Life Update

Here she is, shyly sneaking back into the blogging world, hoping nobody will notice how long I’ve been gone.

It’s probably not hard to notice, It’s been weeks since I last sat down to write but with everything going on, I’ve had no time/energy to even think of something to write.


What’s been happening…?

  • I moved departments at work.  I wasn’t enjoying the marketing role what so ever, I won’t lie, I didn’t feel like I was needed. I’ll do a whole other post on this matter, possibly even a video, at some point in the future but for now, I’ll leave it at that. I’m the type of person who hates sitting and doing nothing, I like to be constantly busy and active and I really didn’t feel like I was being pushed. So when a sales position became available at the company, I applied internally and moved to the media team.
  • We went on holiday.  And boy was it a dramatic holiday!!! Check out my video here.  The whole holiday from start to finish was filled with drama!! Like you couldn’t write it. It was the kind of holiday where you come home feeling like you need another holiday just to get over it.
  • I GOT FIRED. Ok… Momma P has told me I can’t say that but that’s how It feels.
    Technically, I was ‘let go’ or made redundant without the nice little pay out. Part of the reason I’ve waited till today to actually publish this post is because I was technically still employed by the company till Friday and so I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. But now, there’s nothing they can do, to be honest, they’re lucky I’m not taking action against how they actually let me go.

    Let me tell you why…

    So I started working at the company in April, and after a month and a half I moved to a different department. (Probably part of the REAL reason why). I loved my new role, yes, maybe it was taking me a little time to get used to it and actually make a sale but it doesn’t come to everyone straight away and I really don’t feel like they gave me a fair shot.
    Last Monday, I was having a little look through LinkedIn when I noticed the company director had shared a link to apply for my role, I thought it was weird but maybe they just wanted someone else alongside me right? WRONG.
    Friday afternoon, my boss (the editor) is called into the directors office, he’s in there for around 15 minutes and when he comes out, he comes straight over to me and asks what calls I had scheduled for Monday. I knew at this point what was going on. Next minute, the HR manager comes over and asks me to go with her.. this is it I thought.

    Her and one of the directors sat me down and told me that “due to buying the new magazine, they can no longer afford my position at the company” WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH. You may think it’s a perfectly legitimate reason to let someone go, but they’ve only just bought that new magazine and it was the one I was actually working for. They then told me that they’re not applying for my position (media sales executive), they’ve advertised for an “experienced media sales agent”… so basically the same thing except they don’t think I have experience. Fair enough, I don’t, but adding experience before the job title doesn’t change it babes.

    People I spoke to at the company would be asking me how I was finding it and when I told them I enjoyed it, they would seem shocked, as if the longer you’re there the more you come to see the true colours of the company… I certainly do now.
    I’m so glad I’m out of there and can look for a much better opportunity that allows their employees to learn and grow, rather than just giving a random reason to let me go, three days before my probation.

    I guess things happen for a reason, although it may be a really rubbish thing, it’s definitely pushing me to achieve my self worth and realise I’m worth so much more, and I want to work for a reputable and valued company that allows me to achieve my true potential.

Hopefully an employer will come along and see just how well I did at university and give me an unmissable opportunity.


I hated writing this post, I really did!! I enjoyed my time at the company so much but it clearly wasn’t right for me and was definitely holding me back, I just think it’s disgusting how they went about the situation. Now I’ll never know the true reason for letting me go, clearly it was something I had done and without knowing, I won’t know how to correct it going forward.

Anyhow, here’s to the future… wish me luck x

All my Love



8 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. You’ve had one hell of a time Hann, I still can’t get over how they treated you! Vikki’s right, you’ll find something better. Onwards and upwards for you now.

    Faye Jessica |

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  2. Sucks what happened 😦 but hopefully someone will see your talent and determination and give you a job x I also loved your YouTube video about the holiday drama – we need more Hannah on YouTube…more specifically the true crime and conspiracy ones!


    Sophie x |

    Liked by 1 person

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