Love Island 2019 – My Honest Opinion

T H A N K G O D I T ‘ S O V E R ! ! !

I look forward to Love Island starting, especially once the teasing “coming soon” adverts begin on social media and TV, I can’t wait!
I’m not going to lie to anyone here… I’m a big fan of crap TV, and Love Island is definitely that, I even have the water bottle and suitcase.

Probably the main reason I’m excited to go on holiday!!!

Besides how excited I was about them starting to sell suitcases along with the bottles this year, everything else about the show has been kind of a disappointment for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have watched almost every episode (I missed the odd one towards the end and quite frankly, I didn’t even care!!) but I’ve just felt like watching it this year has been more of a chore than something I enjoy.

Previous Years…

I don’t think anything will beat season 2. Everyone seemed genuine, it in for the right reasons, but I do believe this was the first year it became big. A lot of people didn’t actually watch the first season until it came on Netflix, and those who did still agree that both season 1 & 2 were the best ever seasons.

Series 3 and 4 were okay too. It took me a while to get into them but I do believe if it wasn’t for a few key people (particularly Jack and Dani in season 4) I definitely wouldn’t have watched this year.

What I have liked…

  • Unseen bits – I never used to watch the unseen bits on a Saturday but this year, the unseen bits have been the best parts! I’ve actually laughed at these, it’s so much more real than the absolute rubbish they show on the main programme through the week.
  • Elly-Belly – As someone who has slept with a teddy since I was a baby, and I’m not ashamed to say I still do! I think it’s nice to see someone like Molly-Mae to take her beloved Elly-Belly into the Love Island villa and not be ashamed.
  • Molly-Mar kissing her mum – There was so many nasty comments on social media after Molly-Mae kissed her mum on the lips, just like the uproar that happened when a photo of David Beckham kissing his daughter harper on the lips surfaced. I don’t see anything wrong with it what so ever!!!! My whole family kiss each other on the lips, aunties, uncles, cousins, sisters, we all do it!
    A peck (as much as I hate that word) is not a romantic gesture what so ever but if you don’t like it then don’t do it? But if you don’t like it / don’t do it yourself, it does not give you any right what so ever to speak on how other people choose to live their life!!!!!! Rant over lol.

Where They Went Wrong…

  • Staged Situations – Literally so much of this series was staged. The one bit that stood out the most to me was the bit where Anton gave his number to the shop assistant. Firstly, nobody would be THAT cringe, not even him, and secondly, why would he bother giving a girl who doesn’t speak English, the number for a phone he doesn’t even have access too and likely won’t for quite a bit? If you’re going to set up situations then at least make it believable.
  • ANNA! – Christ I probably shouldn’t even get started on this girl but my god! She is literally the definitely of ‘chaldish‘. I thought she was bad when she just sat there saying “Bah” during the Danny & Amber argument but then after the Anton situation above, the way she was with Jordan just annoyed me sooooooo much. She was acting more like 19 not 29.
  • Michael’s Manipulative Behaviour – Tell me something ITV…how was the pure psychological abuse and manipulation that Michael put Amber through okay? Fair enough, your head as turned, but don’t turn it around on her and make her out to be the bad guy!! Own your dog like behaviour and move on!!!! This was one of the main reasons I felt Amber deserved to win. Having been through a very similar situation myself, I know what Amber must have been going through. She may have seemed okay on the outside but on the inside, her self confidence was probably being chipped and chipped with the way he kept listing reasons she wasn’t good enough.

S5 Should Be The Last!

If not then they should at least get some real people in who actually want to find love and not just fame!
In previous years, you could see the love between the contestants, the friendships they built, their real feelings. In this series there seemed to be no real loyalty. The girls all went behind each others backs at one point or another, their ‘heads were turned’ way too easily (don’t get me wrong, I know they hadn’t known each other long but I do believe that when spending 24/7 with someone, you can develop feelings in a shorter amount of time) and you could even see in the way they were in their couples with all the fake tears, cringing when their partner touched them etc that they weren’t being genuine.


Stop ‘scouting’ contestants!!!!!!! Let the real men and women who actually want to find love go on!!!!
Next year, I’ll read who’s going in and if I see one single ‘Model’ I won’t be watching! If this is someone’s career, you already know they want to be famous, I don’t think you have to be a genius to work that out.

Let me know your opinion on Love Island Series 5 in the comments!

Much Love x

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