The Nightmare Uni Assignment Partner – Story Time

Fancy a bit of drama? Well you’ve certainly come to the right place.

In my three years of uni I had some dramatic times, let me tell you.

Awful lecturers, racist lecturers, useless partners for assignments, the flatmate from hell, but this one definitely takes the cake.

A bit of back story…

So, partly because of my terrible flatmate in second year, partly because I was rubbish with money and just didn’t cope living away from home, I moved back to my parents house for my final year, which meant transferring uni to the one closest to my house. I knew that if I stayed living away then I’d more than likely get a terrible grade and struggle massively because I was spending all my money left right and centre. I also definitely couldn’t go back to working where I was working during my first year (that’s a whole other story!!)

I knew it would mean that I wouldn’t know anyone but I just thought it would make me concentrate more. I didn’t even think about what it would be like when it came to group projects.

The real juice…

So I walked into my first like classroom kinda lesson thing of this specific module, instantly fell in love with the lecturer who was the cutest man ever!! (like I wanted to put him in my pocket cute not marry cute ygm?) I sat on an empty table, after all, I didn’t know anyone I wasn’t about to go and sit with someone I didn’t know… I’m not that brave!! A girl ended up coming and sitting next to me and we chatted a little, she seemed nice!

An assignment came up which we had to complete in pairs (my worst nightmare FYI), but if there was an odd number, we could go in a three. We went into a pair and began doing the research for the assignment straight away. Third year can be so hectic so making a start as soon as you get an assignment is always the best idea, unless you want to fall behind and put an immense amount of pressure on yourself but each to their own.

A couple weeks later, I got a message off my partner saying that one of her friends in a different class was having issues with the group she was in and so she’d invited her to work with us… Not asking me, just telling me.
She did the whole “oh she’s really lovely you’ll get on well with her” like ok cool hun but I’ve known you 2 minutes I’m not really sure you know me well enough to tell me the kind of person I’d get on with.

Honestly, it didn’t even start out great, it was a downward spiral from the offset. She came to us with all this work “she’d” already done (with her old group – so more than likely their work also) and told us we would just go off what she’d done rather than mixing both our work and hers.

We’d been in our pair for a good few weeks so we already planned everything out, what angle we wanted to take, who would be doing what parts, when we would meet up to work on it etc and in she trots and changes it all up. Not about that.

every a-holeish thing she did…

I turned up to our meeting one week, sat down and she instantly had a go at me saying I was late. I went back through my messages to show her that I was actually like 10 minutes early for the time we agreed and her response was “well we’ve been here for an hour already working on it you should have been here too” Like sorry hun think my crystal ball is malfunctioning again 🙄

They both didn’t show up to one of our meetings, I think we would meet on a Monday, which was the day I worked from 6AM – 12PM and would get the bus straight to uni for our meeting. They then met on the Thursday instead and just didn’t bother to tell me, just sent me a message with a long list of things they wanted me to do for the following meeting. Baring in mind I also was doing my dissertation plus two other assignments.

She was the most patronising person on the entire planet! Like every message she sent to me was like she was explaining something really simple to a child. For a woman she had amazing mansplaining skills.

One week it was snowing really heavy and I couldn’t get to uni. I went straight home from the bus stop and found the lecture slides online to go through it myself, I then messaged the group chat saying I was confused about something and she literally replied saying “well you should have come in today”. I think she forgot we were in a group and if I didn’t do well it could affect her grade also.

We were using Google Docs to do the assignment (this will change group work if you’re in uni…thank me later). One week, they met AGAIN without me and did half the assignment on a new google docs and didn’t bother to share it with me, then she had a huge go at me because I hadn’t read what they had done.

In seminar’s (class time) one of them would speak to me and try to include me but then she she wolf would completely ignore me and just speak to the other girl, it was as if Harry had put his cloak of invisibility on me or something.

We finished for Christmas on December 10th and the assignment was due on Jan 29th. We’d done most of it before then but on the 9th of December, she sent me a huge list with the “finishing bits” (basically 1/3 of the assignment) and she wanted it finishing before we finished for Christmas, as if I’m supposed to just stop everything and do 2 weeks worth of work in one afternoon. PSYCHO.

SIDE NOTE – The first girl had a bit of an evil streak too… we had another lecture together and I was talking to her about how to brief didn’t make sense and how I felt like it should be the other way round, she explained it in a way that made it made sense, then went to the lecturer and he informed her it was actually the wrong way round and he would change it.
We all then got an email saying it was changed to the right way, but by this point I had already finished the assignment and started panicking. I spoke to the lecturer and he said its fine because it was his mistake, he will accept it both ways but this girl knew all along and didn’t even think to tell me.

As I said earlier, this was my first year at this uni and they did quite a few things differently, submissions being one of them. They rarely did online submissions, instead you had a postbox for the lecturer and you had to print it off and post in there with a submission sheet attached. As this was the first assignment I was handing in at this uni, I didn’t actually know this.
The day the assignment needed to be handed back in was a Monday so I was working from 6-12 in the morning and I lived about 40 mins drive from the uni. The devil asked us what time we were meeting to hand it in, I explained how half 1 was the earliest I could get there and she said she was poorly so was going in for 9AM to hand it in then leaving.
I said I would come in earlier but I’m working and she asked what time I started, when I told her 6AM she replied saying “cool, if you can drop it off with the front desk then we can add it to the assignment when we come in”
I explained it was a 40 minute drive each way, meaning I would have to leave at 4:30 at the latest to be able to do what she was asking and she literally replied saying “okay that’s fine we will get it from the front desk when we come in” OF COURSE ITS BLOODY FINE FOR YOU, ALL YOU’LL BE DOING IS SLEEPING.
I said I could email this front sheet to one of them for them to print and stick on, she complained AGAIN about how, not only was I apparently expecting her to wait around all day for me when she was ill, but now I was also expecting her to use her own money to print for me. If it’s that big of an issue hun I’ll send you the bloody 10p to print it.

I ended up doing this and sending it to the other girl. I know full well if I’d have left the cover sheet with someone on reception at the uni, she wouldn’t have bothered collecting it and would have submitted the assignment as if it was just the two of them who’d done it. Definitely something I wouldn’t put past her.

I remember sending screenshots of the group chat to my old flatmate Maddie and her replying saying “Add me to this group chat I’ve got a few things I’d like to say to her” and man I wish I did!!!

Handing in that assignment was one of the happiest days of my life because it meant I NEVER had to associate with that cow ever again.

Thanking Lord every day that I’m not in uni.

Anyway…I’m done ranting now. Thanks for listening and I hope you never have to meet someone like her, ever.

Oh and anyone who does know her… I’ll keep you in my prayers x


6 thoughts on “The Nightmare Uni Assignment Partner – Story Time

  1. That sounded like the worst thing to go through, but at least you got through it. Group projects are always the worst. I had something similar happen when I was in one at school. We agreed to meet at the library at a certain time, I show up at the time, and the rest of the group was already and had been there for at least 30 minutes. Why did we agree on one time then change it and not tell anyone? Luckily no one got mad at me, I remember one being annoyed, but was so grateful when it was over.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Group projects hardly ever work out smoothly. If there is three people in a group, there is always the person that does way too much and the guy that does nothing at all and then the straight up annoying person.

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    1. Thanks so much vikki, there’s plenty more where this came from!!!

      Honestly, now I wouldnt put up with her rubbish but I just wish I learnt this before then 🙄


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