Everyman Cinema Soft Opening – A Review

One of the perks of having such a huge family is definitely the freebies!!!!

Last Monday my auntie Catherine messaged me explaining that her and my cousin had been offered FREE tickets to the soft launch of the Everyman cinema opening in Altrincham town centre. Unfortunately, due to the late time their film would be on, they couldn’t go as it would be far too late for my cousin with school the next day (she’s in Year 11 but goes to bed at half 8 as it is… I’ve never known a teenager to love early nights so much!!)

Anyway, all I had to do was find someone to go with me, and say our names were Catherine and Zoe… easy enough right?

My friend Amy came with me, we got there around 8:30pm, not really knowing what to expect…boy were we surprised!


We’d had a little look online and knew it wasn’t just your average cinema, with sofa’s in each screen, and food that looked out of this world… for a cinema that is anyway, it wasn’t just your standard popcorn and nachos.

We walked through the door to see a big staircase and lights saying “this way”, as we began walking up, a young lad came down and told us to follow him. He began explaining that everything was free… yep you read that right


In his words “grab yourself a bottle of Prosecco each and make the most of it” Obviously, being the designated driver, I couldn’t drink 😦 Instead, I had the BEST oreo milkshake and a bottle of Fanta.


Check out Amy’s Raspberry Candyfloss cocktail (and the cinema tickets, with it just being a test night, were written on the back of playing cards which was actually kinda cute).


When you walk into the main area, it just looks like a snazzy bar with the screens off to one side. The lighting was down, music was on and there was an excitable buzz in the air, whether that was just the general atmosphere or because everyone was excited about free booze I’m not so sure but either way it felt like a very good place to be.

As everything was free, we really made the most of it! Why wouldn’t we..?

H O W  I T  W O R K S

So you go in, order your food, then your food is brought to you during the trailers. Sounds cool right…


As it was the first night, not only for the customers but staff also, it was a chance for them to learn what timing would be best, how to find who the foods for, get to grips with the seat numbers etc. This meant that the food process wasn’t as quick as it could have been. Our film started at half 9 and we got our food at 10:45, so it’s a bit of a wait, and considering we didn’t eat before we went in case the food was free (that’s the impression we got from the email) we were STARVING!!!

I know that the night was a way for the staff to learn what to do and what timings are best etc, so for that reason I wasn’t too put off but I’m not sure I’d go again for the meal during the film aspect.

I found that 1. it was way too hard eating in the pitch black and 2. the tiny table between your seats wasn’t good enough to eat food off. We also didn’t get a fork, just a knife to cut your burger so it wasn’t much use and I HATE eating with my fingers.


T H E  F O O D !

I have been dreaming about the chips since I went… they were amazing!!!!!!

The burger wasn’t too great but I’m not the biggest fan, and the garlic bread was tiny… we were planning on just having one of them to share rather than the burgers as well and boy were we glad we didn’t!!!!

The drinks were nice, I would definitely recommend the milkshake!!! But when it comes to going to the cinema, it’s good to have a big drink so you don’t either run out and stay thirsty, or have to go and get more. I ordered a Fanta and it was literally a small glass bottle! I’m sure it was a similar price to the big cups you get at the light cinema also so I wasn’t too impressed by that but hey ho… you can’t have it all can you.


T H E  S E R V I C E  /  S T A F F


Me and my new friend Matt – Our waiter for the evening!

Well Matt was the loveliest man ever!!! And there was another waiter who couldn’t do enough for us but I didn’t catch his name!! They all went above and beyond.

When we were still waiting for our food, I went out and spoke to Matt, he then asked them to put it through again (I think they missed us off 😦 ) and then our food shortly came out.

The system for bringing out the food didn’t go as smoothly as I think they hoped but it was okay and nobody really seemed to mind. They were kind enough to duck haha.


C O M F O R T  F A C T O R

By Far the comfiest and prettiest cinema…

Each room had different sofa patterns and they were all so cute!!

We were in the patterned seats and it was cosy, just like being at home!!

The only issue with these seats was that if you booked for 5 people, one may be sharing with a stranger… a little too intimate for me but as you can see from the photos, there are the odd single chairs.

The only thing is was missing was a foot rest.


T H E  F I L M

Now I had already seen A Simple Favour which is what we went to see but Amy enjoyed it… I’ll be sure to do a full review on it at some point!



It was a great experience, and I’m glad I went but I don’t think it’s a place I would go again, not for the food in a movie experience anyway as I just hate eating in  the dark.I think it would be perfect for a date night but not just when you fancy a trip to the cinema, stick to The Light for that!!

All in all, we had a great night!

Thank you Catherine and Everyman Altrincham for giving us this fab experience x



Much Love



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