say

“Still waiting for the day I’ll use Pythagoras theorem”.

Although it’s said so often and funny, it’s so bloody true!!! I couldn’t even tell you what it was anymore, honestly I think I forgot straight after (probably before) my exam. Since leaving school, I found out something incredibly important… exams are to test the teachers, not the children!!!!

Let me just repeat that for the people in the back…


Unless you or someone you know works in education, you’re probably so shocked right now. It’s very true though. The teachers only care because it’s a reflection on them! Maybe your A levels and degree exams are about you, but SATS, CATS and GCSE’s are all about them. Selfish or what.

I mean, I probably wouldn’t have minded high school (ok I still would have hated it but I just wanted to tell this story, maybe it would have made me like it a little more) if I didn’t completely suck at it! I truly had a horrible experience, especially in Year 11 when my Science teacher said

“I want all the A and A* targeting students to sit at the front, the rest of you just get a textbook or whatever, you’re not my priority anymore” 

Mrs McLeod, St James Catholic High School, Cheadle Hulme.

(Yes… I want her and the school to see this 🙂 ).


From then on (and a long while before that) I hated school!!! I was never planning on going to college but stupid insecure 15 year old me decided to just because all my friends were… I know, so smart right. I only went and did the bloody same when I went to uni also (my eyes couldn’t roll anymore right now). I was so naïve and thought a degree really would open doors for me. Turns out, they don’t tell you until third year that 72% of marketing graduates don’t get a job after.

Instead of sticking with the complete and utter negativity that this post has been so far, I’m going to add a lighter twist and tell you everything I think should be changed about the education system, or at least everything I wish I had during my time. I don’t pay enough attention anymore to know if any of these things have changed yet.


Go on Hann… what should we change?

  • The only compulsory science should be about the human body, the planet etc. All other sciences should be optional.
  • Math should be the same, basic math you use in life should be compulsory and the rest optional at GCSE.
  • There should be a basic ‘life lessons’ class, where you learn about…
    * tax
    * Basic car knowledge (checking oil, changing tyre, MOT, road tax etc)
    * Getting on the property ladder (buying and renting)
    * YOU NEED A TV LICENCE!!! (If it wasn’t for my parents telling me, which I guarantee some parents wouldn’t, I’d have never known)
    * Basic manners (some people need this I swear)
    * budgeting money
    * banking/saving/debt etc
  • Drama would be started in primary school and compulsory, I can not even begin to explain how important drama can be for confidence but too many people don’t start until high school, by which time they’re too far developed and too introverted to join in with confidence and courage!!
  • Exams would all be open book, texting your ability to apply the knowledge rather than a memory test.
  • You would also have the choice to do a written exam or practical exam! It may not seem doable in all subjects but trust me, there would be ways around it.
  • Schools wouldn’t punch you over stupid crap like what your uniform looks like, your hair or make up, using your phone etc.
  • We would all be encouraged to do exactly what we would in the real world (this doesn’t make sense on its own but in the real world, if someone asks you a question you don’t know, you don’t just sit there feeling clueless and uncomfortable, YOU GOOGLE IT!!!) This should be encouraged in school, if nobody knows, the teacher encourages the students to google it using their phones. This would also help with the whole when to use your phone for what.
  • Phones should be kept on the desk at all times, then it would help the teachers to track who’s using it when they shouldn’t be, but also mean they can google answers when necessary.
  • Teachers should respect children also. I don’t care how rude it may be but I will not show respect to anyone who doesn’t show it to me. If teachers treated the students like adults, it would encourage far better behaviour and then we would have less idiots in the world (we hope).
  • Better awareness should be made before you go to uni, information such as where the degree will really take you.

Honestly, if we actually treated students like humans they would be far more equipped for the real world, and hopefully the world would be a happier place!! I will forever be salty about education! God help whatever school my children go to, I’ll be that annoying parent complaining whenever a teacher is rude to my child (keep your hair on, my child will be in trouble if they’re rude to teachers and I will make sure I have the full story before action is taken, I knew I’d get some comments about that one…).

I’m all open for a conversation, I love to hear your opinions so let me know in the comments what you feel about the education system!!

Much Love

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4 thoughts on “My Problems with the Education System

  1. Yes, yes and YES!!

    I too am still waiting to still Pythagoras. I wish they would teach us about bills, tax, cars. THAT is valuable life skills. If you want to become a scientist or a mathematician, then GO STUDY IT FURTHER AT UNI…they wouldn’t make dance exams for everyone would they because not everyone wants to pursue dance as a career – so why suffer through pointless sums to feel like a failure when you’ll never use them?? But I love the Drama idea – that would help confidence so much.

    Got a flashback when you mentioned your teacher…STORY TIME:

    I was in Chemistry and I was writing notes whilst the teacher was talking. It involved maths so obviously I was confused. She shouted ‘are you listening to me?’ I looked up and she was looking at me. I said’ yes but I learn by taking notes’. I was told ‘well I’m teaching so put your pen down for the love of god…kids *sigh*”

    It came to an even harder part so I though ‘screw it’ I AM SITTING TAKING THIS SUBJECT, NOT YOU’. She then saw me and slammed her hand down on the table opposite me and said ‘SOPHIE. Stop taking notes’ so I did and I didn’t remember anything from that entire class pretty much.

    I was upset because the ‘popular, bitchy’ kids laughed at me. She pulled me aside after class and she saw I was upset. I didn’t accept it and I companied, Th next day she companied I was on my phone…I don’t think the school believed her tbh as nothing was done. She picked on me and another girl. Long story short…we failed Chemistry – SHOCKER!

    High School is NOT the ‘best years of your life’ unless you were a straight A students with no bullying or exam issues.

    And agreed, teachers should respect children. I don’t care if they’re 5 years older than us or 50 years, respect is earned.

    LOVED this post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sophie!!!

      Oh my goodness she sounds awful! I would complain so hard my mum would be in and everything 😂😂 I’ve always had problems with teachers they never seem to like me and vise versa!! Hopefully they will start to learn xxx


      1. Let me first apologise for that awful comment I left. It’s full of spelling mistakes, etc!

        But this is one of my favourite posts – so well written!

        Liked by 1 person

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