TV Shows I’m Loving -WATCH THEM.

It’s been so long since I wrote a post about TV shows… remember when TV show of the week was a thing? I’ll be shocked if you do.

Anyhow I’ve been watching a lot more TV recently, probably because I’m single and none of my friends are so I’m just at home all the bloody time, but more likely because I’m just far too lazy to go out (blame everyone but yourself).

Instead of doing about 100 TVSOTW and spending half my life doing so, while probably boring every man and his dog, I thought I’d roll them all into one and let you in on my new favourite shows that I’ve been binging as of late.

1. This Is Us

I’ve recently got Amazon Prime and with that comes Amazon Video.

I’d seen This Is Us advertised a while ago, and instantly wanted to watch it because of Milo Ventimiglia, who I know as Jess from Gilmore Girls. As someone who was very much Team Jess (Or Team Logan… just anyone but Dean please) I was very much for watching a programme with him in. I suggested it to Momma P and my dad when struggling to find something to watch and we were all hooked from the first one.

Without giving anything away, the first episode is following 4 different people on their 36th birthday. It all seems a bit confusing at the start but its gripping at the same time, then it all ties together at the end of the first episode, one of those where you all just go “OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!” when the penny finally drops. We’re only three or four episodes in and I’m loving it!! I’m already excited to watch another tonight, its just frustrating watching a series with my parents because it means I can’t binge watch!! But then maybe that’s a good thing…

2. Manifest

I’ve just finished binging season 1 of this and OH MY LORD HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR SEASON 2?!?

If you’re not into unrealistic things then this isn’t the show for you. If you like something juicy and bingeworthy and don’t really care about if its actually possible or not, then give it a watch, trust me you won’t be sorry!

Ages ago, I saw a trailer for this programme on Facebook, its about a plane that goes missing for 5 years, one day it just shows back up again and nobody on the plane has aged a day, they don’t even realise they’ve been gone.

Its kinda strange but also really gripping because you just want to know what happened and how it all happened. Season 1 ended on a HUGE cliffhanger so season 2 needs to hurry up. Get watching now before season 2 starts (whenever it does).

3. Counting on

This one is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I just love it!!

Growing up, we’d always watch the programme 19 Kids and Counting (I was a fan back when it was 16KAC). We watched it all the time, especially in the 6 weeks holidays along with a show called Jon & Kate + 8. It followed the lives of a huge family in Arkensas Texas who, yep, you guessed it, had 19 kids. They are wildly religious and don’t believe in contraception etc. Obviously they don’t believe in sex before marriage but they can’t even hold hands till they’re engaged and can only side hug to say hello and goodbye. They also save their first kiss for their wedding day. IT’S CRAZY!!

The programme got cancelled after it came out that the eldest son was a pedofile and would sexually abuse his younger sisters when growing up, then they made “Jill & Jessa: Counting On” – the two elder married sisters (they have an older sister but she’s still single). That was then changed to just Counting On because Jill’s husband Derrick Dillard was fired for being homophobic on Twitter.

It’s basically just 19 Kids and Counting but more from the kids perspectives rather than the parents, following the lives of all the children growing up.

I don’t know what I love so much about this programme, I just find their life so interesting. If you love reality just as much as me, and you’re nosy, I’d definitely give this a watch.

4, Chicago Fire

Honestly, I’m shocked I haven’t done a review on this show already because I’ve been obsessed for so long.

My family had been watching this programme for a while and I just never really paid it any interest, then one day, I actually was watching and I realised how amazing it actually is. I started watching it from the beginning and ended up taking over where my parents were up to (online as America are ahead).

It’s part of a series that crosses over with Chicago Med and Chicago PD – the only annoying thing is that some crossover episodes, the story will continue on one of the other series so you have to either watch the other one or just read online to find out what happened.

I have decided though that Med and PD are my next two to start binge watching – hopefully I won’t get confused seeing fire fighters who have left / died coming back again haha.

4. Criminal Minds

I haven’t properly started watching this but my sister Becky is watching it from the beginning so I’ve been catching episodes when she watches it. That’s exactly how I got hooked on Chicago Fire and its happening again!

It’s basically a bunch of detectives solving crimes… need i say anymore ?

I love trying to figure out what happened, that’s why I love Bones so much – so this is right up my street.

If you’ve watched any of these and know of something you’d think I’d like based on this, then definitely let me know in the comments – I’m always looking for something new to watch.

Much Love x


4 thoughts on “TV Shows I’m Loving -WATCH THEM.

    1. Please watch manifest then let me know when you have!!!
      I don’t know of anyone else who watches and wanna talk about it so bad!!!


  1. I am OBSESSED with the Chicago family of shows. If you’re going to fully catch up and know everything about what’s going on in their world, don’t forget Chicago Justice – it was short lived, but it was still part of a couple cross overs. If you go to the Chicago (franchise) Wikipedia page it will walk you through all cross overs so you can see how they sync up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooo this is a great idea thanks Britt!!! I do really wanna try and watch them all and like watch in order but I feel like it will be so so difficult to keep up😂


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