No More Birchbox Reviews…

Well the time has come… I have officially cancelled my Birchbox subscription!!!!

My gorgeous friend Sophie first introduced me to Birchbox and I thought it would be a great little addition to my blog (obviously this was just the excuse I gave my mum for why I was wasting £12.95 a month on a box of crap).

The idea of Birchbox is, you pay £10 a month (plus £2.95 postage) and receive a box containing 5 hair, beauty and skincare items “specifically tailored to you”. What a load a rubbish!!!!

My first box, as you can tell in my post was so exciting for me. The main reason I chose March as my first month was because they had a BagGal Bang sample in. I thought it was great and I thought I’d finally found a way to try out new make up and really get into it.

Well it wasn’t that great from then on… my second month I was quite disappointed. The box wasn’t tailored to me what so ever, they clearly hadn’t even looked at my beauty profile (which you fill out when you sign up, it’s supposed to be how the items you received are tailored to you). They were also sending me things I’d purchased from the Birchbox shop because I assumed (I know ass out of u and me whatever) that they wouldn’t come in a box if they had already been in one, considering it was in the Feb box, I didn’t think I would receive it and I really wanted it!!!

Anyway, I put this completely crappy and untailored box down to a one off. But then my May box arrived and my god was I mad!!! Like I’m 20 years old babe and you know that because you have my D.O.B… I don’t need anti-aging cream thank you very much.

Literally, I haven’t even touched anything in my last box… apart from the anti-aging cream it had liquid eyeliner (which I’m allergic to) and other rubbish that I can’t even remember… that’s how rubbish it was.


I’m not even going to waste my time reviewing the last box here, I’m sure you don’t want another post reading me ranting on for hours, it’s pointless and I’ve got better things to do with my time. So I’m saving myself £12.95 a month and no longer cluttering my room with super tiny products that I’m never going to use.

Much Love

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2 thoughts on “No More Birchbox Reviews…

  1. Straight forward and honest. I like it. Can’t belive you were paying that much for them to (probably) not be looking into your profile.

    I was going to buy one but I couldn’t tailor it to my allergies which I thought was shocking!

    At least you’re saving basically £13! X

    Fab post and LOVING this fresh feeling to your blog.

    Sophie x |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Better to be honest and hopefully save someone money haha looks like I have you…

      They’re not good at all I don’t even know why I bothered after the first month 🤷🏽‍♀️

      Thank you so much lovely x

      Liked by 1 person

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