A Trip to Porto – Travel Blogs ’19

For Christmas this/last year I was absolutely spoilt (although Momma P would say I am every year 🙄). One of my presents off my sister Emma, was a 3 day trip to Porto with my Mum & Catherine (my auntie).
We flew to Porto early hours of Tuesday 19th Feb (I know – it’s taken me this long to actually write a blog, don’t judge) and returned around midday on the Thursday. It may not seem like a long time but boy did we fit it all in!! I’ve never walked so much in my life but it was so much fun exploring Porto and all of the amazing views and scenery.

Instead of going into great detail about absolutely everything we did whilst away, I thought I’d share with you just a few of the best moments, the funniest moments and end with some of my favourite photos of the trip!!

The Funniest Moments…

  1. Almost Dying – The taxi to the airport was one heck of an experience!!! We booked the taxi to pick us up at 4:45am, he showed up at what was more like 4:55am and man was he determined to get us to the airport on time. All three of us were sat in the back, holding hands as tight as humanly possible, with Mum & Catherine gripping onto the doors as the taxi driver flew to the airport at what I can only assume was 150 mph! I know you may think I’m being dramatic but this time I’m reaaallllly not!!! He definitely had a death wish! He didn’t even slow down as we came up to any lights or turnings, just emergency stopped if the light was still on red.
    I won’t even lie when I say I did a little prayer to thank god once we actually made it to the airport in one piece.
  2. Nearly Killing someone – So we really didn’t have much luck when it came to taxi’s! ON the way to the hotel from the airport, our taxi driver genuinely hit someone!!!!!
    No word of a lie, we were driving past a school and the driver just carried on going as a woman and little boy were crossing the road. I don’t know if he actually hit her or she just hit the bonnet of the car to made it clear she was there but the taxi driver didn’t even acknowledge her, just turned and apologised to us… thoughtful or what!
  3. Mum lost all ability to walk – Literally every 5 steps she would trip up. At first it was like “oh are you okay?” but after the 5th time it just because hysterical!! There was one point where Catherine and I couldn’t walk because we just couldn’t stop laughing!!!
  4. Catherine’s dance with death – I think I was the only one who came back from this holiday without some kind of accident. We were walking up a hill when a man on a moped came past and nearly knocked Catherine into next week. The only way I can describe her reaction was when you have a wasp swarming around you and you do that little dance with your arms flapping all over the place. Mum & I nearly fell back down he hill we were laughing that much!!!
  5. The Long wait for Pancakes – We decided to stop at a cute little cafe for a drink and some crepes. After it took about 16 years to actually order with the language barrier, we sat and waited for our pancakes. And waited, and waited, and waited! Till the first plate came out. Turns out they got the order wrong!! So they took that one back and once again we waited. Eventually, one plate came out. So mum tucked into her pancakes (bare in mind we all finished our drinks about half an our before this!) and me & Catherine just sat watching her. About 5 minutes after she finished, Catherine’s came out, then same again once she finished… so much for having some food together!!!

What else we got up to…

  • Many, many port wine tastings!!
  • A boat trip (fun but freezing!!!!)
  • Hop on hop off bus tour
  • A 10 hour walk (or so it felt like it) down the beach front
  • Visiting Livraria Lello, the worlds most amazing book store (see photos below!)
  • A cable cart ride across the pier
  • A dine and dash (How rebellious are we!!!! – We thought they would charge it to the room but then never did!! oops)

What I Recommend:

  • Port wine tasting! All three of us were shocked that we actually enjoyed Port. We ended up buying a bottle to drink in the room, that didn’t last long, and so the following day we went back for more!
  • Visiting Livraria Lello. I love books but this place is something else. Catherine isn’t into reading all that much but even she loved visiting here, just for the pure beauty of the room.
  • Walk over bus!! We did pay for a hop on hop off bus tour, which I would say is a good thing to do, but on the first day we just sat the full journey before getting off to explore, the following day when going round again, we noticed that we had taken photos of the same building about 15 times because we were constantly looping back round to the same spot. We decided to get off and walk to other places and they turned out to literally be within a 5 minute walk of one another! The bus was useful for the other places that weren’t as close, such as the beach front, but in the main square you may as well walk.

A Few Snaps

Much Love x

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