Petrol Boy | Story time

Well well well, things are about to get uber interesting up in here folks. 

Since starting my blog over a year ago, I’ve always cared far too much about what other people think of my writing. I would always hesitate when it came to writing personal posts or slightly controversial ones. 

Well all that is over and I’m going to write about things I ACTUALLY want to write about without giving two toots about what anyone has to say about it!

Story time’s are so fun to read/watch (yes thats right…watch this space, or the YouTube one anyway) and with my life being one big walking and talking drama, I thought, why not share my experiences, so buckle up boys and girls because this series first, ‘Petrol Boy’ is one bumpy ride!!!

So after going through a whirlwind break up, I’d given up at the hopes of ever finding love again (oh yeah i’m a drama QUEEN btw). That was until I set my eyes upon a young man, hereby known as Petrol Boy.

He was handsome, muscly, a little bit funny and actually paid me some attention (something I definitely wasn’t used to lol) and so naturally I fell madly in love with him and began planning our wedding and naming our son and twin girls! Normal right? 

Each week, after being paid for tutoring, I’d skip (well drive but go with it) off to the petrol station, one that cost an absolute fortune may I add, in the hopes of having a little chat with petrol boy and find out a little more about him. 

The first time we spoke…

The first time I saw him I just thought 

Eh, you’re fit!

Then the second time, I’d already planned the wedding and told my friends alllllll about it, but I still wasn’t thinking that much of it (by not much I mean like 20/7 over 24/7).

That was until  HE REMEMBERED ME!!! Boy was I excited. I thought, you know, he has to think I’m at least easy on the eyes to have remembered me right? Clearly he just can’t forget my pretty little face (or my moody ass look because it was late and I was cold but we will stick with the first for the point of the story ok?)

So here’s how the conversation went:

PB – I swear you literally filled up just the other day?

ME – Yeah but that was only £10 and that doesn’t last long.

PB – Well why don’t you just fill your tank?

ME – Because I get paid £15 a week for tutoring so that’s my fuel money.

I fluttered on back to my car all giddy and excited, rang my friend Alex (because in these kid of situations you HAVE to get a boys opinion… and his girlfriend Danielle didn’t answer) and he agreed that he must be truly madly deeply in love with me to have remembered me. 

I know know what you’re thinking… may as well buy that dress now!

Let the flirting begin

So next time I went in I had a little look around and noticed he wasn’t on the till, but over by the coffee machine cleaning the counter. I took a little stroll around the store because the queue was massive (deffo not because I was hoping he would go back to the till). I walked past him and he turned and noticed me. 

Que our second conversation…

PB – You’re back again?

ME – I only came to see you (God… flirting goddess or what?! Or Alex and Danielle told me to say it but forget I told you that).

PB – Do you just look for my car before you decide to come in or something? 

ME – Well how am I supposed to know which is your car? 

PB – well, go outside, if you can guess which one is mine I’ll make you a free drink!

So off I tot, God knows why like, outside to look at the cars in the car park and try to figure out which one was his… 

Apparently he pressed the button as I went out to flash the lights but little old clueless me didn’t notice and guessed wrong… I guessed the make right so he still made me the free drink anyway! 

Honestly, I think even if I’d have said no he would have made it me but hey ho, got to play along haven’t you. 

So in the 15 hours he spent making me a hot chocolate that I wasn’t even going to drink because I was about to go home for tea, we were chatting away and I was beginning to think nah this guy is a little weird! 

We worked out we both worked at TK Maxx, to which he told me he was fired from. He asked me 5 times what my job was, and more things that should have sent alarms screeching but the love had me blind. 

Before I left, he told me that I should figure out which was his car, look at his reg (I’m assuming it was private) and follow him on Insta based on that… bloody mission impossible and so didn’t happen but whatever!

The following week, I go back in and the same flirting happens again… 

PB – Hi Hannah Shaw

ME – How?! 

PB – I found you on Facebook within 5 minutes of you leaving, it was easy

ME – Well I never found you 

We were chatting away whilst he made my second free hot chocolate (that I once again wasn’t going to drink) and I was trying to figure out his name! His friend ended up telling me and so I followed him on Instagram (and then had to wait for him to accept me).

Now this is where it gets juicy…

Just as I’m leaving, he says

So my friend doesn’t think I can get your number

And being the sassy gal I am, I said

Well because you’ve said that, your friend’s right

Did a lil’ hair flick and walked off… no goodbye or nada.  

So I get home and he’s accepted my follow request, followed me back saying something like “speechless”. We start chatting and I have my tea etc before settling down to have a little stalk of his profile… as you do. 

Now this is where it gets reaaaalllll interesting…


Ya’ll bet ya ass I was livid! 

So I message him like what u playin at chum?! In some variety of that form to which he tried to deny it (as if I can’t tell by all the loved up insta pics lol)

He then admitted it, but wet on to say that he didn’t like her and had been trying to leave her for months. Typical excuse right. 

He tried telling me it was a long story, but to tell me he would have to have my number… nice try hun xo 

So then I’m like, “no on here is ok 🙂 ” to which he responds 

Oh is that me being turned down?


He then continues to tell me that he will tell me if I promise to go and visit him the following Monday!!!! Guy just wasn’t giving up!

I did the only thing that felt right…

I messaged his girlfriend 🙂 🙂 🙂 

It could have been a heck of a lot easier if he didn’t hack her insta and block me, shame he was too dumb to realise I could quite easily search for her on Facebook! 

I felt absolutely awful!!! I sent the message on the Thursday night, but obviously with us not being friends or anything, it went  through as a message request and so she didn’t actually see it till Saturday! 

Obviously, she was in complete shock… who wouldn’t be?! 

But this girl was so bloody strong, got off the train she was on with him on the way to the Christmas Markets and went straight back home!! 

I mean, my ex was on Plenty of Fish whilst we were together and I didn’t even have the courage to leave him (but that’s a whole other story) so this girl is incredibly brave!!!

So… Petrol Boy is now very much single, and if he carries on being a slime ball pig of a man then things are most definitely going to stay that way. But I’m sure he won’t mind considering he told me he had been trying to brake up with her for months… I did him a favour, right? 🙂 

His now ex girlfriend is far better off without him. 

And as for me, well I’m saving my hard earned coin at a cheaper petrol station so I’m happy! 

Win’s all round I say! 

Be sure to follow my blog and keep an eye out for more incredibly dramatic stories coming your way. 

Much Love

Hann x


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