Weekend in Milano – Travel Blogs ’19

Without doing the whole “New Year New Me” rubbish, one thing I’m determined to do this year is to travel more. So far, I have 5 holidays planned (well it’s now 4 because I’ve been on one but 5 in total!!).

The First… Milan!

Milan was booked on a bit of a whim. Eva, from Styled By Eva (She will be writing posts about the trip to so be sure to go and check that out!!) lived in Milan for a few months at the start of last year whilst studying there, and she just wanted to go back for a long weekend. I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to get away so I agreed to go with her.

The hotel was reasonably cheap, the flights were a black Friday deal so overall, the holiday (before spends) came to around £60 each!!! You can’t complain really can you!

To prevent this post being an actual novel, it will mainly be photo’s with brief descriptions about the places we visited, things we did and the food we ate. Hope you enjoy x

The Airport Experience

This was the first time I’ve ever travelled with just hand luggage so I was panicking like crazy before we got to the airport. Who knew it was actually so much easier than travelling with hold luggage! We got to the airport the standard two hours before flying, and got through security in minutes… is this a good or a bad thing I’m not so sure. I think I probably spent the most money whilst here so in that sense, probably not. In the sense that I had the BEST meal I’ve had in so long, and the most amazing cocktails!

As always, I looked online the night before to remind myself what places to eat there were at T1 at the airport, then, understandably, I had a peak at the menu to decide what I wanted to eat (is it just me who does this when I literally go anywhere??) and when I saw that Teriyaki chicken bowl and a mango colada I was over the moon!!!!!

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Haloumi, Edamame, a Mango Colada & a Passionfruit Daquiri

The Sights

Street Markets

The markets were on the same street as our hotel on Tuesdays and Saturdays and its the kinda thing I love so it was really nice to take (the worlds longest) stroll and browse at everything they had for sale.
I bought myself a pair of gloves from one of the stalls. It may sound like nothing but it was a style of gloves that I’d been wanting for a while and they were so expensive everywhere, and these were only 4 euro so it was a steal. Plus the Baltic weather conditions made them a necessity if I wanted to come home from Milan without frostbite.

Arco Della Pace (The Peace Arch)

I think this was probably one of my favourite things we saw whilst in Milan. I don’t know what it was (potentially the photo opportunity which is coming below… ) or the pure beauty of it but it just really wowed me!

You’ve probably all heard of the Arc De Triumph in Paris? Well the Arco Della Pace is at the other end of the road that Napoleon built, the road that will take your straight from Paris to Milan. Or so I was told anyway!

Even with the trees I was amazed…

The caption says it all… I would have loved to have taken a tour of the inside but it probably would have cost more than the flights.
The fountain was just on the other side of the castle and the perfect spot for a little photoshoot
Que the best Insta caption opportunity!


We spent a good half hour at the spot where the first photos were taken trying to get so many angles and styles of photos, then decided to move on when I noticed that I could get a photo of me in front of the fountain with the castle in the background!!
I was so excited but Eva was like nah you won’t get a good photo!!! There’s too many people… like she actually thought that would stop me trying… PLEASE!
So I get comfy (well, far from it actually, I was in such an awkward position to look cute – the things we do for a photo hey) and this guy would not leave me alone!!! It started with one rose, then two, then he decided to just go for the full bunch (bar one – quite offended tbh) and this turned out to be my favourite photo of the entire trip!!! Definitely proved Eva wrong here 😉

(If anyone has great photo shop skills and wants to photoshop out the girl who my new boyf already gave a rose to I’d very much appreciate it).

The Duomo (feat 10 billion pigeons)

Probably the most popular tourist attraction in Milan, which probably makes it all the more understandable that it was impossible to get a photo without a few hundred people in the background.

The views from the top were mesmerising
I would have LOVED to have had a look inside but I wasn’t about to spend half of my day stood in a queue to get in…

The Weather

Fresh out of the airport

Yes, Milan is incredibly beautiful in the snow, but the only way to describe the weather over the time we were there is Baltic.

The Food

Hmmmm I wouldn’t rate it tbh. I mean, yeah it’s nice but THEY HAVE NO GARLIC BREAD. ANYWHERE.

You think I’m joking… A place in Italy that has absolutely no garlic bread in any of its restaurants but it’s true.

As we didn’t get to the hotel on the first night till 10PM we just got a take away Indian… big mistake. This was definitely the worst thing we ate the whole time we were there!!!!!

The view for lunch on the second day was spectacular!!!

The view definitely came with a price though… 8 euro for a sandwich and 3.50 for a small bottle of water ? Ridiculous.

Then there was this place… the place I realised nowhere sold garlic bread.

Not only did they not have Garlic Bread, but they were completely baffled at the thought of bread with garlic on? And here’s me thinking it’s an Italian dish?!

The lack of garlic bread wasn’t the only disappointing thing about this place. They only had like 3 things on the menu that didn’t have fish in and they didn’t have any lemonade to go in my wine (FYI – Italians get incredibly offended when you ask for lemonade to put in your wine) because they said it didn’t go with fish…I DON’T EVEN LIKE FISH!!!!!!

The place where we stopped for Gelato and Coffee by the Peace Arch and they refused to let us sit and eat / drink inside so we ate our ice cream in Baltic February conditions.
My favourite food spot… potentially because I was sat next to an open fire and it’s the only time I could feel every part of my body during the course of the holiday.

Not only did this place have sprite for my wine (sadly no garlic bread though but I wasn’t even shocked at this point), but the most amazing ice cream (Mango and Chocolate) that sent me to heaven. The chocolate tasted exactly like the one we used to have at my auntie and uncles house when we were little, and mango is my all time favourite flavour so I was over the moon…and warm.

The last meal we had, because we were flat out exhausted, was just a burger take out…but then I found a bone in my burger so that kinda ruined it tbh!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


I had a great time, it could have been a little warmer and the food could have been better… I mean I maybe getting an Indian take out when in Milan wasn’t such a wise decision but you just have to try!
It’s a trip I will never forget (how could I forget Milan has NO GARLIC BREAD?!) and there were so many beautiful things to do and see. Maybe next time I’ll skip the trip to the cemetery…. bit creepy!

Have you been to Milan, I’d love to know what you thought of it in the comments.

Much Love

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