Driving Dilemma’s – Storytime

I’m not even going to bother doing the whole “I’m back” post… I’ve just learnt to write what I like, when I like. If people wanna moan then they don’t have to read it, simple. I mean… It’s not like I have a massive following of people who will cry and have a hissy fit if I don’t post on some kind of schedule so I don’t really have anything to worry about. LOL

I have seen a lot of Youtuber’s doing these kind of mini story times and I really enjoy watching them. Not only that, but I have so many little stories that wouldn’t make much of a full post, but are good enough to fit into one of these so here goes!

1. An Unexpected Trip to Wales

It’s rare that I ever drive somewhere that I don’t drive to often, this means I hardly ever need to use a satnav and so didn’t see much point in buying one. Why would I when everyone has one on their phone anyway right.. You see, my Dad is reaaaalllll against me using my phone as a satnav, or he was till I got myself a phone holder in my car, and so whenever I do need one I just borrow one.

We had two between the 5 of us in my family, one had gone missing, and one was in the boot of my sisters car in Preston so I resorted to the next best option and went next door to ask my Nanna if I could use my grandads.

Bare in mind, this was the Christmas after my Grandad had past away in the Summer and he hadn’t done much driving towards the end of his life so it definitely wasn’t updated. Nonetheless it would do the trick right… WRONG!

So the last time the satnav had been used was for a big family holiday to Anglesey, and to make things simpler, my Grandad had been messing with the settings and set the HOME button on the satnav as the house we were staying at.

My friend and I decided to drive to Liverpool to pick our other friend up from Uni and bring her home for Christmas and I thought it obviously made sense to just press the HOME button rather than typing my address in which is next door to my grandads.

I’m guessing you can see where this is going…. what you probably wouldn’t expect is that I didn’t actually realise I was on the way to Wales till I saw the big blue bridge with the Dragon on saying “Welcome to Wales”. Yup… none of the signs in Welsh or the fact I still didn’t recognise anything around me when we should have pretty much been home gave it away.

I blame my Parents who told me “if you ever get lost, follow signs for the airport”!!! That’s probably the only reason I didn’t question the direction I was going but obviously the signs weren’t for the airport I was thinking…

2. Psycho on the Bypass

This one is less funny and more scary tbh…

I was driving home from work down the bypass, I’d only been at my job a week or two so I was still getting used to which way was the best to go home. It was also during that really hot summer we had so I had my windows down in my car when the traffic came to a stop. I was pretty much crawling down the bypass when a van started pulling into my lane, no signalling, just moving across and believe me when I say there definitely wasn’t room for a van.

I sound my horn because I don’t really want him to hit my car, I mean I’d only just had it repaired after driving into a post so I really didn’t want to have to go through that again. I stopped because he wasn’t going to and he went in front of me, so I just ignore him and mind my own business when I see the door of this van opening and what I can only describe as a overgrown fetus that hasn’t seen the inside of a bath in six years climbing out.

I instantly started to panic and wound up my window, he smacked his hands on the front of my bonnet and so I called the police because I had no idea what else to do. I couldn’t exactly ring my Dad and have him shout down the phone because unless someone was there it was pretty pointless. He was shouting at me asking why I beeped my horn and trying to shake my car. I just sat there on the phone to the police, holding it up to the window so he could see what I was doing and crying, Typical tbh.

Eventually he walked back off and got into his car and I ended the call with the police, I’d given them the reg but they said from what I’d told them it was more than likely stolen, they did say they would let me know once they have done some digging but I never heard anything from them again. I went home, still crying, and told my Dad who obviously wasn’t happy but just agreed that there wasn’t much we could do about it. I definitely haven’t changed since though, if some absolute eejit wants to try and run me off the road again they can bloody well try!!!!!

3. Bye Bye Exhaust So this one is a little shorter than the rest…

My exhaust has been a little noisy for a couple weeks and so I eventually told my dad and he fixed it, good as new.

A few weeks later, I decided to drive to Essex to visit my boyfriend at the time, it was a drive I’d done one or two times before so all was fine. Traffic was a little heavier than normal and so I was pretty much just sat there. Obviously, as it was such a long drive, I had my music on full and was having a one woman concert so I didn’t actually hear my exhaust getting louder and louder. As I began to drive again it felt as though I was dragging something, as though someone was holding onto my car and coming for a ride. I pulled over to the hard shoulder and the minute I saw that exhaust on the floor I PANICKED!!!

So there I was, stood on the hard shoulder of the M11, nowhere near anybody I knew, staring down at something I knew should be attached to my car that was currently hanging on by a thread with absolutely no idea what to do. Next thing I knew, some truck was pulling up in front of me.

Excuse me for stereotyping but I saw some big burly man getting out of to one of those “typical serial killer” type trucks and began saying my prayers, before noticing his wife getting out on the other side. The wife came over to me and explained that they saw that I was alone and her husband fixes cars so he could help, otherwise I’d be sat there all day waiting for someone to come out. That was when the guy cut my exhaust off, put it in my boot and said “that should get you home so you can sort it”… I was jut there thinking… how do I break it to this guy that where I’m going is an our away and home is 4?

Anyway, I called my dad when I made it to where I was going and he laughed and said “it will be fine, if you start to feel drowsy on your way back just wind the window down” – He was right, I’m still alive to tell the tale!!

4. The Police Escort Home

The last story, and probably the best…

I was working at a Tesco about 10 minutes away from my flat in my first year of uni. Someone had asked for a lift home which I was fine with, my petrol light was already flashing but that car could probably get you from one end of the country to another before you actually ran our of fuel once it started flashing.

The guy I gave a lift to said to me “Turn left out of here then turn right and just drive straight you’ll get home” so that’s what I did! It was probably about 15 minutes later that I thought I’d be driving a little too long and so I checked the sat nav, it was just a straight line so I just turned it back off and carried on… You’re probably a lot smarter than me and can tell that the straight line was in fact in the opposite direction… so after what I’d say was another half an hour, I saw a big sign saying “Lancaster University, 2 miles” and I instantly knew I’d messed up so bad…

I turned on the satnav and it told me to get on the motorway and take the exit in 20 miles… about half way down the motorway the flashing line of fuel had gone completely and now it was just a waiting game. I came off at my exit (biggest shock of my life) and as I went to go, nothing!

I just about managed to get into a little layby where I rang my dad crying my eyes out. Baring in mind it was 12:30AM, I didn’t half make my parents worry!!! I think having your 18 year old daughter ring you in the middle of the night crying is enough to send any parent into a panic. My dad tried to work out where I was and told me to phone the RAC – we have breakdown cover for a reason people!!

Next thing I knew two police cars full of officers pulled up beside me. Turns out, where I was sat was where they keep all of their police cars and vans when not in use. They saw my car on the cameras and automatically reported it as suspicious activity. When they saw it was just a young girl on her own, they sent one car away and the others asked me if I was okay. I explained to that what had happened and they drove me to the petrol station (This was probably about a 2 minute walk FYI) and helped me to put the fuel in. They then asked if I knew where to go with the obvious answer being no, I didn’t have a clue where I was!!! They then offered to escort me back to my flat – so sweet but my god was it embarrassing!!!!!

Have you ever had an absolute nightmare while driving? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear your stories!

Much Love


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