My 6 Favourite YouTubers to Binge.

I’ve recently delved into the world of YouTube and it’s currently my go to platform for watching things, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my room recently whilst Stephen plays FIFA (I know…boring or what) so I find myself watching a lot of YouTube. Considering I’m apprently such an expert now, I thought I would share my new found loves with the world and let you all in on who I enjoy watching right now.

1. Styled By Eva 

Okay, so obviously I couldn’t do this post without mentioning my best friend and the gal who finally encouraged me to start making videos myself. 
Eva does a wide variety of videos including beauty, travel, mental health, school and education, literally the list is endless. A little like myself, Eva will literally make a video about whatever she wants and it’s bloody brilliant. I love this because it’s so refreshing seeing something new all of the time. It isn’t one of those channels where you only go when you want to watch beauty, whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll more than likely find it on Eva’s channel!

2. Kendall Rae

Kendall was the first YouTuber that I actually knew. Well, not personally obviously, but like I knew of her and would watch her videos all of the time. Back when I first started my blog, I wrote a post about how much I loved watching Kendall’s video and when I tweeted the link, I tagged her in it and she quote retweted it with the CUTEST message about how much reading it meant to her. I literally fan girdled so much you don’t even understand. 

Kendall does a lot of conspiracy theories, true crime, missing people’s cases, everything I just LOVE! 
The amount of research Kendall puts in to each video is literally amazing, she’s so real and down to earth and I just love everything about her ok guys. 

3. Jelian Mercado 

I’ve recently stumbled across Jelian. I went through a phase where I was just OBSESSED with watching videos of girls revealing how they found out they were pregnant whilst still a teenager and how they told they partner and family. Jelian does the odd video but mostly her channel is about vlogging her daily life with her BEAUTIFUL baby boy Mateo. 
Since first finding her channel I’ve literally been hooked, like obviously it helps that she what’s the cutest baby but she’s so down to earth and funny to watch. Jelian’s is by far my favourite channel at the minute. 

4. Patricia Bright

If you want a laugh, this is the girl to watch. Patricia does a wide variety of videos but my favourite to watch are her VERY honest clothing reviews. Patricia will spend a lotta lot of money at those only shops that everyone’s just the slightest bit dubious about, unbowed and tries them on live on camera, her opinion is completely raw and honest and if she doesn’t like something, you 100% tells you. Her reaction is hilarious, her dancing when she likes something is top notch, just everything about her reviews makes me laugh so hard!

Patricia’s channel is definitely one to watch when you need a good cheer up. 

5. Planet Vikki

My gorgeous girl Vikkis channel is bloody brilliant. Vikki shows real life in her blogs, something that my nosy ass loves more than anything. What I love about Vikki is that it isn’t all sunshine a and rabies and fancy outings, she shows cleaning montages (and who doesn’t love a good montage) so it makes it more enjoyable, and also makes you feel like you have someone you can relate to. 
Whenever Vikki posts a video, I just have to watch ASAP.

6. Melena Ciciotti.

Last but certainly not least, Melena’s channel is so interesting to watch. Melena is a Christian with strong beliefs such as no sex before marriage. Her story fascinates me and I love hearing about her relationship with God, meeting her husband, and now following her pregnancy story. It’s safe to say that I literally love this girl, her faith and humanity makes me believe in a world where good really does exist. 
Even if you don’t believe in god I honestly think you should give her channel a watch, I guarantee you will fall in love with her in an instant. 
So now you’ve finished reading about these lovely ladies, how about you go and give them a watch.
Much love 

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