Things That Don’t Add Up – Coronation Street

I’ve always been just slightly obsessed with TV, but there is nothing ‘slight’ about my obsession with coronation street!!!!

Being an avid viewer means that I probably pick up on some things that the occasional viewers may not. So I thought I’d start a new series on my blog and bring to light all of the things that don’t make sense in some of the TV shows (and possibly films, we’ll see) that I love.

If you have any show requests or anything you noticed that I didn’t, be sure to let me know in the comments.


 1. Where do all the children go?

Since the street first came onto our screens, a countless number of children have been born, but have a think back to all of those kids… what happens to them in the first 10 years of their life? Where are they?

Each kid makes the occasional appearance, a mention here and there but they are never always there.

Think about it, there’s always a mysterious reason, kids at nursery, left them with a family member, sometimes they just get forgotten completely, especially if the family is going through a big story line (which is even more concerning don’t you think). For example, where’s Amy been during the whole Tracey and Steve wedding fiasco. Yeah she broke her arm or whatever but that was a good two weeks before the wedding and it doesn’t explain why she couldn’t go? Stick a cast on and you’re good for anything.

Think about it…when was the last time you saw Gary and izzy’s child Jake??


2. The Connors

So let’s take a trip down memory lane to 2007 (ish). Best friends Carla and Michelle were also sister-in-laws with Carla being married to Michelle’s brother Paul. Fair enough.

Fast forward to 2016 or somewhere around then and we find out that Jonny Connor (Michelle’s uncle, and therefore Paul’s) is actually Carla’s dad!!!

Yeah okay so it may work out that they’re third cousins but its still family and still a little weird!!!

I completely get that it was a shock for everyone, but after it all settled, nobody seems to notice that Carla was in fact married to her cousin all that time. And who knows, they could still be married today if he didn’t die (unlikely though considering he died with Leanne Battersby in the boot of his car…).

Maybe they just don’t want to mention it but I think they could at least make a joke about it to show that they realise…


3. So many murderers all on one street!!!

Fair enough, there’s a few bad eggs in this world and a murder or crime happens daily, but is it really that likely that you’ll have that many criminals living on one street… okay so it makes for good viewing but its a little unlikely don’t you think?!


4. How many people can you fit in those two up two downs?

Take the Platt’s house for example, at just one time you had Gail, David, Kylie, Lily, Max, Sarah and Bethany all living in that house. And I’m sure this was before they turned the garage into a flat for Gail.

It seems to happen a lot, all of the houses are way over capacity and they never seem to bother… weird or what.

Imagine the fights for the bathroom in the morning.


5. Do they all know life exists outside the street..?

How often does someone get into a relationship with someone random…? Not often at all!

And when they break up it’s like nothing ever happened…?

I’m not sure about you but I definitely couldn’t live on the same street as all of my exs (not that there’s a lot but you get me).


6. They all forgive way too easily…

Yeah, some people can forgive and forget, but they take forgiveness to the extreme!!!

Take Todd and Sarah for example, he wasn’t even allowed to go to his sons funeral because she blamed Todd for his death but then when she came back from Milan everything was peachy keen!! Like nothing had ever happened!!

Kevin cheated on Sally with Tyrone’s girlfriend and got her pregnant yet they’re all still super close… it’s just not normal.


7. Accents

We all watched David Platt being born and raised on the street… so why does he sound like he’s grown up on a farm in Yorkshire?

Bethany moved to Milan at the age of 7 yet doesn’t even have the slightest Italian twang to her accent… can she even speak Italian?


There’s probably so many more things that don’t add up, so if you think of any I’d LOVEEE to see them in the comments!!

Also, let me know what you think of this becoming a regular series on my channel!


Much Love



4 thoughts on “Things That Don’t Add Up – Coronation Street

  1. It’s been so long since I watched Corrie but I remember pretty much all of these happening and thinking the same thing!! Like, when Tyrone just gave Jack to Kevin after the tiniest bit of fighting and then he just left it like he wasn’t bothered? Think the writers need an education tbh…

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