Do I Live Up To My Star Sign… ?

I’ve never been big into astrology.

Well, actually that’s a lie, I used to read my star sign every week before I realised that they seemed to be the most basic and generic things ever and so I stopped. Then again, I was reading it from Cosmopolitan so probably not the best place to tell me my future, or whatever it is that your star sign tells you.

This morning I was watching Kendall Rae’s video with Kathleen Lights where they explore all the negative traits of each star sign and I was shocked at how much I could actually relate to some of them. So I thought, why not explore what different sights say myself and see how much I relate to what different pages say.

So while thinking about this I thought why not make it a blogger challenge and learn all about the different signs and how people relate to them!


  1. Refer back to the person who started the challenge (Hann Mariee)
  2. Link the original post and the post of the person who tagged you
  3. Refer back to the person who tagged you
  4. Name your star sign and birthday
  5. Choose three sites that explore the traits of your sign and compare them to your personality traits
  6. Tag three other bloggers to take part!!

MY SIGN – LEO (21st August)

according to Ganesha Speaks

  • Kind and Big Hearted (Admired for their kind and helpful nature, graciously shower love and affection on people) – Hmmmm I think this couldn’t be more wrong! Off to a great start HA. I guess in some ways, if its someone I really care about in a romantic way then yes I will shower them with love and affection but I personally hate PDA and cringy things so definitely not something I do on a regular basis. I’m also not a big “people person” so probably not.
  • Energetic (energetic individuals who spread positive vibes) – Potentially!! I’m quite a hyperactive person at times but then other times I can be the most negative person you’ll meet, especially if you catch me on a bad day. If someone is down or upset about something I will always try to show them a positive side to things so I guess that kinda relates right?
  • Loyal (loyal and trustworthy individuals) – YES YES YES!!! I’m a very loyal person (“I’m loyal babe”) but at the same time, if someone crosses me I won’t be there for them, no matter how much they need it.
  • Egotistic (Have a huge, fragile ego, which often gets hurt over trivial matters, often becomes a hurdle to their success) – Ask my Sister Becky and she will probably agree but I’m not so sure myself. I can be very self-centred at times, especially around my birthday etc but not always, I do think of others too and I don’t think it ever gets in the way of my success.
  • Possessive (tend to be possessive and prone to jealousy, they are giving, but sharing doesn’t come easily to then) – Well that’s just spot on.
  • Dominating (wants to be in control of a situation and expects people to follow them) – I do love to take charge of things, especially in the kitchen!
  • Impatient (Want to get things over and done with ASAP, their impatience leads to unnecessary anxiety and even failures) – I do hate waiting for things but it’s not that major!!
  • Arrogant (They become so self-centred at times they would become harsh and say things without thinking about how it could hurt someone) – I bloody hope not!!!! I definitely don’t always think before I speak but I wouldn’t say I was arrogant.



I am definitely creative and my imagination is so wild at times but I always just say that’s because I’m a leftie!! I can be passionate about things I really care about but I’d say it takes a lot. The rest are things I just think everyone could be…


Arrogant no but the rest yes!! Definitely lazy lol.


  • Theatre – Yes I love the theatre, I’d be in it if I could!
  • Taking holidays – Obviously… who doesn’t?!
  • Being Admired – Ha no!!!! I hate compliments, but I guess I love them at the same time, I just never know how to respond to them! But I do love it when someone notices something different about me!
  • Expensive Things – I guess they’re nice but I love a bargain more.
  • Bright Colours – meh not really
  • Fun with friends – I guess so…


  • Being ignored – GOD YES!!! Don’t think there is anything I hate more.
  • Facing difficult reality – Hm I guess so, not something I’ve ever thought about before but very true.
  • Not being treated like a Queen – Ha YES! I’m a Princess and expect to be treated like one thank you very much.


  • Natural born leaders – I’d like to think so, I do like to be in control of situations and I can be quite bossy
  • Dramatic – Most accurate thing ever.
  • Self-confident – This is a weird one. I was when I was younger, then I went through a stage of constantly being told I needed to change things about myself which knocked me completely. I think I’m getting my confidence back more and more each day though.
  • Difficult to Resist – I WISH!


  • Love the limelight – Yes and no. I definitely love being centre of attention in some aspects of life but when it comes to other things like people singing Happy Birthday to me I HATE it!!!!!!
  • Swayed by what other people want (or expect) them to do – I have to agree with this one! I always take what others say very strongly.
  • Loud – Very VERY accurate!! I love being heard! It also says that learning to be quiet and listen is essential for a Leo to reach their peak power which is interesting!!


They’re all pretty accurate to be fair but I do think that going off all of the different sites leaves a little too much to go off. There are a lot of personality traits there that I think fit a lot of people I know who aren’t leo’s. I also can’t help but notice that I seem to fit the traits that are deemed negative more than the positive, but I guess I don’t use them in a negative way… if that makes sense?

I wouldn’t say its something I will follow religiously but I guess I can’t deny that I am a Leo!!


  1. Whether you plan it or not, you’re always the center of attention. Might as well learn to revel in it!
  2. You have a loud voice and are a pro in debating and getting people to see (and eventually agree) with your side. Using your voice for good is a passion.
  3. You never run out of energy. As a Lion, a 20-minute catnap will fully recharge you so that you can dance all night long.
  4. Although you’re one of the first signs to step up and speak out when you see injustice, your innately gentle spirit invites people to trust you.
  5. You love the good life. You work hard for your money. Why not enjoy it by indulging in the best, most sparkly, boldest accessories, outfits, and ephemera that money can buy

I really enjoyed doing this and so I challenge all other bloggers to do the same and see how much they relate to the typical traits of their own Star Sign!!


2 thoughts on “Do I Live Up To My Star Sign… ?

  1. This is so much fun! I was born in Taurus, but I’m right on the cusp of Taurus/Aries. Honestly, I think factoring in the cusp theory explains me SO much more. I fully agree I have the stubborn nature and work ethic of a Taurus, but I am everything but the patient, lazy and frugal person that it also describes. However, I have a MAD temper if someone gives me reason to let it come out, I’m adventurous, impulsive and highly passionate… That would be Aries side coming out lol

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